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Wednesday, April 25, 2018


I did not die.

Well, I am dead inside.

Hear me whine! It's like "hear me roar!" but not as profound and it gets kind of annoying. The whine. I need to drop the 'h'. I need to wine.

This semester is proving to be relentless. I think I know the requirements, I do them, then they ask for more. Typical. Everyone wants to take, take, take from Fargo. I got nothing left to give. I cannot add more to my papers or my projects or my reports without stroking out.

Plus I have life.

I need to write thank yous. I need to do home projects. I need to mow, garden, clean house, and be a mother.

I need to write articles for LET which, btw, have not gotten a lot of traffic. So...pray tell me...give me some good subjects. Anything...help a girl out. It needs to be humorous, or deep, or unusual. Asking for a friend. Well, actually, it's my other self who might become normal after May 2. Please and thank you.

Just so you know, going to school on campus is ten times different than online classes.  I have had both. Online is cake. Cake holes, actually. Do not think for a second that on campus courses are the same as online. Do not think online degrees are the same as those received from being on campus either.

Several professors recently told me...you can do a bachelor's degree online no problem. Everyone will accept it. But never get an online master's degree if you want a doctorate or a job in academia or science. Never ever. Well, I happen to love online classes. Why? I hate people.

Anyway, they said you limit your possibilities even if it is an accredited school. Now are they old school? No, these are young professors. It concerns me because online is the way of the world. So most people do not know that it matters to many.

You can still get a great job and be qualified with an online degree. Heck, I worked for a prestigious university toting online learning. I won't mention their name, but the riddle to decipher is Kitty Cat Payment. Yeah, it sounds dirty. But well, it was the best I had. Bet you can't guess that.

Anyhoozle, why the double standard?

More and more universities are doing online degrees while at the same time telling you the degree is only worth half the paper of an on campus degree.

Frankly, many working people cannot do an on campus degree because they have to work and not everything is taught at night.

Here we are.

At a circle of dilemma. I say, they need to change their way of thinking and look at the academic structure and requirements.

If you are not getting out there the same as an on campus degree, then you need to change your curriculum or dump the offer. Why give students something which they cannot use? Redonkulous. I'm OK in that department, but I know a lot of friends who have online Master's.

Maybe they are academic snobs. I don't know. I understand the concerns of a fly by night school, but if it is accredited? Then what's the problem? Explain that.

So to recap this semester. I was inducted into honor societies for criminal justice and anthropology. That was cool. It makes amends for my terrible grades in undergrad where I was pretty much the worst student on campus. I always strive for the first position either at the top or the bottom. There is no reason to be mediocre.

So I have a two year plan. I hope to disclose it after the time gets nearer.

In the meantime, I will be reaching out to you from my same place in middle America bitching about the lack of snow, and mountains, and wildlife, and isolation.

Man, what was I thinking moving to an overpopulated area? LOL. Lots of good came of it, so it was a valuable lesson.

Meanwhile, this still describes my grasp on statistics even though I have an 'A+' right now:
Funny thing is statistics is math. I love math. Statistics is fucked up math. Just saying. So I have to have it for my doctorate degree...only more of these classes....like what the fuck over? Yeah. Pray for me.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Dog & Bitch Island

Great reads are something I treasure. Ideally, I like to be thrown right into the story, to experience things first hand. If an author can take me to that place, then they have won my heart. Dog & Bitch Island got my attention.

It is no surprise that I have been enjoying the Ben Blackshaw series by Robert Blake Whitehill for quite some time. I have shared those reads on here, Twitter, and Facebook.

Blackshaw is awesome. I got to know him through Robert Blake Whitehill.  We are on a first name basis. I feel Ben and I are that close after all these years.

Ben's everyday life and high intensity exploits bounce off the sheets of Whitehill's smartly crafted adventures. But he doesn't just contain himself to a story-line that captures me hook, line, and sinker. There are times you might even find me interacting with him on Twitter.

He's real.

Well, at least he is real within the chapters of yet another fantastic page turner by Whitehill. Mr. Whitehill paints a vivid picture of Ben's adventures which unravel with each book in the series.

When I first dove into Dog & Bitch Island, I couldn't help but giggle at the dark humor Whitehill puts into the caption in Part I which contained his clever word play "My Body Lies Over The Ocean".

Maybe that was intended to put that song into my head.

Dog & Bitch Island sucked me in from the first page. I had to delay my read of it because of grad school projects and some testing. Boy, was I glad I waited. Well, sort of.

After I started reading, I realized I had missed Ben like a long lost friend. I would have surely flunked out of school by occupying my study time with reading. Once I started, I could not put it down. Your heart will not stop pounding from the first to the last page. Speaking of heart felt moments, you get one with the addition of a new Blackshaw character who leaves the door wide open for more thrills in the future. Wait for it.

Imagine an intro which sits in your gut like an overstuffed spicy burrito coupled with a tug at your heart like being homesick: a murder too close to home.  (I realize I have a way with words, but I had to explain that achy feeling.) What I am really trying to say is Dog & Bitch Island begins with intrigue and sickening news as Blackshaw is paid a visit by some feds.

“Plenty ways to get dead..." Blackshaw quips.

But he's not talking about a typical bad guy who might have been at the wrong place at the wrong time. He's digging at the messenger who delivers the news of his friend's homicide. Given bits and pieces of a classified cloud surrounding Lieutenant Cynter's death, Blackshaw follows the leads to unravel a cataclysm.

Well, I don't want to ruin it for you. Do these teasing bits interest you?

I am a little jealous of LuAnna Blackshaw who gets to be right there keeping Ben organized and focused.

Who am I kidding? A partner is more than an assistant. Family attaches you to things. "Things" or people who become ever so important. You can't help but like her.

“He killed a pony." Yeah, that didn't sit well with me either, LuAnna.

Making an innocent creature target practice really gets my goat. No pun intended. We are speaking of a horse after all, not a goat. Her take on valuing animals high above human casualties seemed to mimic mine.

Perhaps, I exaggerate. Maybe. I have a deep love for God's creatures.

How is a dead horse attached to Cynter? You must read on. Dark things happen. Every part of Whitehill's latest is action packed with plot twists and surprises. It won't disappoint.

If the allure of murder mysteries surrounded by military action, law enforcement, and classified operations is your thing, then you need this. Dog & Bitch Island has it all. So much fun!

I think you will be pleasantly sad, (if that is such a thing), that the end of another good book comes too soon.

Blast it!  Mr. Whitehill, you got me hooked all over again! Do not part me from Blackshaw too long! I cannot wait for the next one.

Dog & Bitch Island is where Ben Blackshaw's SEAL background becomes the foreground.

 Get it on Amazon! 

Unfiltered is how I take my politics

So Barbara Bush is not dead contrary to some fake sites I saw on friend's feeds and shared. Gah. I hate it when I am a sucker. I've slipped a lot.

Gunny's agent broke the news he had passed, but then I was skeptic about the real news because he had been subjected to a hoax toting those same words in 2009. I wished it weren't true.

RIP, R. Lee Ermey.

He reminded me of my dad in some ways.

For instance...this meme is pretty much a favorite saying of my dad's, especially when he was fly fishing or watching the news.

So, farewell to a great one. We can remember him in his greatest moments on Full Metal Jacket or as a History Channel narrator or a gun advocate.

He made a lot of sense which was often glossed over by those who do not understand dry humor or direct points. Unfiltered.

Prayers for Barbara Bush as she has surrendered her health to living without furthering medical care to enjoy her last days. She is a classy lady and matriarch of the Bush family.