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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Lessons Learnt

Lord, have mercy!


It is a miracle I have survived this week. I finished my assignments early. What do I mean by that? I mean that I didn't post them to Blackboard during my usual time. For example, they are due at midnight on Friday and by 6:30 PM on Wednesday. I mean to tell ya, I posted them suckers on Monday. Why? I have no idea. Maybe I am adulting and prioritizing my time. Or perhaps because I have a paper and book to read..due when? Oh, yeah. Next Monday and Friday on top of regular assignments, a research project, and a group research project. College ain't no joke.

I look around my classes and these whippersnappers got it down pat. Nothing phases them and they are all "A+" smarty pants. Stress of being a single mom and having a full time job? Nope. But they are going to school full time and working and whatever they do these days.

One minute, they are out of touch with reality and the next I am truly amazed by their critical thinking and working through problems. I have been enjoying all of them. In my classes, I think we have the cream of the crop.

Yes, this is my bastardinzing art work. Love it or hate it. 

And where is my Bug in all this mix? Melting down. I have left her to figure things out on her own with rides to volleyball practice, schoolwork, and chores. I have found I did too much and she is independently strong willed and bullheaded, but not functioning well in the self sufficient category. My heart strings get tugged, but then she acts like her dad and I get over it.

The tantrums, the disrespect, the snapper mouth. Mmmm. Yeah. It makes my blood boil. So much so I find I have to do a lot of "woosawing" so I am not going to jail for the beatings that go on in my head. If I so much as talked a "little" smidge of what she does to my parents? Uh no. My head would have been through a sheetrock wall. And back then we had wood paneling, so...yeah.

I am being tested. Not just in college.

And my mother skills are being overtaken by my street skills. Not good. Please grant me patience and wisdom during these trials.

On a great note, PoliceOne.com republished one of my articles from Uniform Stories and it is reaching another heated controversy with those haters and lovers of Fargo humor. Take a look see if you wish here. I have to thank many of my blue family for standing up for me when their friends on Facebook take it in a negative way. I really have some backup and I can't love them enough. It's OK if people disagree or even hate it. I just think they also don't get me, my humor, nor that it is my opinion with a little snark and sass. But hey...if it goes viral again...wheeehaw!

See...stress is not doing me good. I am wearing my bitch face often.
Actually, this was a road rage incident captured on camera...while driving but stopped in traffic.
Sue me. Do as I say not as I do. 

Thank you, Lord, for these lessons. Amen.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Blue Motion

It's a conversation which has started but isn't showing much progressive change. How do we improve racial tensions and the ever increasing uprising over law enforcement involvement with race and diversity? First, we can't fix things based upon false narratives. It becomes a disadvantage for each side if one has to admit to the falsies. (Not to be associated with fake boobs, although the words could be used interchangeably). But we all acknowledge there are problems, uprisings, and tension. As a counteraction to the disgruntlement, outbursts, protesting, and violence, we all should believe improvement has to be made.
Sad, but truly felt by LEOs

What are the police doing?

1. Police are getting more training and trying to filter back into community policing by building public trust through programs and events. Community policing has never gone away in law enforcement. They are just beefing up its importance and trying to add more substance to the concept. Additionally, they are using community partnerships to help build a bridge and gain public trust. When our department introduced this concept decades ago, they encouraged going back to some "walk beats" so officers could have face to face communication with neighbors and business owners to build community relationships and in turn be partners in intel information and combating crime.

2. Community volunteering has become more of policy and sponsorship rather than a suggestion. Many departments have affiliated themselves with Special Olympics, March of Dimes, United Way, and other non-profits. Cities are also hosting blue line sports events. In the past Shop With A Cop has been popular at Christmas time. A shocker to many is these programs have been in place for decades, but go virtually unnoticed until now when the media puts spotlight on them or agencies highlight the events. These interactions and "meshing"as I call it,  is still important and may continue taking shape again in one form or another and additionally through events, food drives, housing projects, neighborhood watch programs, community meetings, etc.

3. Public service announcements, social media campaigns, and marketing. Police is now a business. Before it was just a service branch of government. With the technology changing, police are joining the club and interacting on the interwebs and also various media outlets. Any way to get a positive message and transparency out there...they are doing.

4. More PIOs or public information officers are being filtered into the community for two-way conversations and discussions. The officer delivering announcements and trusted information-who brings the press releases is now a public figure and not just a company mouthpiece.

5. Image boosting through diversity hires, policy change, community partnerships, and transparency. The police are trying their best to build the gaps and gain trust through any means possible. Liaisons from various community groups and organizations become beneficial in connecting with citizens. Online sites and groups such as Humanizing the Badge, Uniform Stories, and The Thin Blue Line among others are putting the word out about inside knowledge and interworkings of cops. Cops are tweeting!

6. Citizen groups formed by friends and family such as "Back the Blue" campaigns,"Sea of Blue" Facebook groups, and "police gear or swag" to distribute to supporters.

7. Going back to the basics: How To Talk To People, Personal Delivery, Culture Sensitivity, and Interpersonal Communications.

8. Body Cameras. Welcome to Youtube where your worst moments are captured by police and released for public enjoyment. Or to counter a false claim. Or to vindicate a victim. Or for that simple thing of TRANSPARENCY that the public demands.

So that's not all, but that's some. My fingers are tired and I have to save them for my grad school papers. Can you think of things I haven't mentioned? What ideas and/or solutions do you think are needed?

Monday, September 12, 2016

Quirky Jerks

The title says it all for what you get in today's free episode of crazy. I have no words for myself today. It's like I short circuit from stress overload and this is what you get. You are most welcome!

Hey- piddle diddle,
The cat continues to fiddle.
My pancakes are burned on the griddle.
I think that's a John Denver song he sang to a riddle.
Cows can't jump over the moon,
Nor can dishes run away with utensils-so put away your spoon.
Suppose you could Photoshop those scenes in super dooper well.
But in the meantime, you should stop and read this for a spell.
I say, pause being silly and playing with your willy.
And sit for bit-maybe a while-damn sure with a smile.

Yep. I missed my calling-bastardizing Mother Goose and songwriters while making nonsensical poems.

My poem makes about as much sense as Hillary Clinton's illness issues. Does she just have the flu or a more serious form of manginitis?  That would the question. The media is going berserk over conspiracy theories. And we feed right into it.

In fact, we feed into everything the media spoon feeds to us.

Funny thing is we can't look away and the media can't do responsible reporting. It's a train wreck bound to happen in the middle of a playground.

Grad school gets better with time just like wine only not as enjoyable. Big projects are coming up fast and I am pretty much in panic mode from now until the end of semester. The good thing is so far I have A's in my classes so I hope I can keep up the efforts. And here we go with a group project....*shudder*. I have a good group so I think we will do well. I am mostly worried about keeping up with their level and speed. Go old girl! Go old girl!