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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Life Lessons #89024

I think these two quotes sum up some of the most wise thoughts anyone could have on a grander scale of how we live life. Food for thought. Of course, my Fargo logic is always added in for extra flavor.

Buddha truly has it right here. Sometimes, I don't let go of things very gracefully. I might resemble Madea or Maxine, kicking and screaming all the way or perhaps dragging my Glock. One thing is for sure...even though I may have been sarcastic or harsh as a cop, when it comes to family, my friends, or significant others- I am straight up. If you are wonderful, I tell you so. If you hurt my feelings, I tell you so. If you aren't right for me, I tell you so. I don't play games and I don't toy with people. It's the Golden Rule. My Grandma Yost drilled in my head and if you don't believe that statement, I have holes to prove it.

Maya Angelou opened my eyes a few months ago with this one running around Facebook. I had to rethink some things in my relationships involving friends and significant others. After the last marriage with the serial killer, I may delve into dating, but I am only going to forgive and allow someone to run over me a limited time before I cut the rope. And then I am going to make a basket out of the pieces and float your ass down the river. Kind people try to make priorities out of those that choose to be cruel because they have big hearts, forgive, and then try to fix things, thinking it will all be okie dokie.

I used to think, "won't he see how wonderful and fun I am?" I reminded myself of that cute puppy in the window jumping up and down begging someone to take him home. Then I had a reality check. You can't make someone be true. You can't make someone love you. And why would anyone want that in the first place. I know I can't change or fix anything anymore except myself.

What is the most sorrowful concept in relationships of people is the fact that some human beings can't love. They just aren't capable. And believe me, there are many sickos out there in the disguise of ordinary people.

It makes you wonder how they were built that way, what happened to them, and what the fuck is wrong with them? It's a question I can't answer. Why? Because I choose to love always. I can't comprehend not having it somewhere in my life always...perhaps a pet, a mother's love, a wife's love, love for a friend, etc. Love is a gift, whether it comes in the form of an act of kindness, a gesture, a child, or something bigger than all these combined. Remember that.

Some fun posts are coming...hold onto your shorts!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Some Kind of Wonderful

I've been holding on to this post for quite some time, not wanting to really publish it because then it makes it even more real. No take backs. I don't know if I have really had time to grieve, or if the tug at your heart ever goes away, but I do know this man deserves a shout out. You might have been privy to me walking around the house with him, calling him, "Old Man." That was my nickname for him. I still to this day, catch myself coming down the stairs looking for him as he always waited for me at the bottom, sleeping on the first landing. Strolling around the house at times I would slip and say, "Come on, Old Man." It was habit to look behind me but not to see an empty space.

My longtime companion, Otis, passed away on August 10, 2014. His passing was a tragic ER scene with me holding him and Bug watching as the veterinarian and myself tried to save him from a distorted stomach, but it was too late. Moose has been just as sad as the rest of us, but I am trying to make his life more spoiled than ever. 
Otis was the one standing by my side during trials and triumphs, never wavering in his unconditional love for me.  I truly loved him unconditionally as well. His dedication to me was God’s gift. He was such a hard working tracker used in search and rescue and a family dog like no other. Rest in peace, Otis, my friend, you are missed.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Dem Bones

I have been reading a lot which is out of the ordinary for this time of year, but I have welcomed the change. Accompanied by a hot cup of coffee, reading on the porch has become a nice pastime in the mornings and again with tea in the evenings. I think the mild weather called me to my comfy abode. Between all the tree frogs, squirrels, and birds along with the sound of the town, I have been able to sink into some stories.

One such book is The Skeleton Crew: How Amateur Sleuths Are Solving America's Cold Cases by Deborah Halber.
The book caught my interest right away. I found Halber viewed things and perhaps became acquainted with people much like a cop would classify them. Her writing brings very interesting topics to the table that I am sure some law enforcement brush off or won't admit might assist them. She writes about what is going on out there with the interest and surge of fascination people have with cold cases, missing persons, or unsolved mysteries. I found those parts fun and the book moved along and kept my attention. Actually, the book was addictive during some chapters which made it a pretty fast read for me.

What did distract me in the book was the jumping around from case to case or suspects, victims, etc. She strung them along throughout the entire book and maybe that was just a style difference I didn't care fore. I had wished she had tackled one and then the other, but it didn't make the book bad, just frazzled me at times.

Halber brought home what really is needed for these families: closure. They also don't want their loved ones to go unforgotten and put away in a box. I found her drive and compassion for closure, forging ahead to solve the unidentified persons, and strive to look outside the box to be very honorable and forward thinking.

I learned about some of the websites these "armchair sleuths" use which I am not at all sure about yet. It caused me to go snooping. I have read some of the blogs and chat lines. Very passionate people. I found a lot of them jumping to conclusions and yet some of them that had good old fashioned brainstorming ideas. There was really a mixture of chatter that overwhelmed me at times, but perhaps there is some good information in there to wade through. I am still partial to SlamDunk and his reviews because he is wise and objective. He also has no personal stake in any of the cases, but open minded viewpoints.

Overall, I think you will find this a page turner with some great stuff in there. The method to solving cases is really a wide open frontier anymore and sometimes the one to break it open is not the police. I enjoyed reading it and it was a refreshing change from some of the other book topics on my shelf. Check it out! You won't be disappointed!