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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Where Eagles Soar

If I hear one more time about the glass ceiling that Hillary broke, I am going to 'splode. Does she know how much that cost? It's a big roof. Plus...I wish it were someone more worthy.

Rah, rah for women! I guess. I'm not really doing the Toyota jump (do any of you remember that) nor joining in the femiNazi movements. I know I have a bad attitude. I think it is great we are afforded the same luxuries as men as we should be, but frankly, I think it has been open like that for quite some time. She is just the first one who really wanted to go forward with it. Although not my cup of tea, I do realize what a hard road it is for one to get to that point.

I am of course not against feminism or feminists. I just think we should be equal for certain things like pay and jobs because well, it is what is right. But I don't think we should hate men and I don't think we should minimize ourselves. Does that make any sense? I don't know. I just ramble. Why? Because I am good at it.

I would only want to be president for a day. That would be enough.

The mud continues to sling on either side which makes me pretty much over it.

What's really exciting? If a white woman or man over the age of 45 actually gets hired from a company these days. Seems they all want the new tikes. Fresh meat. Let's see if the new president can fix that. Is there no kudos for experience anymore? I think the codgers have the notion that older folks are hard to train and don't want to learn and buck the system. Where did they get that idea? They don't read my blog.

Instead, let us celebrate this wonderful actor and humanitarian, WWII vet....and so many accomplishments. Please click on the link to read the very nice words about him from those who knew him personally.
Photo credit: BBC AP, Chief David Bald Eagle

Chief Bald Eagle was a star in Dances With Wolves among other films and loved by many. He was considered very kind and just downright wonderful. I would have liked to have met him.

Thank you for your service. Rest in peace, Chief.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Ducking History

I feel and smell like a wet, sweaty sock should appear as after 5 basketball games in Georgia. Ripe. Sweaty. Gross.

It's hot.

And I'm not exaggerating.

I still managed to put out another article on criminaljusticedegree.com without wilting. However, my first published draft was woo-eee and I had to rush in there and edit some things. Heat and brain work don't always mix. This time I talked about some personal commitments to make for today's police work. Seems like common sense, but yet it so easy to be complacent.
Yeah, baby!

In the homeland news, the politics still seem to dominate the headlines despite the more important tragedies across the globe. I really am wary of international travel right now. Not that something might happen anywhere, but gee golly. I just want to lock myself up in a mountain cabin until it is all over and enjoy some peace. Crazy assed people. I mean people is crazy. All people. Everywhere.

And I'm not even talking about the homefront which is bonkers.

It's like America took it's head and put it so far up its own ass that we just look like new version of those teletubby freaks.

There really isn't any reliable news source out there. They are all skewed to an agenda of sorts. Bastards.

The only thing that sparked my attention this morning was on the radio when I heard Michelle Obama say something along the lines that it was hard to wake up every morning in a house that slaves built. OMFG. Seriously. We can't change history. It is where we came from and we can only change the present and sway the future, nothing in the past can be altered unless you are Marty McFly and Doc Brown.

At least appreciate the carpentry and architecture for Pete's sake. It is a beautiful building. Pet the damn thing and pray if all else fails. Fuck.

I guess I am getting sick of people living in the past and trying to knock down the truth of how America came to be and the history of it. History is good and bad, brutal and triumphant. There are victories and failures and lots of what the fucks. But fuck me in the ass...stop trying to cover it up or destroy monuments. Just because there is a statue of a dude doesn't mean we worship him. We just look at what he looked like and maybe some moment in his or her career. Martin Luther King Jr. didn't go around with all this nonsense. He trudged forward and focused on today.

I have never heard of such a thing as a monument movement to destroy historical pieces. Stupid. It's not like Gengis Khan or Hitler where they were rulers or dictators and we salute them every day. Weirdos. It's a freaking statue of a dude on a horse.

I think it feels good just to walk up to him and flip him off, saying, "Yeah, fuck you, dude. I have a lot of black friends. I even was married to one. What do you think about that?"

Oh, I forgot to tell you that I am not always politically correct.

Ok. I think I got that frustration out. Typing is so good for the soul. Emotions just spew freely and later you might have to delete everything, but right now I feel pretty solid.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Things You Should Know

The heat wave is here in the near south. I woke up at 0400 to 76 and by 0500 it was 80. Supah!

I might melt. Sugar melts, you know. Especially when you mix it with humidity. Sticky. Gross. I say this as I wipe sweat from my brow and my bewbs. Ew. Gross. The AC might be on the fritz.

If you venture outside, be safe and stay hydrated.

In the national news, all media outlets are analyzing the Trump train and most of it is very right or very left. Several have nothing positive to say and others are trying to read lips when panning the crowd and candidates when they are not at the podium.

Meanwhile, I find Hillary's choices of VP candidates interesting and at the same time milquetoast. I guess she doesn't want anyone to outshine herself. For some reason, I thought America would be wowed by her selection. Not so sure that is going to happen. I guess we will wait and see.

The Boogie Man series is being revamped and reworked in time for a re-release sometime this year. Two more books in the works, but I must admit progress is slow. I don't know if I can keep up with my life. Sigh.

With all the nonsense and violence in America...the latest from Uniform Stories focuses on a version of the police you may or may not know. Check it out here. 

You say it, Bill!

Please pray for our law enforcement. It is damn frightening out there right now. My anxiety level is through the roof. What the erpie derp is wrong with people?

A couple of book reviews are on the way. Thanks to the great weather issue, I should get them finished this weekend. Yippee!

Have a wonderful weekend!