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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fargo Knocks Down Rookies

I knocked those bastahds down in the dirt...

For a limited time...The Rookies is on sale at a great Kindle price. Go check it out. The Boogie Man is now available for a short time on Kindle Matchbook  for $1.99 and on regular Kindle for $3.99. The third and fourth books are the works. The third is not a series of The Boogie Man...the fourth is...and it is has been so much fun writing it.

Tonight...we talk a book review. We chat up about police topics that hit Big Trouble in Little Towns. We talk dogs. It's all good. Most of it is funny. Some of it is serious. The Boogie Man has multiple personalities just like that...all with a twist of Fargo.

What is coming in the future, pray tell? One of Fargo's favorite holidays...Halloween. You might see a pic of The Harry Potter house once it is donned in holiday garb. It's fun. It's Fargo.

Halloween is also a topic this month...sent me your emails as I am building a great post. It will talk history, religious thoughts, American traditions, and my thoughts on All Hallow's Eve...and other cultures celebrate similar but different called The Day of the Dead. They are different days. What also goes with Halloween? The PoPo. They are always in the way.

So...send it this way. I don't care if you hate Halloween or love it or don't "believe" in it....send me your thoughts...or questions...or concerns.


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Angelwithatwist said...

I just bought The Rookies for Kindle.. Halloween is going to be fun this year because we have a friend who will be here from Australia. She has never experienced Halloween this should be fun ehhehheheh