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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Standoff...of... Where's Fargo

It appears that we have to have another tie breaker between Russian Bear and the Fire Pup. Perhaps they are conspiring to keep this going until eternity. Or maybe they know what great prizes I give out and want to delay the outcome of a winner in hopes the prize will get better or go away. I'm not sure. It's hard to second guess the male variety.

Whose house am I slobbering over? Hint: I love books and nature. Answer: Gene Porter-Stratton's Limberlost Cabin. Geneva, Indiana. Both of her places are grand and magnificent. I want to share them with Bug as she hasn't seen them and I have not yet been inside either. I have only read her work, walked her gardens, and chatted with a man that grew up with her when he was a kid. Might be a good birthday gift to myself.

Where am I? What am I doing? Why is this picture significant? Hint: It may have something to do with the Wyoming Supreme Court. Answer: Surveillance on my own place. Illegal hunting and dumping of wild game. Reported to The Red Coats. Had video and camera still shots as evidence, plus I had words with the man. They did not care nor did they respond. They refused to take my report.

Multiple answer essay: One of my favorite springtime flowers...the magnolia. This is a famous home which belongs to the university I am currently working at. Which Ball family built this? Where am I standing to enjoy the magnolias? The university also houses a rescue for a certain flower which happens to be one I love. What is it? Answer: The largest Ball (Ball jars) mansion remaining. It is currently used for administrative purposes right now and off limits to the public. The magnolias are in front of the next Ball mansion to the north of this one, close to Oakhurst, but toward the driveway. My back is to the White River. The orchid rescue goes on at the Greenhouse in the middle of Christy Woods. I walk there as often as possible on my lunch hour.
Something doesn't go with the others? How much did I pay for that tramp? (Not the ho version) What is my favorite season of the year? In order to take this pic, I could only be in one location in the River War Haus. Where was I? Answer: The trampoline does not belong in the pic as it detracts from the landscape and all the other pics are not winter. My favorite season is fall, although I love all the changes. I was in the loft. located in the River War Haus. There is only one window there. What a view!

There you go...waiting on pins and needles for your answers to the impossible questionnaire.

So... I believe Fire Pup may have won by one question. However, because you were both tortured so long and such good sports...I will give each of you a prize. You can choose from these gifts:

1. Amish
2. Fargo

And that doesn't mean you get an Amish or Fargo. It means it is a clue about your prize.

Email me with your choice and your shipping address. Thanks everyone for putting up with me!


The Queen said...

I don't have time for this shit. Ask the damn important shit.. Where is Wheels?

Damn Elusive little shitzilla he is..
Wheels, did you see that cadi speed through town? The one that was followed by a cloud of smoke? Well, don't chase it.. it's not me.. and it's going to blow up before it hits the edge of time. Go grab a doughnut and wait for the tow truck call to come across the radio..

Shut up Sarg! You've done nothing to help me catch Wheels!

Momma Fargo said...

Dear Queen...I am sorry you don't have time for our fun. I do think, however, in your Quest for Wheels...you should be driving in the right town. May I suggest you head west, young lady!

RussianBear said...

(1) That's 's house.

(2) You're behind the camera, taking a picture. The picture is evidence that that color for a truck helps it blend in quite nicely. (Hunters at the War Haus?)

(3) Mr. Edmund Burke Ball and Mrs. Bertha Ball--EB Ball Center 1907. In the first your back is to W. Minnetrista Blvd and the river. Second...Magnolia Lane, Muncie IN? Wheeler-Thanhauser Collection - Orchid Greenhouse.

(4) $100. Halloween--Fall. Hayloft in the Barn.

Anonymous said...

1) I'm guessing that the house is your current "Harry Potter" House, or is somehow related to Henry David THoreau.
2) Your house in Wyoming. It's significant due to the Supreme court case you were involved in that centered around something to do with waterways/property rights/eminent domain.
3) Built by EB and Bertha Ball. The magnolias are in ypur garden. No idea what type of flower recsue they have.
4) The fact that this was taken in winter is what doesn't go with the others. Trampoline was free or a gift. Favorite season is spring. Picture was taken from the deck in backyard at old house in Wyoming.

firepup said...

1. Limberlost Cabin. Geneva IL. Home of Gene Stratton-Porter, who died when ran over by a streetcar named desire. Ok, the streetcar name may be poetic license. State Historic Site.

2. you are behind the camera during an investigation. You are taking pictures. Possibly during an investigation about murder.

3. E.B. and Bertha C. Ball Center on Minnetrista Boulevard. Built by E.B. and Bertha Ball. You are looking at the Magnolias outside. And in the greenhouse. Orchid Rescue.

4. 25.00 then you realized it was winter and useless! Winter. Back of your old house.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:

1) The Audubon house?
2) Driving through a river bed...looking for illegals?
3) Looks like the Judge's crib!
4) No idea, but yes, it has to be near Ball State (aka Testicle Tech)
5) I'd say you like Springtime.
Abd maybe you were looking out your backdoor?

Roll safe down there.

Fire Pup said...

2 of course!

how much did the tramp cost? Trampoline that is.

Momma Fargo said...

Tramp (non-ho) cost me a whopping $30.00. Best I ever spent.

RussianBear said...

Fire Pup chose Fargo. Amish seems suitable for me. (Is it a paint scraping hoe?)