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Friday, October 24, 2014


Marathon Revamp Week 1 has proved to be a hum dinger. I feel energized, however, going into a race tomorrow. It should be a beautiful fall day and the course is through the woods and over the hill to grandmother's house. I have not weighed myself yet, so I am not sure if any weight loss has occurred. This week I incorporated a lot of Pilates which I enjoy, but they don't like me. I'm a bull in a china closet, but perhaps I will get more graceful as we go.

Bug was in a great mood today and my morning started off the right way. Moose, however, was a PIGGLE. That is the word for the day. He put his face in his dish and scarfed down his food while growling and turning circles, guarding his gold from humans. He did the same thing with his water. I'm not sure if he thought he was in prison and he had to eat fast and defend himself against the thugs. It was strange. When Otis was alive, they used to compete and I had to separate them. Perhaps, Otis was in the room in spirit, taunting him.

New near south word of the day: knowingk-spelled: k-n-o-w-i-n-g, having knowledge.

Happy Friday!

Frick and Frack

I stumbled upon a journal entry from patrol days. Drug addicts in the later stages of their lives are not purty. There is no other way to describe them except for what is observed. The below story is very real in trying to draw a picture of the smells and sights in front of me. And ode to the best frequent flyers, "One-Eyed Susan" has since passed on.

Look at how my writing differs in my journal day to day. Here's one from 2009 which was published on here back then. Of course, in 2009, I added to the blog my visuals with a little help from Paint. Enjoy! Or cringe!

My sergeant and I respond to a family fight which took us to two addresses. Suspect and victim. Walking my way to suspect's house...One-eyed Susan (not like the flower)...I saw a car blacked out, parked caddywhompus on the sidewalk, with two subjects slumped down in the front seat. Now, the family fight turned out to be bogus...so these fellers were a must see. The Popo can't ignore criminal activity afoot or acar.

We snuck up on them and I shined the light into the car. They started the engine and as I was about to slam my flashlight on their car and tell them to STOP...the car died. Thank God for jalopies. But it was sad I didn't get to have a foot chase involving a car. The two were fumbling around in the car, putting things under the seat, and shaking like leaves. This is what we call a CLUE.

So, after I told them to sit up in their seats...I immediately recognized them as Frick and Frack...a couple of old dopers. When I say old...I mean one is 40s and the other is 60s. That's old for a doper. And they both have been in the dope business ( stupid biz and drug biz...word qualifies both) for over 20 years. After talking to them for awhile we both realized the shaking like a leaf thing was probably meth induced. And they had secretly...NOT SO MUCH...stuffed a bindle of meth in a pack of cigarettes and it was sticking out of the package.

So, the Sarg and I ask them what's in their cigarette pack. No response...a long pause of silence. We ask them again. Nothing. Not even a word. The two appeared stumped. This was captured on video...see snapshot below:

So, we asked who's cigarette pack was in the console. Both responded that it wasn't theirs and they didn't know to whom it belonged. I told them they both had the same kind of cigarette in their hand and were smoking them. They looked at their cigarettes and said, "What? Huh? Oh, we borrowed these." Egads, this is going to take all night. So, we asked them if it wasn't their cigarette pack, could we see it? Long pause of silence. No response. We ask again. They shrugged their shoulders. Asked again. Frick says, "Well, it isn't mine, so I don't know. " Frack says, "Not mine. Don't know anything about it." So I said, "Well, if they aren't yours, then you don't mind if I see them?" Frick says, "Well, I don't care. Frack, it's your cigarettes...do you care if I give 'em to her?" Frack says, "They're not mine.Go ahead." Frick hands the cigarettes to me. And yes, it was a bindle of meth. I am really good at busting 80's dopers...cause they are like this...a true resemblance of the sort. It's really not much work, but hey, I scored a felony bust...and in our illegal non-quota quotas...that keeps the Captain away.

So, while I am checking out the cigarette pack, my Sarg asked them how they are doing... conversation starter ice breaker type chit chat. Frick says he is doing swell, just celebrated his kid's first birthday. I break out in song..."Stop the music..."Did you say 1st?" Frick says, "Oh, yeah. We just had a party." Me thinks to myself...yikes...and then this visual pops in me head:

Egads...need to focus on my dope bust. Anyhoo,..we ask them what they are doing in that particular spot. Frick says, "Oh, we came to party with One-Eyed Susan." Well, that was our suspect in the family fight. We all come full circle. It's like the Seven Degrees of Frick and Frack. The two "boys" get arrested. In the middle of Miranda (not a girl...but a declaration of rights), One-Eyed Susan shows up. She focuses on my Sergeant and love, loves him. He is the apple (focal) of her one eye. Ack!

One-Eyed Susan is very vocal...making a fuss...she's really upset her two party men aren't going to take her out on the town. Now, she is not a spry young thing either. According to Susan, they were going to "get it on". Lord have mercy. I'm guessing the boys had to take some Viagra (meth) before the party.

In the car, Frack and I talk about the party. He tells me that meth makes you last for hours and you have wild, crazy sex...and you can't help it. I told him I have heard that before but the after effects are not worth it. He says, "Like what?" I said, "Like jail, like losing your teeth, your hair, your wits. Like it makes you brain damaged, causes permanent schizophrenia, makes you stupider (that is a word), and scabs form, you see bugs, you lose your job, you become a crack ho, etc. Do you get my picture?" He says, "Well, yeah, but that one time..." I said, "Like that one time in band camp ....when the cop busted my stupid ass before I could get it on... and now I'm going to the pen...and I have Bubba stuck up my ass kinda time?" Frack says, "Well...yeah...I guess." I said, "You guess? See, how stupid you are? You can't even answer a simple question with a solid answer. And I don't think I can talk about this anymore. I'm going to need a lot of therapy... already visualizing Frick has a 1 year old. " Frack says, "Really? I thought that was pretty cool." I said, "You would because you are stupider. The world is going to be overrun by Frickles and Frackles. Do you see where this takes police work?" Frack says, "I don't get it lady, whatever." 

Well, the conversations only got better. And at the jail, it was like old home week. The old jailers remembered Frick and Frack on their first bust 20 years ago. And they all yucked it up. Fun was had by all...only no One-Eyed Susan orgies. Today, we prevented another Frickle or Frackle from entering the world and invading our species. It's a war out there. We can only conquer one battle at a time.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

You Don't Know Your Words

ME: Uncle Alex is working in the field. Combining beans. The harvest is later there than here this year.

BUG: Speak right. It's COLUMN-BINE, Mom. Not COM-BINE. You sound like you don't finish your words. You don't know your words!

ME: It's COMBINE. COMBINE. COMBINE. Columbine is a flower or a school in Colorado.

BUG: NO IT ISN'T. It's a tractor which cuts crops.

ME: Whatever. What are you, two? Google it.


Yes, I stooped to their level. I was so childish!!!!!