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Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Pit and The Pig, An Animal Story

Yuri found another cop story for me to peruse. Let's see if you had the same reaction as I did. I think I was set up after the last dog question that caused readers to hang me from the gallows after they had PETA waterboard my ass. I am going to start referring to Yuri as his stage name, "Fargo's Brilliant One". This is not sarcasm, but the truth. He is the brains. I am the brawn. 

This story is over a year old. 

It involves a pit bull and a Baltimore police officer.


Question:  What did you think the story would be about before you clicked the link?

Well, Fargo's Brilliant One, I thought you were going to bring up hate and discontent to the readers again because I was going to be commenting on yet, another reason why cops have to shoot things and people. It was a relief that I cried instead.

Question:  What do you think made this story newsworthy?

From the cop perspective:

This story is newsworthy because it shows a humanitarian side to the "copworld" which if often brushed over by citizens. Police are usually given the "blanket party" of being a robot in a uniform without emotions, carrying out "ridiculous notions of enforcing laws" which people think they can break without consequences. OR...that police are "just the facts, mam" and do not have human interests at heart. Most cops are not torturers of animals as that is reserved for arsonists and serial killers. 

Seeing the human side of law enforcement is always something to hit media attention because a) they think it is so rare or b) they want a "feel good" story in a world of doom. My devils' advocate side hopes it was published because it is a great story to gain readership and boost police confidence in the world and show that there are great people behind The Shield. 

Yes, I had tears in my eyes. I am a girl.

It was a great story, Yuri. Thank you for sharing it.


VandyJ said...

Real decent people abound--even and maybe especially, in uniform. You can't take all your information from the media--they are skewed, or maybe just screwed (up).

Chow Chows are Fire Dogs said...

Well done Officer Dan.

I pretty much figured it was a hate and discontent link - boy was I wrong.

Why was it news? Because millions of dog lovers want to see that stuff, and the PD wants to advertise its wins as much as their failures get blown up in the media

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

Great story with a happy ending, i like those:) BTW I am glad that you posted agsin, your blog was quiet...not a normal thing and I was getting comcerned that something had happened to you. Glad to see you posting again:)