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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Treasure This!

The next concern comes from a former LEO who lives not far from me...in a big city, full of real criminals and all. Say hello to the every gentlemanly, Bob G.

Momma Fargo:

I've met more than a few of the FWPD LEOs...a couple wearing brass instead of stripes, and overall, they're good officers.

My problem is with the "capo"...the top dog.

HIS idea of community-oriented policing doesn't work all that well when you DON'T have a "community" to speak of, especially in the minority neighborhoods.

Then it's not even an issue with BLACK and WHITE, but rather black against BLUE.
IN such a case, a PROBLEM-oriented approach is better.

Many in the ethnic areas are brought up to DISTRUST the po-po, and that's not helpful one damn bit when a D/B winds up out front of your rental crib.

 And the police can't patrol areas that NEED the patrols, because they're ALL too busy "chasing the radio".

(damn 911 butt-dials)

The young'uns on the force are very dedicated, bless every one of 'em...they haven't been frustrated (enough) yet, or been turned off by the lack of followup by the prosecutor's office.

It takes the effort of EVERYONE on the force to make things work as they're supposed to, and that starts...at the TOP.
Same goes for the citizenry.

All the tech in the world can''t beat good old gut-feelings and knowledge of an area, either.

Roll safe out there.

Bob G. Yes, your city has some BIG problems. You are like Little Detroit. The brass is always going to have the gap between what is real on the streets and what is best for the department and politics. I learned that the hard way. I can see both points. On the street, it frustrated the hell out of me. As a detective, the Chief gave me everything I wanted and needed because I was knocking down some big criminals, making headlines, getting newsworthy attention, and making him look like he was cleaning up the streets. All the other detectives during that time were also doing high profile cases. I found a way through all that red tape...knock down the big criminals...dig deeper...change something. I focused on child molesters which was a lost area and a big problem. On the street...I did the same for awhile and I was treated well. When I started training the rookies again, it was all different. Brass had lobotomies...you know how it is. You can only count on the sergeants down. Upstairs...it's all stats, money, and public image.

As for the ethnic differences. Yes, there are those. There will always be those. I didn't see color, although it saw me. I think the best way to tackle it was to be real with them. I also was in their area every day and they had to either embrace me as their community cop, or hate me. I had a little of both. What I did have most of the time was their respect. And if I was to get my ass kicked...I could count on some, which is more than I can say for other cops. I think the best thing to tackle the race problem is exposure, be respectful, chat it up, play street and yard games with their kids. LOL

And I totally agree with you on the old gut feelings and knowledge of an area. The brass will never get that...that is something they have lost. Sad but true.


Slamdunk said...

I am liking your series here MF.

It would be fun to put you and Bob in a lunch meeting together. I think I would be laughing to hard to eat.

Sorry that I don't see the small cities getting any better. On the horizon, I see a landscape of less public support for law enforcement, and fewer officers on the street. The desk jockeys will be asking their responding officers to continually do more with less.

Momma Fargo said...


It's so nice to see you popping in! I am sure you have some great words of wisdom for all these great citizen questions and concerns. If Bob G. and I were to go to lunch. We would all be giggle snorting. Guaranteed.

And you are spot on, especially about the part of doing more with less.