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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wherever You Go...There You Live

Today is a sentimental reflection of why you love to live where you live. Got that? Thought so. Give a big hurrah for my east coast buddy, Robin, who got paybacks to be my guest!


Hello there! My name's Robin and I am the Masshole Mommy. Momma Fargo asked me to take over her space today and I have to admit that I don't feel worthy in the least. I mean, how can I compete with the kickass cops & robbers stories she tells? I'm just a boring work-at-home-mother.

But in the spirit of being a mom, I figured I'd talk a little bit about why I absolutely LOVE living in New England (specifically the Boston-ish area) and wouldn't want to raise my kids anywhere else.

To begin with, I live about 25 minutes south of the city (we call it the south shore around these parts), I am probably about half way between Boston and Providence, Rhode Island, which is the capital of the state for those of you who failed geography. I love that I can get to two major cities in a half hour or less. Speaking of major cities...I can get my Carrie Bradshaw on in New York City in a little over 3 hours.
I am about 20 minutes from the beach. And by beach, I mean the Atlantic Ocean. I'm about an hour from the mountains and tons of great skiing, snow tubing and snowboarding. Plus, there are two drive-in's fairly close to my house (yes, they still have some in existance). Oh, and when I want to blow my hard earned cash, I can go to the two casinos in CT that are just over an hour from where I live.
I bitch about it, but I get to see snow in the winter and our summers get hot. Our leaves turn all kinds of purty colors in the fall and I sneeze so much I wet my pants in the spring when everything blooms again. As jealous as I am of the people that have constant warm weather, there is nothing that compares to being able to experience all four seasons. And you haven't lived if you haven't shoveled 18 inches of wet snow...take my word for it.

I really do feel thankful that I was raised here and like I said, I wouldn't even think about raising my kids anywhere else.


Thanks so much, Robin! Go visit her the Masshole Mommy....she rocks! Wednesday...is Man Wednesdays or as I used to see Sawyer on there... it was Sawyer Porn for the ladies...yummy! Now she changes up the men for a variety show.

And tell everyone why you like your part of the world you live in!


middle child said...

Masshole - Indeed you are blessed! You live in beauty.

Momma Fargo said...

Thanks, Robin!

I like Wyoming because of the wind, below zero temperatures, drug trafficking highways, and lack of shopping malls.

No, not really.

I love Wyoming for its wide open spaces, unexplored territory, and beauty. I dig isolation. And I don't mind the inclimate weather most often. Call me crazy.

Bob G. said...

I like living in Fort Wayne, but what messes the whole sceanrio up is the CITY itself.
It's it's OWN worst enemy when it comes certain things like area improvement.
You readers know EXACTLY where I;m coming from.
There is SO much damn potential that goes unoticed and our area has devolved to something like "The Walking Dead" backlot...lol.
But the area reminds me of better times...like Grandma's house in NE Philly.

To those that have found their slice of Shangra-La, God bless you all.
This country STILL has plenty of places that will fit your bill.
And it's all marvelous.
You just have to look for it.

Excellent (guest) post!

Stay safe
(and warm)

Community RN said...

Thanks for the blog share Momma!! New to blogging and found two great blogs on the same day!



GunDiva said...

I can't imagine living anywhere without mountains. I love that I'm an hour from some of the prettiest trail riding around (even Momma can attest to that); I love that I have all four seasons; and I love that I can say something few others can - I'm a native (3rd generation). I belong here.

The Queen said...

I'm with Momma Fargo on this one.. wide open spaces for me...

CI-Roller Dude said...

I should find somebody to write some of my post....but I can't find anybody who meets my sub-standards.

#167 Dad said...

Eighteen inches of wet snow? You're a heckuva a lot tougher than me...

Mad Mind said...

I hate to tell you all this, but the only thing that's good here are my kids. I've lived in Wyoming and MUCH prefer to be there. I've also lived in Colorado and love the mountains. Either way, there are places to get lost in. Or lose someone if you want to.