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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Booking It

Yesterday I left you hanging with "have a great weekend" without an explanation since I do usually post regularly. Actually, when I post depends on my mood. You are surprised? Come on. I am a girl.

Maybe it's just refreshing to shake it up sometimes for no apparent good reason. Be spontaneous. Adventurous. Go climb some mountains while I'm gone. Have that extra glass of wine or beer. Or something.

I am going to return...on Monday...or whenever I feel like it with some new untold stories ripped from police headlines and journal entries.

What am I up to? 5' 6" and trying to stretch it out to 5' 6 1/2". Maybe I need to get out my stilettos used for Friday night street walking undercover jobbies.

Evenings are scheduled with running and CrossFit. I'm boring like that.

I will be working on Book Three which won't come out until early fall. Maybe there will be some new pictures...no CENTERFOLDS, Coffey. Those are for my fourth book, "50 Shades of Blue".

Leave a comment to guess it's content or story-line and three random winners will get a free book!

In the meantime, I'm going to drink this Malibu run, diet coke, and a squeeze of lime over ice in a frozen glass. I might even lay out in the sun.

Malibu run is compliments of a neighbor. It's nice when a neighbor's tree falls in your yard and they apologize with refreshments. Good thing it didn't wreck my prized gardens or he would be bringing me a case. At the rate things are going around the Harry Potter house, I will never have to provide myself with alcoholic substances.

So...with that...guess the third book's story-line. It's nothing like the other two. Duh. You already have read those. I will give you a hint: IT'S NOT A ROMANCE NOVEL.

Update: You are cracking me up with your comments. 

Coffeypot: That would require pictures and that is entirely too much work to pose naked all day. 

Yuri: You know I have a reputation for NO page numbers on The Boogie Man series. It's my thing. However, if and when and possibly this next book is not in this series..if I ever make a book with page numbers...you are the first one I will contact!

Sista: I snickered on that one. 

Keep a guessing! None of you are correct, although some good ideas are floating out there. 

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Angela Varner said...

ok, I am guessing that you are writing a children's book, about how police officers are your friends... unless you cross the thin blue line.

Coffeypot said...

I'm hoping it's porn.

VandyJ said...

Hmmm, perhaps the interesting characters you can meet in the least populated state in the union.

Anonymous said...

Will it have justified text and page numbers? I know a feller that can help with that kind stuff. Just sayin'.

If not, will there be a dust jacket? You know..to use as a bookmark?
- Yuri

Slamdunk said...

Goodness how did I miss your books? Bad timing for my hiatus. Looking at them now...

Have a nice weekend--unless you post again haha.

Anonymous said...

I think it should be some sort of "Thelma and Louise" type saga, where you and I travel the country hoopin and hollering..........where we beat the shit out of your first husband...........and torture and beat the shit out of your second husband, leaving him permanently disfigured so he can no longer be a man slut.

With love,
Your sista from anotha mutha

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I'm going to guess that the next book will be about your time as a detective, rather than in uniform.
(yeah, a REAL long-shot, hmm?)

Roll safe out there.

The Queen said...

I think it will be about your life with a serial killer. But then that's just me.

The Queen said...

I read " beat the shit out of your second husband, leaving him permanently disfigured so he can no longer be a man slut" so
I googled images of the Serial Killer.. I see your trip was successful.