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Thursday, March 31, 2011


The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.

Confucius (BC 551-BC 479) Chinese philosopher.

From my daughter's favorite philosopher..."Confused"...comes many wise words.  I think that is where Grandma got her mission in life. She always "drove" the home...with strength...with honor...with love...and most of all by example. She definitely defines MATRIARCH.

Once...at a very young adult age...I wrote her and grandpa a letter that I hoped to be as great and honorable as they had led their lives. The letter was just to tell them how exceptional they were and how much they meant to me.  I always fell short, but kept their pedestal as a focal point. I don't know any two people near as great as either one of them. Together...they are the foundation of my family. Loved by everyone...far and wide...family...friends...community.

Bug's fondest memories of Grandma are of chasing ladybugs around the window sills in Minnesota on the farm...setting some free and squishing others. Grandma squishing....Bug setting them free. A team they were. Bug still gets excited and remembers Grandma with every ladybug she sees.

My memories span over 43 years of history with my Grandma. Words cannot even touch the many wonderful times.

One of the most funny and most "traumatizing" moments with her was during a family game. We were divided into teams...one person was chosen to give the clue words...the other had to guess the word. Aunt Rita was cuing words for Grandma...at the time...aged 91...to guess the word.

AUNT RITA: A long...


AUNT RITA: hard...


AUNT RITA: journey

Well...let's just say the game stopped at PENIS. I never laughed so hard in my life. First of all, she was 91 and my grandma. Second, I didn't think she was around when the word "penis" was invented...let alone that she even spoke of the word. When it rolled off her lips...I am sure I needed years of therapy. Then after my sessions....Grandma was so cool...even more so than before.  It was one of the funniest moments of my life.

My mother telephoned me minutes ago before I am off to work undercover alcohol stings. My brother got on the phone and told me the family is praying...but it doesn't look good. Wish I could toast one tonight for my Grandma. She is one of the finest ladies I have ever known. She's almost 95 years old.

Tonight I will surely not be concentrating on my work...but on prayers for G. My mother said it best as I could do nothing but ball my head off....

"Honey, don't be sad. She has had a most wonderful life. Just pray."


Mad Mind said...

My grandma passed away a few years ago, but my memories of her are as strong as ever. My very straight laced grandma bought me my very first set of lacy panties and bra. I still remember feeling I was really grown up that day.

I'm thinking about you.

Dazee Dreamer said...

That is too funny about the penis.

My thoughts and prayers are with your family. 91 is a grand life. You were lucky to have her so long

Allenspark Lodge said...

In my prayers. Grandma, and her whole family.


suz said...

I'm so sorry, Momma! It's so hard to lose someone like that. I'm sending you big hugs, and I envy you one thing: She was part of Bugs' life. There is only one impossible thing I've ever wished for in my life - that BH and especially PFC could have known my wonderful, kind, amazing Minnesota Grandpa.
Please know how much I care, and for Pete's sake, be careful and don't lose your focus on the job tonight! (And try to accept whatever clumsy comfort the boys at work can offer - you know they love you.)


bluzdude said...

She sounds amazing, Momma. Sending my best wishes...

Her comment reminds me of a story my mom told me about her mom.

When they were little girls, my mom and her sister were teasing their mother about how she wasn't wearing any underpants.

Grandma just said, "If you wanted kissed, would you wear a veil?"

Mom and Aunt had nothing left to say.

I bet your Grandma would have appreciated that...

GunDiva said...

Awww, Momma, I'm so sorry. I am glad that both you and Bug have good memories to draw on.

I was so thankful that my kids had been able to build good memories with Grandma Mary growing up - it was horrible when she died, but they still have memories to comfort them. It's just a shame that Grandma Mary's not around for Digger's baby.

Sending hugs and love your way. Please be careful tonight.

Cheryl said...

I,too, am sorry to hear that your family is going through this with your grandma. I know it is hard esp. when you are extremely close.That is a funny story about the long hard answer, though.
Take care. I know I am a total stranger but I will be thinking about you and your family and hoping for the best for you.

Ms. A said...

Prayers for you, your family and most especially... your GrandMother.

Coffeypot said...

And pray I will...like a penis...long and hard. Hugs, babe.

Jewell said...

My love to you Momma and your family. Prayers and healing energy for everyone involved!! ox

Be safe out there!!

Joel said...

She sounds like a grandmother to be proud of.

Thing is, children might obey their parents, but it's the grandparents they listen to. You are your grandmother's legacy and I'll bet she knows it.

The Queen said...

Tell you what.. We'll all pray.. and you keep your head on straight and stay safe.. we'll be here when you get back.. and you can take over the praying.. k? Good..

Ed said...

awwwww.....prayers for your GM.

Mrs Mom said...

Momma, just think. Every time you talk about Gramma? She is there with you. Every time you and Bug see ladybugs, Gramma is there.

And every time you think "penis" Gramma is there too.

She's a firecracker! It sounds like she lived a good, strong life, on her own terms. She'll meet her Maker on her own terms too, and I bet they'll be damn good ones.

Keep her alive with you, always, and she'll never leave you alone. I know how hard it is to share memories of loved ones. So thank you Momma, for sharing such an exceptional woman with all of us in the blogosphere.

Knee mail for you, Bug, your family. Most of all, knee mail for Gramma in thanks for her helping to bring up such an outstanding woman such as yourself.


Bethany said...

I'm so sorry, Momma. We're dealing with the same thing w/ Marc's grandma right now. Playing the waiting game & trying to make sure she's comfortable.

Sounds like you have many wonderful memories of your grandparents. Be thankful for that. A lot of people miss out on having great grandparents to turn to.

Prayers being said for GRANDma.

Loved the story, btw... she sounds like a hoot!

Bob G. said...

MOmma Fargo:
I know exactly where you're coming from...and yes, it's damn hard to just brush it (and her) aside.

The BEST you can always do IS to ALWAYS remember the fun and the fondness and life that she brought to everyone through HER life.

THAT is the part of all of us that lives ON.

I've had to bury TWO generations of my family tree (looks more like a small shrub these days), and I miss all of them every day.
But I also feel they're ALL still "with me".

Take care
Stay Strong.
Stay safe

Just Short said...

Sending prayers and love your way. You have been blessed with a wonderful role model and she has enriched your life. You are very lucky that you had such a wonderful grandma...I'll toast to her tonight.


stay safe!!

Deputy's Wife said...

Sending prayers up for you, sweet girl!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. We are never prepared to lose the ones we love, even when they are 95 but especially when they are 95 and the word penis just rolls off the tongue...

Tennessee Grammie said...

Darling MF, We will toast one for Grandma, she is one of the finest and most wonderful ladies we have ever been blessed to know. She, Grandpa and all the family are in our prayers. We send our love.