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Monday, August 29, 2016

Fargo Goes To Colleg e

Apologies to the masses. I know you are probably relieved that I have been away from Da Blog for a few days. Quality over quantity, right? Well, that is in the eyes of the beholder, just like beauty. I have no snark and circumstance. It has failed me. So...in substitution... you will get life updates in Cliff Notes. Some things which might shock you:

1. I am not dead.

2. I did not get locked up in the funny farm.

3. I am not in jail.

4. I am not on an island vacation.

Instead, I am going to grad school and now find my life drowning with studies. Ack!

I really am trying to adjust and so bear with me, if you will. There are some things waking me right "the fuck up" as I like to say:

1. College has changed after 30 years.

2. I am a techno dummie.

3. Being a student is work.

4. Blog language is not good on papers.

5. NO ONE gets me.

6. People don't speak in normal words, but in college code and dictionarial, or pedagogical.

7. What did he say?

8. They still use notebooks and pens! Score!

9. College students under the age of 30 throw fits to get their way.

The list goes on, but I won't bore you with the rest.

Monday, August 22, 2016


Meanwhile in Fishers, Indiana....

Photo credit: Peter Kirkwood
This photo was captured by my friend on his daily run. Oopsy. Any theories on that sequence of events" LOL. BTW...the driver was unharmed, just old and embarrassed.

In between puddles of rain, we have little rays of sunshine here and there. This week is cooling down to low-mid 80s. Whew. Finally getting close to my optimal temperatures.

After my disastrous doctor's visit last week, I told Obi that my doctor told me I still need to lose 25-30 pounds. He said, "NO NO NO NO! Those charts are bullshit. You have a great body." Apparently, that did not make him happy. I also thanked him for being a nice, blind friend.

Controversy seems to still be plaguing Trump as now media outlets are reporting the Lousiana governor is upset at him for coming to the state. He had supposedly made an announcement for all candidates and the president to stay away while they render assistance to residents. I am not sure if that was a biased liberal outlet reporting those thoughts or if it is actually the truth. Time will tell. The reason behind the upset, as told to me, was that resources were wasted making sure Trump security was up to par and his safety was a distraction. I don't  know. All I know is the guy can't win. Plus all the social media is up in hype over him handing out some toys and Play-Doh. OMG. For one, as a parent, I would be happy to have something for my kiddos. He was also handing out necessities, but no one captured that.

What did Obama or Hillary do in Lousiana?


They haven't been there yet. However, I am sure they will learn from Trump's social media frenzy and be knee deep in mud so they don't get raked over the coals.

And luck of the Irish is not with several Notre Dame football players. Attacking the police? Shame.

It would nice if the world would stop being so mean to the PoPo.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Murphy's Law of Fargo

Just when I find a great doctor and get used to her, she has to get a big wig job in Florida. So I was referred to this new doctor who had a good reference. I liked her as well. I just went in for a quick blood test, intro myself, and BP check and then set up a new doctor exam.


My blood pressure and pulse were so low they decided to hook me up to an EKG machine.

I was like: poop shit.

And here is the full version and not the short Facebook post. LOL. You're welcome:

Leave it to me to cause panic in the doctors office when they took my blood pressure. Got hooked up to an EKG and monitored. Then breathing tests. Asked all kinds of questions.
Are you feeling ok?


What is going on, Kathryn?

In all this frenzy I lost a contact and my spares are at work.

They didn't like that answer either.

I added...Now I have to drive with one eye.

Silence from the doctor.

Despite me saying..."Dudes, I am always this low," they didn't like it; they continued to look at me like I was going to go into cardiac arrest and stop breathing.
They also never had been called dudes.
Then while reviewing my information:

When were you diagnosed with asthma: 2002. Why so late? Did you have it when you were young and ignore it? Or develop it later?

Developed it later.

Ok. What caused you to go seek medical attention for it?

Meth lab exposure. 


It was when I was a police officer.

Some sigh of relief and wide eyes. 

Oh. Wow. Ok. Any major injuries in your life?

A broken neck.

Ok. Car accident?

No. Police fight.


Look up from clip board*

Any surgeries?

Yep. January. 

What for and why?

My ovaries decided to be a bitch.

I can see you are going to be an interesting patient. 

After all the testing, more doctors came in. Apparently the fourth doctor agreed I have a heart of an Olympian. Now if I was just blessed to be that ripped.

Yep. Story of my life. 

And then after putting a new contact in my left eye after being 2 hours late back to work, I had to repeat this story to the bosses. You can imagine the laughter on that one.

Yep, that's our Kathryn.