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Friday, January 8, 2010


Since taking in Jake, the retired police K-9, our family has come to love him already. He has motivated my daughter to clean her "hoarder" of a so-called bedroom. YIKES! She told me today after taking out two bags of donations and garbage, "Mom, I'm sweating fire. I have to have a clean room so Jake doesn't get lost." She knows he has arthritis and seriously...she knows he would get lost in that disaster. He has come to love the feather comforter on my bed and the rug by the fireplace. A dog after my own heart. I wonder if he likes red wine...just kidding!

He has developed, however, my old age view of THE CHASE. Today, in sub zero weather, he started chasing a rabbit. He went about 20 feet, turned around, and came back. He then slept for an hour. Jake, buddy, I feel your pain. He and I truly know the thrill of the hunt...and to know when the chase is futile. I will have to show him that even if we are too old for the chase, we will always win the hunt...with our Crown Vic.


Aion said...

Great Blog! Love it :) I've read it from the beginning and couldn't stop!! both funny and sad! I really love your honesty.. the part about the "hazing" was hilarious.. couldn't believe that they did that to you haha!
I'm now a follower!

Momma Fargo said...

Thanks, Aion! These are all really true accounts. Couldn't make it up if I tried. I have found that taking things in stride helps me enjoy life and paybacks are always around the corner...have gotten in a few myself. Not as good as they got me, however. You must see a lot of interesting things reading all that material on blogs. I have been browsing your site and enjoying it.