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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Police Under Fire...It's Hot In Here!

Here is one from the great LauraB....and some very interesting hot topics she did bring on! Woo hoo! Love these!

Oh my...this is a long comment but here you are.
1) the quality of candidates is dwindling - from the wars taking the best of them, to the lack of fitness, to the desire for a permanent "disability" check if they just get in and then get "hurt"...lord almighty...and then there are the ones who just want to get out of the basement and f*** with those that took their lunch money..."respect mah authoritay" types...sad state of affairs in the quality of people entering the field.

2) upper echelons who are all politics and no leadership - they want their retirement and title and only use the lower ranks to get those. Or those in rank who refuse to take to task those that turn into sh*theels.

3) unions. unions. unions.

4) Dog Shootin' Darryl's. WTF is that anyway?! Oh yeah - it relates to #5

5) Wrong Address Andy's - again, WT-holy-F is it with teams that cannot confirm they have the right house?! Seriously! This is your job, son! You HAVE to do it right the first time. Period. If you get your ass shot off at the wrong house, you earned it.

6) Those #4's and #5's need to be unemployed, period. Again, that is related to #3.

7) The knowledge most good officers have that the S will most certainly HTF and they want to be outta there before it does - early retirement of the best is draining the force of good.

Now...that is all negative, true. And there is a crapton of goodness all around in forces. However, that will always go by quietly when the morons get all the media attention.

I have always said - You have the power to utterly end someone's life - either by killing them or imprisoning them. That is a terrible power to bear and it must be wielded with great care. Most people encountered do not need it to be bashed about them. When you meet someone that does, you have to do it with full authority and yet with respect for their humanity.

My husband managed to have people thank him at the end of an arrest for treating them
well - he always told them to treat him as they would like him to treat them.

But...that is the difference in country policing and inner city policing - he has done both. You cannot do both in the same way. But you can do both with respect.

Did that even make sense?!

1) Yes. I don't know what to do about that. In my department, our standards are very high. In others, I am learning, they are dumbing down to get candidates so they will pass. BAD IDEA. I would rather work overtime to cover the street than fill it with turds. And the new generation is the one of ENTITLEMENT..so watch out!

2. Has been that way for a long time. I don't know what happens past the sergeant phase, but it's medical. I think it's lobotomy.

3. Unions are going by the wayside. They had a purpose in 1950. They can be a problem or an assistance. I think they made their point back in the day they were needed. Things now have changed. We didn't have any in Wyoming. Only the firemen have unions. No one ever complains about the firemen having a lot of money and free health care. LOL.

4. It happens. The dog thing...let me address. This came to me also in a message from a Facebooker. You are not alone in your opinion.

I would have shot the dog. The dog needs not be in the scene. The owner's fault. I think it's sad and I much would rather NOT shoot a dog. But a Rottie charging after me is unknown territory and if I am in the line of duty trying to take care of a situation, the idiot dog walker/owner should have kept his dog contained. If it's the suspect's dog, then how are we to know what it is going to do? And God forbid you are concerned about a dog long enough for a suspect to take your gun. I know it's harsh. But that is the way it is. Stay away from the police when they are working. I love animals. I would have been upset to shoot the dog. It happens.

The wrong address thingy...happens. However, officers need to have due diligence in making sure they are correct. What happens when it is a booboo? You pay the homeowner, resident, innocent party. You get sued. It's scary. So yes, be correct.

5.  Addressed above.

6. It happens. I can tell you the FEDS busted down doors a hundred times and nothing happened. I was NEVER wrong. Was I on a raid where the detective or officer or agent was wrong? Yes. Not fun.

7. You know, I would have stayed on the department until I could no longer do it physically. That's how I felt. The department forces out the veterans. They stop sending them to schools. They treat them like yesterday's garbage. Some guys didn't care and kept on trucking. Some said, "fuck it" and left. The good veterans are important to retain and only a good boss with smarts is going to look at it with surrounding themselves with the best. The others...look at young, fresh, eager stat mongers to raise revenue or do as they say without opinion. Sad thing.

And it's OK that your concerns are on the negative side. There is a reason. The world of policing is under fire and changes are coming...both good and bad. Your husband is one of the good guys. I also had many people thank me. It's called treating a human with respect. Kudos to him.

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