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Monday, April 22, 2013

Good Books R Hard To FIND

Yes. I am picky about which books I read , let alone buy. The Boogie Man Is My Friend has no page numbers.Does that drive you crazy ? Why? It isn't a reference book . Just read it. It goes from angry cop to reguvenation or me decompressing or something . No...it isn't  warm fuzzy!

It has some errors because the final edit email didnt make it in time. Beat me. I will have to get it corrected. Bumps in the road. It is true I don't  expect big sales. I published it. It was an accomplishment all by itself.

Oh...and some parts are funny. Your honest review on Amazon would be greatly apppreciated.THANK YOU to Jennifer for your review . If you liked it or didn't ...it's OK. Any review would be an honor .

So..I am having a contest here . To enter you have to leave a comment telling me and the world about your first law enforcement experience . THE WINNER gets a free book.Yes...mine. Not Dr. Suess. You get   a virtually unknown author. So fire away. I have a bulletproof vest on!


Allenspark Lodge said...

I was 15 years old, and running wild one summer with 5 of my buddies.
We had bought a HUGE number of illegal (in New Mexico) fireworks. An assortment of rockets, cherry bombs, M-80's strings of crackers, roman candles... you get the picture.
We would go out on the desert at night, in helmets/goggles/heavy jackets and try to kill one another with our toys (bottle rockets launched through pipes, etc.
The knot head in the lead car on our way outta town jumped a curb to turn around, in front of an city cop car. We all stopped and by the time all was said and done, several hundred dollars worth of illegal fireworks and a half dozen fools were spread out on the lawn with a couple police officers discussing the haul.

One of them asks the other "Say, aren't these big rockets illegal here in Albuquerque?"

His partner replied "Shit, everything HERE is contraband, we're going to have to destroy it ALL."

I said "Say, that's just what we were going to do!"

Both cops laughed, and gave the stuff back and sent us on our way.

Sometimes pays to be a smart-ass.


Coffeypot said...

I got a ticket for speeding in Louisiana... 10 mph over the 65 mph listed speed... in traffic. THIS WAS NOT A SAFETY ISSUE...IT WAS A REVENUE GENERATING ISSUE. FUCK the LA Highway Patrol.

I don't need the book, so if you draw me, do another drawing for some less fortunate soul. I have mine already... soon... when you send it back.

middle child said...

Some of you know me so..here goes. My boyfriend and I were "parked" and getting busy in the back seat. A light shined in the backseat. I rolled down to find a police officer standing there. He kind of swept the light around the car saying we had better be gone when he comes back in 5 minutes. I started laughing and my boyfriend was so pissed off! We were gone in less than 5 minutes.

Kerstin said...

My first law enforcement encounter was when I was pulled over driving a friend home from a high school basketball game.

Krysta R said...

When I was 18, I was cruising main in Gillette WY one evening with one of my headlights busted. Needless to say I got pulled over and was given a warning. The very next night I was cruising again...and once again was pulled over for the busted headlight. So what did I do? I pulled over, reached into my glove box to grab the warning, unbuckled my seatbelt and bounced out of the car and headed back to show it to the officer.

Yes, I learned right then and there that is not something one should ever do. Fortunately the officer was very kind, even though I made him nervous as hell.


The Queen said...

There I was driving down I-80 in Nebraska. A sixteen year old girl with her very own 1965 Dodge Dart with red bucket seats, a three on the tree and a CB.

As I cruised I met the popo. I grabbed the CB and shouted out to all my trucker buddies.. Smokey Bear.

I looked in the rear view mirror to see a bubble machine on my ass. I pulled over totally shaken. I was not speeding, I had not crossed the center line and I had a Smokey walking up to my car.

Appears, the shithead was a drinking bud of my Dad. He had heard my call and knew my car. He pulled me over just to torment me.

I got a warning for a dirty license plate and a scolding for warning drivers he was out.

Years later, I was in a roll over accident that was again.. me being a dumb ass.

I was actually driving my Mom's Ram Charger home from the auto repair shop. It had been wrecked by my brother and they trusted me to get it home.

I was drag racing another driver when I popped up over a hill and forgot the bridge was out. There was not room for both of us, so I turned the wheel and rolled it on it's side.

When they pulled me out my only words were.. Call my Dad.. not my Mom.. lol..

The same cop showed up about the time Dad did. Once again, he saved my butt both ticket wise, and with my parents.

So now, you know why I have a spotless driving record. My Dad drank with the local cops.

Paxford said...

My only PoPo tale to date*

Some years back when I was heavily involved in a local Sci-fi fan group I lent a batch of my Star Trek videos to a Nice Young Fella and asked that he return them at the next monthly meeting.

He failed to make that meeting but through means unknown to me, had obtained my address and decided to deliver them to me that night.

So picture me... 9ish on a Sunday night - answering the knock at the door to the uniformed policeman delivering back my vids.

Evil across-the-way-Old-Lady Neighbours had a field day telling the locals I had been "Knocked up by the Police" (if only! ;D)


*I say "to date" as I've just been sworn in as a Justice of the Peace and I expect I'll be seeing a lot more of the PoPo as they require warrants etc to be authorised...

MrGarabaldi said...

I used to work at the Ford plant here in Atlanta, I had a bad day at work(I worked the 2nd shift). Well anyway the speed limit on I-75 was "55". I was in the left lane and a car popped on the bumper of my 1991 F150 and well I was pissed said "F-U buddy and stomped the accelerator. Well the car turns on its roof lights and I look at my speedometer and it is bouncing off the 85MPH peg on the cluster and I thought"oh crap" Well I turn my blinker and move over to the right side of the Interstate and I saw 3 Clayton County cop cars pull in behind me and I think"I am soo going to jail...." Well I wait a moment and get my insurance car, drivers license ready. After a few minutes a police officer with a maglight comes to the truck, this is 2:AM in the morning. He illuminates something on my rear glass, then shines the light at me then at the license and insurance card that I had holding out the window. He first asked me " do you know why I pulled you over..? I replied " most like speeding." he nodded in the affirmative and then asked me " do you know how fast you were going?" I shook my head and said " no sir, my speedometer don't go that high." He chuckled and stated...by the way I like your can't drive 55 sticker on the back glass of your truck...very appropiate." I inwardly cringe as he asks " Where are you going?" and I answer " going home, had a bad day at work and just want to crawl into bed and try another day." he nods and states" I will be back in a minute." I am thinking how I am going to explain calling my wife from Lovejoy jail to bail me out. The officer returns and hands my stuff back to me and says " Don't speed anymore until you get into Henry County. Scram..." I was shocked and stuttered "thank you Officer". I guess having a clean driving record is a good thing. Well I drove home and finally told my wife this story several years later.

Hydrant girl said...

16 years old, JUST got my driver's licence. (Why are earth did they allow 16 year olds to drive?!?!) Leaving a parking lot with a car load of my friends. I exit the parking lot through an entrance - a curved entrance. The wrong way. Up, over the curve, pulling off half the plastic moulding along the bottom of my mom's 1991 Ford Tempo as I went. Lights go on, cops pull me over. "What are you doing?" My reply? "I don't know....". Thankfully they just gave me a lesson on parking lot exiting and not a ticket.

Lesson learnt - don't exit the entrance. Also, don't enter the exit.... (insert dirty comment here)

VandyJ said...

My very first encounter with the police. It was in the grand town of Buffalo Wyoming. I was 16 and out with friends. Gathering in parking lots was common and I was leaving one of these gatherings adn forgot to turn on my lights as I left the parking lot. I remembered to turn them on just after a cop had passed me. He pulled me over anyway.
"guess you figured out what I pulled you over for?"
"Yes sir!"
He let me go without even a warning.

GunDiva said...

You know, I was recently (well, a few months ago) arrested for a mean old cat. http://gundiva.blogspot.com/2012/11/the-text-i-hoped-id-never-send.html

constant listener said...

16 years old and a half assed know it all - driving down a street very near my home with my Camaro - pass a marked police car at a stop sign. I look in the car and see no radar unit in it. Figured I'm Scott free driving at 40 in a 25 as he has no radar, right? Anyway, he follows for about half a mile and the flashers come on.

He walks up and I'm shaking from being scared. After asking for my license, registration and insurance, he tells me he PACED me at 40.

DOH!!!!! Never thought of that.

He asks me if this was first time I'd been pulled over - Yep - and of course I get a deserved ticket. Got a few more of them in that same car, resulting in a license being restricted then later suspended when I was 19.

Funny thing is when I became a cop in my early 20's, I gave tickets out occasionally by pacing people, then turning on radar to confirm my speed. I also now have a 2012 Camaro that I haven't been pulled over in yet - and have no intent of being stopped in....

Mad Jack said...

My first encounter? I was six years old. We lived out in the middle of nowhere, and my paternal grandparents lived close to the road which the Township got around to paving the year before. About 9 at night some prowlers show up at the grandparent's house, and Dad runs them off. The police came out to take a report and the officer showed my buddy and I his patrol car, including the siren.

He was a good sort, middle aged.

Randy K said...

First time I can remember meeting the Police is when my Father was with my Uncle and my Father had received the final Divorce decree from my Mother. My Uncle and Father drank for a while then decided they would drive from Alabama to Illinois to “show his wife what for”.

All I remember as a 5 year old is my Dad, who I hadn’t seen for a few months, waking me up on Halloween and giving me Candy until the Sheriff’s Deputy walked through our door and told me and my sisters to go outside to our Mom.

What I didn't find out until much later in life is that when my Mother had moved our trailer from New Jersey to Illinois she didn't think she needed to change the locks… until my Dad just walked in at 11pm and started hitting her that night. I do recall seeing my dad a few days later after he got out of jail with a few more bruises than he had the night he went in. Seems he resisted arrest and the Sheriff’s Deputy didn’t take kindly to southern men beating northern women and made sure that it was clear this wasn't ever going to happen again in our county. My Dad was actually very lucky, my Mom’s first call was to the Sheriff, her second was to her brother. My Dad wouldn't have survived my Uncle.

Anonymous said...

First encounter with a cop I knew: First encounter was with a friend of my parents who at the time was a MO State Trooper. On my 5th birthday, he brought he squad over to our house, and let me turn on the lights and sirens. He also showed us how the two-way radio and the radar detecter worked. Some ov the neighbors actually called up my parents later wanting to know what I did to get into trouble.

First experience with a cop I didn't know:
A friend and I were on our way to Taco Bell. He was driving, I was riding shotgun. We stopped at a red light. I told him that the car ext to us wanted to drag race. He didn't notice the 4 or 5 antennas on the trunk of the unmarked police cruiser that I was referring to. Needless to say, he was very lucky that he was able to walk away with nothing more than a speeding ticket.