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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Queen's Farewell

This week marks many land mines in my life. Yes, I said land mines. Let me recap:

July 2-my dear friend, GunDiva, lost her horse, Queen Estes. Her story brought tears to my eyes and it hit home during those moments that our horses's passing rips our hearts out. I told her horses are different than household pets and only horse owners/lovers understand that.

Photo credit: RG (GunDiva Facebook)
July 3-My dad died in 1989.
July 4-My dad's favorite holiday
July 5-Dad's funeral
July 6-First marriage date
July 7-Dad's birthday
What do I do this week? Sulk? Cry? Feel sorry for myself? No.
I toast my father on July 3 with a glass of wine. Except on  this July 3rd, I toasted twice. One for dad and one for the Queen.

I will celebrate the 4th of July by gardening and watching fireworks and praising God and our forefathers for our freedom and independence. I'm sure the Motherland drinks a lot today. Or pouts.
July 5th is just a day I think of dad.
July 6th is just another day. This year I will be cleaning out gutters which is fitting. Just a coincidence.
And on July 7th I plant a tree for my dad's birthday. Every year.
I guess it's good to have a peaceful sense of death. It comes from my Faith. So, I am not sulking, I rejoice in the good memories and I am grateful I have them!


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:

I read you loud and clear on THIS one, dear!
I feel the same way.
And I commemorate the 4th in a much similar manner.
(and with deep appreciation).

Roll safe out there.

Ms. A said...

Have a blessed 4th.

GunDiva said...

Thank you, Momma.

Rachel said...

Such bittersweetness! To have known those we love, then to lose them.

A bit heartsick for you both.