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Monday, June 6, 2011

Changing of the Guard

Today is my first night on my new shift with Sgt. Gruffy. He already told me he is putting the hammer down on me and has taken away my seniority, my Charger, my area. Says I was running amuck under the Sarg's direction. Sarg was so angry when he heard that...I think he almost wanted to punch Sgt. Gruffy. See....Sgt. Gruffy...hated our team. We received several awards and commendations...were always involved in taking the big guys down...were the first choice when the feds wanted to go hunting for fugitives...jealousy.

I'm the second senior cop and veteran on the shift. I just smiled and said, "OK, SARG. Whatever you say, I will obey. I'm just happy to be here." I think it made him mad that I didn't get upset and throw a fit. It's all good. I don't really care about things like that right now. I have other things to worry about.

Last night...THE ROOK stopped me in the briefing room.

THE ROOK: I guess this is our last night together.

ME: Yep. We will be two ships passing in the night. I will probably see you at the beginning and ending of each shift.

THE ROOK: [big cheesy smile] I am hoping you will be one of my FTOs, mam.

ME: [big smile] I bet not. They probably don't want me to corrupt you.


ME: You would have to listen to rap music and roll dirty in the g-ride...learn how to talk to the locals. Check out licenses on lemonade stands, arrest bad guys, walk stealthy in the neighborhoods, drive blacked out...shit like that.

THE ROOK: I have been listening to rap music.

ME: Ha. Officer Shiny Keys told me you never listened to music until last week.

THE ROOK: True. I read books. My whole life. I am a bookworm and a jock. A true nerd. [smile]

ME: I can appreciate me a good nerd. [big smile]

THE ROOK: [red and blushing] I really hope I get you as an FTO.

ME: I would like that. You'll do great. Good luck. And erase all our previous conversations Officer Shiny Keys and I had with you from the other night. You still need to wear a shirt when you are working out, tho. I can't concentrate. And I don't need to get fired.

THE ROOK: [laughing] Will do. I think you are cool, mam.

ME: Thanks! Back at ya. I am really glad to have you aboard. Have a great time with Officer Shiny Keys. You are very smart and I am hearing good things. You do well when I am on calls with you. Keep it up.

And so we departed. He is a great kid. And super sweet. And hot. The police department is putting him on a recruiting billboard. Ugh. Why can't we hire the ugly ones?


Paxford said...

Po-po Pin up boy?? Mmmmm please do share a photo of that with us

And don't worry about Sgt Gruffy - I give him two weeks before he adores your style wit and sarcasm (cause in THREE weeks if he hasn't, I'll send you a big box and an outback Aussie address you can post him to!)


Suz said...

A recruiting billboard? Are they trying to recruit women?

Gruffy needs your goodwill waaaay more than you need his. Does he not know this? I hope he's not dumb enough to try to fuck with your mind. Be sure to let us know just how it goes down, the day he figures out you're more than he can handle.

middle child said...

Hey..gotta gt the cop while he's hot!

Coffeypot said...

You always have someone to train. Do you have that much turnover or are you expanding?

Cheryl said...

WTF, someone can take away your seniority??? That is bullsh**. Since deciding to give up my real estate career, I keep thinking I need to figure out what I want to do. What keeps me dragging my butt is the thought of getting back into the politics of working for someone else. (self employed as a realtor) I hate that kind of crap. I am so impressed that you are ok with it. Obviously your acting like a grown up...I on the other hand,not so much. I have this whole thing about what is fair, that makes me coo coo.

CI-Roller Dude said...

I've had so many sergeants, LTs and captains fuck with me over the last 32 years...
but I survived.

when I was doing "traffic" years ago, my dumbass captain told the sgt that I should write other types of cites besides just speeding.

So, I showed him the stats for the last year and that 90percent of the crashes were from unsafe speed...but when I worked, we had a big reduction in crashes...

He left me alone and let me do my thing.
I like "doing my thing" which was usually solving the real problems.

Ms. A said...

Focus, woman!

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
AH yes, the "sexy LEO studs of Wyoming" calendar...helluva Christmas gift for that special lady in your life...
Or for her to buy herself!

Damn shame about the Sarge with the yardstick up his butt...
There's always one or two in the mix...somewhere.

You got a good attitude, though..."kill 'im with KINDNESS"...
(yeah, that REALLYS pisses 'em off)

How "rude".
What's he expecting you to do...THUMB a ride around the hood?

Lemme guess...your team gets the "hangar queens" - the cars nobody wants because they're ALWAYS in the shop, right?

We can hope for better...OR a transfer for Sgt. Pantsinabunch.

Keep the faith.
Stay safe out there.

Bethany said...

You handled that really well. Good on ya, Momma!

Also, putting in a second request for the popo pinup pic. :)

Deb said...

Once again....WHERE ARE THE PHOTOS??? You have to stop teasing us like this. Some of us have NO hotness to look at. Take pity on us, throw us a bone or something would you---lol.

When I come to visit I'm just hanging out at the station, preferably in the work out room :)

Mad Mind said...

Sounds like you have a good one on the line there.