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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Flood Watch 2011 July 3 Update

I may be overconfident, but I am certain the flood danger for me is over...unless the dams above me break. The river has receded. The woods are still wet and the road is still washed out, but the bastard didn't get my house. The remnants of Bocce played by Bug, her grandmother, and I are left on the far end of the lawn.

Today was the anniversary of my father's death. I remember the day well. I was young and have spent my entire adult life without a father figure. The memories have faded. I used to hear his voice clearly and now it seems like a faint familiar sound far away. It's difficult enough to lose someone who means so much to you, especially a parent when you are a young child. It is more painful to forget...or lose the memories..the sounds...the laughter...the images. I hang on to all I have. I made a tradition to plant a tree every year in memory of my dad...wherever I lived. This year I planted an apple espalier. Each row has a different kind of apple grafted on it. Yes...it's freaky cool and no, it is not a natural born tree, but one that was manipulated and contorted and well...it's just fun. It was a gift from a customer.

I watched The Big O and Magnum tool around the yard... destroy my flowers, bring me the one in a container I had not yet planted, first run through the sprinkler, then chew on it ...trying to inhale the cold water(103 degrees today high-beat me)and finally...take a huge doggie dump near my favorite flowers. All is bliss at Lake de Fargo. Don't get too close to the flowers...you could ingest the poo.

Favorite western garden flowers..Red Birds In A Tree. They look like little cardinals.


Suz said...

I do hope you're right about the water. Besides, it's time for drought season. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Older School said...

Such a breathtaking view you have, Momma. A little slice of heaven you can come home to after a long day in hell.

Ms. A said...

My memories are so faded I hardly remember anything anymore. I don't even recall my dreams!

Bob G. said...

MOmma Fargo:
I lost my Dad back in 1978 (when I was 26) and there's not ONE day that pases that I don't miss him.

Nice job with the grafting tree...
And the lake looks to be receding nicely.

That first photo is spectacular...whatta view!

You do pretty good out there. Don't let anyone tell you different.

Stay safe.

Cheryl said...

I am glad the water threat is over and it needs to stay that way. That is a beautiful view. WOW!

Very cool plants. I had never heard of the plant that looks like little birds on it.

Mad Mind said...

No matter where you are and no matter how much time has passed, there will be moments that bring everything back to you in full, vivid detail. Trust me, I know.

Bethany said...

So sorry about your Dad, Momma, and the pain losing him still brings you.

I'm glad the flood threat is gone for you!