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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The PoPo Lens...Looking At Life

Round Two....just a note...the North Carolina trip was two years ago. These pics are a mixture of a Midwest trip of late and some I have taken over the years. The PoPo No Go Go anywhere...too broke and no vacation for the wicked. Just sharing a piece of me...with all of you...

Three blind geese....three blind geese....we can't even scratch our asses in private. Guys...if we tuck our beaks...she won't notice. Look away from the camera...it might steal our souls...isn't that the way of the Amish and Indians? Look away. No posing. And if she caught us on camera scratching our asses...they won't recognize us.

Nothing is more captivating to me than old cemeteries...and old statuary. I often wonder if I will be immortalized or remembered like some of the greats...Will I leave a long lasting mark on the Earth...or be forgotten like common folk. And who had to move that big ass heavy woman...anyway?

Admiring architecture from centuries past...I focused on the cross. At the time I took the photo...it just captured the magnificence of the church...the day...and the moments I had with a very special person I was with...and I also thought...God has surely touched this building and it has been preserved to its original spectacular structure. Something I hope our children get to see if we take care of things.

Yet...another state where Magnolias grow...Not Wyoming...(where I have even babied Butterflies Magnolia for 3 years...yet to watch great winter freezes kill out my progress to beat Mother Nature)...and not even North Carolina....No.. this is in a Midwestern state. Bastards.

Many of you may look at this and think...gee...look...Momma's spare tire...growing up in the Stone Age and all...but I thought differently...How did that big ass heavy stone wheel get in the middle of the garden? A great addition to garden art.
Oh...look...you never know where the brick road leads you...perhaps to Dorothy? The Wizard?

Another fascinating statue in a cemetery...The PoPo is always in awe with death...and in this place...there was a lot of dead people...everywhere. As I stepped lightly amongst the graves to get to the perfect spot to capture the lovely woman...I whispered aloud..." 'scuse me. 'Scuse me. Pardon me. So sorry. Very sorry. "

Yeah...I'm special...got it going on...The kid loves me...the photographer loves me...nothing better than two girls at once.

Eggs laid by a dumb Robin...only cuz...it was about 3 feet off the ground on my mom's back side of her house...silly bird.

Sthoo...here I sit in a garden atop a rock with a cane an big toofs...can't talk...cuz my toofs are tho big...they just overwhelm me. I can't even sthee. Me eyes.

NEXT....Flood Watch 2011. May 22nd...the second dam above me is scheduled to spill over...Sandbag stations are set up in town...I have a friend coming to help me sandbag tomorrow before work...not going to be pretty...wish me luck...that I am not floating to Nebraska by next week.


Allenspark Lodge said...

That's a bunch of really good photos. But my favorite has to be the one with the "girls" in it. Pretty much the same expression on both of them!


Anonymous said...

Nebraska isn't so bad. Not as many bad guys like you have but still worth the float down. :) Love your writting and sense of humor so please keep it going.


Daffy said...

I'm rather fond of the theory if I scratch my ass I become invisible too.

Your photos are beautiful. I love the one of the cross. There is such awesome movement and majesty in that photo.

I hope the waters don't carry you away.

VandyJ said...

We have been watching the water--the rain the next few days is going to make with the flooding around here soon too.
Good luck.

Paxford said...

i hope the water passes you by - sending "Dry" thoughts to you


Ms. A said...

OH NO, not flooding... again?!? You had better not lose touch and make me worry, this time. Love the photos. I'm researching cameras, to get a new one. You need to email me and tell me what you use.

Ed said...

More beautiful shots.

And HEY, there's nothing wrong with the midwest. We just know how to grow stuff better than y'all.

GunDiva said...

I was wondering how you were faring with the moisture. Good luck not getting swept away to Nebraska - they wouldn't know what to do with you :)

Ally Lifewithally said...

I do hope those eggs will survive and be able to hatch ~ Loved the pictures ~ Ally x

Bethany said...

Very nice!

And, what? Nobody's going to comment on the huge beaver? :)

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Got a good eye for the lens...
(very nice pictures)

As for the flooding?
Hey, if you wind up floatingTHAT far EAST and wind up anywhere close to MY house in Indiana...I'll have the safety line out for 'ya!

Stay safe out there.