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Friday, August 9, 2013

We Built This City

Yuri's next topic was in reference to reader response:

Reading through some of the comments on the Breitbart article, the scary and sad part for me, was the number of people who say they "no longer consider the police as a friendly."

Bob G. and you, make a good point about the divide between civilians and police being created by both parties.

Question 2: What can civilians do to help close this divide?  What can police departments do on the policy side?

First I will address that Bob G.'s and I's opinions come from our time in law enforcement. There has been a division for many years. The division probably has come from many things but "big ticket items" that influence this factor are police attitude, community attitude, and the media. Most do not think of cops as people anymore, but big ol' bad robots.

Civilians can help by being involved in their communities. Neighborhood watch programs, or just being a good neighbor. I think in terms of baby steps.

The police do many nice things for kids as well. For instance they do fundraising and sponsoring for: Special Olympics, Boys and Girls Club, Shop With A Cop, etc. Ride-alongs are helpful if the departments allow them. Citizen academies. Victim Response units. CERT. Search and Rescue. All of these components of first responding and emergency management are run by police and the Sheriff's Department in Wyoming. In other states, emergency management, i.e. CERT and Search and Rescue might be run by the Fire Department.

If citizens don't want to get involved, perhaps they can just be a good citizen. Supplement that with being educated and informed.  We don't ask much. Just be nice or polite. Hug a cop. OK. Maybe just shake their hand. If your hand is clean. OK. How about a friendly nod? We will start small. 

Bob G. also points out that community policing only works if there's a community to police.

What he means is a unit of people working-living in a city place (logistics) as UNIFIED group of people in support of function, and bettering an area. You can have people. What you need is a community. If that makes sense. 

Question 3: Since we're all in this together, what needs to happen to restore a sense of community?

I know it's a big open ended question, and probably a bit naive to ever think we could restore a place as far gone as Detroit.  I hold out hope that the moral compass of Americans will swing back to taking more personal responsibility, and putting an end to the production of fatherless children.  Maybe in a generation or two.  Of course, I'll be labeled as racist theocrat and accused of using racist code words for even mentioning "responsibility" and "fatherless children."

We have to start small. With ourselves. Our families. They have reached a point of peril. Fix that and you might get to world peace.

Yuri, you are not a racist theocrat. I truly enjoy discussing these things and they are good questions. I am most excited about the next one. You know me well. LOL. 


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Yuri makes some good, solid points.

If I didn't know better, I'd think we "were separated at birth"...but I've always been an ONLY child...LOL.

I do SO agree w/ Yuri that it will take a while to get the worst things in our cities back on track.

I always say that for every generation that "goes down the crapper", it will take 2-3 generations to crawl back OUT of it.
Won't happen in MY lifetime, that's for sure...but it HAS to happen, for all our sakes.

Great post.

Stay safe out there.

Momma Fargo said...
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Anonymous said...

Me? Liberal? Bwah ha ha ha.

Sorry. That's too funny.


Momma Fargo said...
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Momma Fargo said...

Yuri, you know I have to razz you! LMAO

Momma Fargo said...

You challenge the mind...it's a very good thing!