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Friday, September 20, 2013

Calls To Campus

I don't talk about my new job. Why? It's not part of The Boogie Man Is My Friend. It's my "other" life. Rarely does it cross over.

I am enjoying college. It's like watching People of Walmart only at a higher level.

The students are fun. It is refreshing to see someone embrace life and hold on to the seat of their pants. They are like little sponges. Sucking up knowledge and life.

So...I saw this...

What does that do for me?

It's an uneducated response. I won't even argue the points, but let you fire away and give out your best discussion here.

I can best describe what is happening in America by my own experience. Wyoming recently went to an open carry law state wide. I was on patrol when this was being thrown around the legislature. Police chiefs and Sheriffs around the state were busy debating this topic in Cheyenne. Some were for, some were against. We might have all been apprehensive at first look because it was out of the blue.

We asked ourselves, "What's wrong with life as we know it?"

It was passed. Before it became in effect, we were handed down the "prepare for battle" speech from the Chief and other Administrators. At the same time we were to enforce the freedoms granted back to the people.

We asked ourselves, "What's going to become of this? John Wayne? Or Lil Wayne?"

It was The Law. It came to pass. It came to be.

We went on with our police lives.

We started to see some things happen. We started to see old ladies deterring armed robberies. We started to see hotel clerks defending themselves. No one got killed. The police arrested the bad guys. The towns hailed the citizens as heroes. We came to find that most gun-toting citizens were for the greater good. And freedoms. And The Constitution. They weren't freaks. They weren't crackheads.

So as I see the campus students embracing freedom of speech and holding demonstrations, passing out copies of The Constitution, shouting out for PETA, and whatever dear thing they hold in their hearts, I wonder where we have failed in our education. It saddens my heart that most are afraid of the unknown.


RussianBear said...

This brings to mind the Virginia Tech shooting, and the push to allow students and professors to carry. I think that we should allow responsible citizens to carry concealed or openly.

Unfortunately, two permit holders here in Michigan made the news with what is described as a road rage shooting. This is a statistical anomaly, if deemed a crime. The story is still developing.

That current college students would not want firearms on campus brings to mind two theories.

1) Most college students are not of age to carry (21) and have the attitude of "If I can't, no one should." An immature and uneducated response to be sure.

2) The Eric Holder goal of demonizing firearms and firearm ownership has made its way through the education system. (Another reason to homeschool.)

Pam said...

i read Louis Lamour. Great values. One salient point - in places where everyone carries, everyone is very polite. He may have written fiction years ago, but he got that right.