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Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Call

This post is the first in a series to commemorate our veterans in blog fashion. If I could, I would have the whole gamut of honors. Just hang your flags. Properly. With respect, and within the US Code Title 4. 

Without further introduction, these are the thoughts and words from Aunt Superwoman's recent journey to Arlington...

Journal entry, July 13, 2013:

James called this evening and requested that as Paul's widow, I be there at the airport with the families when the caskets are flown in on Sunday September 22nd   as well as the family visitation and the burial service. He has listed me as his aunt with the Air Force Mortuary Affairs Officer.  Jim Sizemore was Paul's best friend in the 609th Special Operations Squadron "Nimrods" in 1969 and Paul was also friends with and had flown a couple of missions with Howard.

James was told years ago that my first husband was shot down and KIA in Vietnam in 1968, but in his state of emotions over all this for his Dad, I’m sure James doesn't remember. 

This time it is about honoring Maj. James Elmo Sizemore and Maj. Howard Vincent Andre, Jr. and the Gold Star support needed by the families.  Standing there, watching that plane land and offload those flag-draped caskets is going to be Déjà vu for me; it's been over 45 years since Glenn was KIA and shipped home from Vietnam on an Air Force plane.  I will armor myself with my Southern Lady graciousness like Mama taught me; my purple-power panties; take as many deep breaths as necessary; stand strong and tall during all the events of what is going to be a very difficult weekend.

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