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Monday, June 20, 2011

Flood Watch 2011 June 19 Update...Father's Day Floats

We are in the middle of a downpour. I resemble a drowned rat and my hair acts like laundry being rung out in the 1800s. Soaked to the bone. But I worked in the weather anyway. Some sandbags fell from the heavy rains. The river is really rising. We had flash flood warnings broadcast over our police computers all day and the radio was blaring the warnings as I came home.

The trees are flooded. The prairie is flooded. The pasture is flooded. The horses corral is a lake. The roads are flooded.

I was shaking so bad on a couple pics that they are blurry and gross. Good thing they aren't crime scene photos...my ass would be grass.

My house is dry. It.is .beautiful. I don't know why I am not worried today. I guess I just figure God will take care of me and this land I love. I have that much faith.

And hell to the yeah...this picture is blurry, too. Momma Fargo fail. But you had to see the happy fat chicken.

It's so green. Except my lawn. In fact, the lawn is getting so much water from the rains, it is turning yellow.My grass is over my head in the back woods.

My flowers are soaking it up. I can't keep up with the weeds. The woods are getting more and more flooded. Picnic table? Well let's just say it's a diving platform.  But...it is absolutely beautiful. And the air smells wonderful.
Front door..iris are over 3 feet high and just bloomed two days ago. River pics tomorrow in the daylight...hopefully while I sleep...my home isn't converted to a house boat. Lake de Fargo...held back so far. And yes...again...the bastard can't have my house.

It's still cozy here...I'll leave the light on...


middle child said...

Beautiful! Stay dry, my sweet.

Ms. A said...

Gosh, you don't take your cushions in? Those are some soggy cushions! Still keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Suz said...

So far, so good; hang in there! Gorgeous pictures, even the blurry ones!

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I am so glad to see that a BOAT ANCHOR isn't gping to be on your "short-list" for home improvement anytime soon!

You took some spectacular pictures out there.

What d'hell you been FEEDING those buggers?

Again, I commend your tenacity (The AMERICAN spirit, no doubt)...and if I ever need some of my OWN, I hope you share.

Stay safe (and dry) out there.

Bethany said...

Scary, but yes, beautiful! Take care, Momma.

VandyJ said...

It's strange to see all the green in our state--it's usually so brown and gold on the prairie. I like the green, but really, a bit less water would be nice.

Deb said...

YIKES--the river looks so close in that last pic!! Stay safe.

Mad Mind said...

Great shots. Even the ones that are fuzzy. We had near record floods this year too. We could see trees, yes full trees, floating down the river.

GunDiva said...

I love your property - even flooded - it's beautiful.