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Friday, July 26, 2013

Rounding Up A Posse

I am working on a week long exploration into police conduct for the blog which conveys the citizen view of how a police officer should behave in public and what views society takes on a police officer. I have views from my perspective. Even though I try to put myself outside the box as a new found civilian, my points are always going to be from the first responder side.

So...I was recently under the gun in Casper, Wyoming, on a social media site because of my outspoken ways. I will share it with you. It was a time where Fargo exploded in a diplomatic way to citizen responses.

No way! Say it isn't so.I know it shocks you.

I would appreciate all perspectives out there on police conduct, on and off duty. Whether you are a civilian or a first responder of any kind...dispatch, EMS, fire, law enforcement, military, etc...I would greatly appreciate your views in the comment field. I will take those under advisement and we will have a great topic to discuss. If you would rather be anonymous, you can email me at mommafargo@gmail.com.

You can also see me under fire in another social media blitz on the Casper Police Department's Facebook page right now about police parking. And I loved it! Always a good debate with police haters!

No matter what you feel or say on here...it is not going to be held against you, unless you threaten lives or mention some terrorist threat...then I'm coming after you...or at least sending Big Brother after you. So...please share your TRUE feelings, not the textbook ones.

Embrace your freedom of speech!


Angelwithatwist said...

My small town has police that are.. oh what's the word.. umm lackluster. Part of the problem is in our area they are low paid. Sorry but I find it offensive if I am asking you to protect me that my city cannot find the money to pay you enough to NOT live in low income housing.. trust story. I have a friend who is a dispatcher, people complained about the cost of running the service, but let them NEED their help and they will complain about how long it took them to respond. Imagine how much longer it would take without 911 to call..

Bob G. said...

MOmma fargo:
I've met more than a few of the FWPD LEOs...a couple wearing brass instead of stripes, and overall, they're good officers.

My problem is with the "capo"...the top dog.
HIS idea of community-oriented policing doesn't work all that well when you DON'T have a "community" to speak of, especially in the minority neighborhoods.
Then it's not even an issue with BLACK and WHITE, but rather black against BLUE.
IN such a case, a PROBLEM-oriented approach is better.

Many in the ethnic areas are brought up to DISTRUST the po-po, and that's not helpful one damn bit when a D/B winds up out front of your rental crib.
And the police can't patrol areas that NEEd the patrols, becasue they're ALL too busy "chasing the radio".
(damn 911 butt-dials)

The young'uns on the force are very dedicated, bless every one of 'em...they haven't been frustrated (enough) yet, or been turned off by the lack of followup by the prosecutor's office.

It takes the effort of EVERYONE on the force to make things work as they're supposed to, and that starts...at the TOP.
Same goes for the citizenry.

All the tech in the world can''t beat good old gut-feelings and knowledge of an area, either.

Roll safe out there.

The Queen said...

I think that ANY officer that can throw the cuffs on you and haul your ass off to jail for breaking the law, should be held to a much higher standard.

I believe the public is more apt to forgive a minor incident if they have general respect for the officer. Which means, if the officer suddenly yells at his neighbor and makes a general ass of himself (over the dog shitting in his yard for the 1000th time) and it hits the media.. we are going to be much more understanding if we respect that officer.

However, if that officer is one that acts like he or she is in charge of the world on and off duty. One who sees no gray area.. then the general public is pry going to return the favor when the outburst is caught on tape and hits You Tube.

Just my personal opinion.

Unless of course, the officer is Wheels.. then I forgive anything no matter what.. as long I get to meet him.. k?

Anonymous said...

Citizen here - the one with the fart dust and all ;)
I had a Popo that stalked me once; I was in high school, and he was known for it. HE gave the people in blue a bad name in our town, but I knew it was just him, and not the whole force - I have always appreciated that someone out there is watching our backs. They put their life on the line. They sacrifice family time, safety, decent paying jobs, and .. well, lots more than I can list here, just so they can get the bad guys out of circulation. Considering the general disrespect a lot of people have for them, I'm surprised they handle it as well as they do.... I for one, would have lost it and smacked a few of them upside the head time and time again.... I don't know how they do it. Seriously. -- I REALLY don't get why people don't treat them better; they're just doing their job ... more than JUST. If you aren't being a bad guy, you have nothing to worry about. - I LIKE seeing the police out and about- I feel safer. If they get mad and mouthy from time to time ... so what. Who doesn't? We're all human. Besides, think of all the crap they've had to deal with - OY! .. it probably helps my dad was an MP for a LOT of years; he's the most honest, well intentioned person I've ever met... so maybe my view is slanted ... but it's how I see it.... people need to get a life and find something better to bitch about rather than rag on the Police for being human. ... and now I'll shut up.

LauraB said...

Oh my...this is a long comment but here you are.
1) the quality of candidates is dwindling - from the wars taking the best of them, to the lack of fitness, to the desire for a permanent "disability" check if they just get in and then get "hurt"...lord almighty...and then there are the ones who just want to get out of the basement and f*** with those that took their lunch money..."respect mah authoritay" types...sad state of affairs in the quality of people entering the field.

2) upper echelons who are all politics and no leadership - they want their retirement and title and only use the lower ranks to get those. Or those in rank who refuse to take to task those that turn into sh*theels.

3) unions. unions. unions.

4) Dog Shootin' Darryl's. WTF is that anyway?! Oh yeah - it relates to #5

5) Wrong Address Andy's - again, WT-holy-F is it with teams that cannot confirm they have the right house?! Seriously! This is your job, son! You HAVE to do it right the first time. Period. If you get your ass shot off at the wrong house, you earned it.

6) Those #4's and #5's need to be unemployed, period. Again, that is related to #3.

7) The knowledge most good officers have that the S will most certainly HTF and they want to be outta there before it does - early retirement of the best is draining the force of good.

Now...that is all negative, true. And there is a crapton of goodness all around in forces. However, that will always go by quietly when the morons get all the media attention.

I have always said - You have the power to utterly end someone's life - either by killing them or imprisoning them. That is a terrible power to bear and it must be wielded with great care. Most people encountered do not need it to be bashed about them. When you meet someone that does, you have to do it with full authority and yet with respect for their humanity.

My husband managed to have people thank him at the end of an arrest for treating them
well - he always told them to treat him as they would like him to treat them.

But...that is the difference in country policing and inner city policing - he has done both. You cannot do both in the same way. But you can do both with respect.

Did that even make sense?!