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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

BLAH, Blah, blah

Readership, as well as followers, have been dropping off the face of Fargo ever since I stopped posting The Serial Killer series. The highest post with the most pageviews? The red dress.

Is Fargo all about sex? Cop stories? Crazy life?

Am I boring you?

I think so. So here's a little game for you called...Where's Fargo?
 Conner Prairie. Fishers, IN

I am somewhere in this picture, listening to Symphony on the Prairie...The Rolling Stones. Where am I in the crowd? What city? I am the one behind the lens. Right there.

Where am I? It is one of my favorite places. And don't say kneeling in front of naked boys. I will beat someone.  Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC

I have a 7 minute 38 second song that is original with Fargo's team and The English as lead singer. What's the name of the song? Or what message do the lyrics send out? Hint: It was a blog post from wwwaaaayyy back. What show is featured in small snippets on there? 

It's a tune mocking the cycle of family violence with a little bit of COWBELL in there. It's rock n roll. It's awesome. The English sounds amazing. I wish I could share, but he forbid me. He has recorded a bunch of music and songs, but they are for friends only. 

This blog is not a reality show. Well, Ok. I lied. I'm a free reality show.

But I like real issues. I do have a brain. Several actually. Each voice in my head has one. A brain. And real issues.

With that note...in September marks what special Fargo occasion(s)? Let's see how good you are.

You have been warned. There IS a prize for the most correct answers.

OK. Be honest. How many of you are REALLY annoyed with the fact there are no more NEW exciting cop stories? And how many SECRET cases and stories do I need to start telling?


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Hey, all good things come to their end...I miss the stories, but you have to move forward in life, or...
(you know)
It's better that you didn't become a stat in the time you spent on the thin blue line.

If I had to wager a guess abbout September, Id say b'day ('cause mine's rolling up like a jail-on-wheels...LOL)

You stay safe down there.

Karen said...

You are in Nobletucky (Noblesville) in the first one. About 15 miles from me.

And I have been stalking you for a couple of years, just don't comment much!

Ms. A said...

Where is Fargo? She's in a new state, with a new/old house and I wouldn't mind hearing more about the current day Fargo. The retired cop that scrapes paint, etc.

Wrexie said...

I barely visit my own blog. lol ...STILL painting. ugh. I got wayyy behind on keeping up with blog buddies now that school started and I have to be superdoopermom. :) It'll be fun to catch up on yours the next rainy day that sets me free from the paint bucket...

RussianBear said...

1) Conner Prarie is in Fisher Indiana. No idea where you are in that picture.

2) Second picture looks like something from a vineyard, or Olen's house.

3) Total guess - it's the theme from Cops...Bad boys bad boys..what'cha gonna do...what'cha gonna do when we come for you..

4) Birthday is the 13th..

Momma Fargo said...

A lot of you pay attention. Some of you Google well. I can't believe no one has figured out the statue...or the song. I guess my birthday was so obvious.

Fire Pup said...

Conner Prairie
13400 Allisonville Road
Fishers, IN 46038
In the picture you are right... There.

Statue. I won't say you are kneeling in front of the boy. However, in back.....

Don't fear the reaper. Blue Oyster Cult. 1976?

Happy Birthday

Paxford said...

I lurk....
Usually I try to only make comments when I have something pertinent to say - otherwise it's just sound and fury...

As for where you are, when & who... all I remember from that concert story was that you were surrounded by rocking oldies (as in.. much older then US :D )

The rest is a blur


Momma Fargo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Momma Fargo said...

RussianBear and Fire Pup are tied at two. Tie breaker? Or split the prize. You decide.

Karen...you are that close to me? No way! I am not far from you then.LOL. I love your state!

Fire Pup said...

Tie Breaker

Momma Fargo said...

Tie Breaker it is. Post to challenge Yuri and Fire Pup this weekend.

The Queen said...

Nope, I'm annoyed that you are so famous you have to employee captcha to keep the creepers off this site. and I can't read captcha.. so i don't comment most the time.. I just freaking fb you.. no damn captcha there..

Plus readership is down all over the net thanks to fu#king fb. I even had time to build an entirely new castle.. hope you find the keys ..