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Friday, November 29, 2013

Control Yourself...and Your Gunz

I promised gun control issues. I bet you are going to be surprised about the issues. Not MY issues, but others with issues. Anyway.

So...about that university crisis we had a few days ago. Seems it wasn't a real gunman, which is nice. However, a shot did ring out. On the pavement. From an AR. By a cop.
To write this, is to make me madder. I don't think I can write without...

OK. Already.


Who has their damn finger on the trigger when they aren't on target ready to kill?


Nothing pisses me off more than the press labeling something an AD when in all actuality it is pure headupassitis. UGH. Gah.

Boy, does that cop feel stupid now. He was on national news.

It didn't stop there. The next day, I went to a boot repair shop. Cutest damn place in the Heartland and way cool boots for sale and the dude does an old dying art which I am grateful for, because I had two really good pairs of shoes to repair which I haven't gone to pick up and I better do it before he sells them on eBay.

Anyway. I was admiring his American West purses which had the "secret" pocket to carry concealed. What happened? It's American West. Duh. $300.00. I have a wallet that cost $178.00. Don't worry. I paid 25% of that because it was on clearance. Best damn wallet I own. And really cool.

Anyboots. You know what the guy says?

"Lady, they aren't no damn good because you are going to blow a hole in your purse when you draw anyways and ruin it. "

I said, "WHAT?" I was like this picture....

Then, I knew I was in the house of a celebrity....

Pokey was on vacation at The Mustang Ranch outside of Vegas, however. So, my conversation with Gumby continued.
The dude just went on and on how when you draw, you would blow a hole in the purse and he wished the designer actually made a holster inside the pocket so it was safer.
I just walked around and pretended I didn't hear that, because I was about to get on a soapbox about idiots and gun safety. Then, I decided he had my best pair of Italian shoes and I should shut my mouth.
So...does everyone in the world really think guns go bang all by themselves? Does everyone know if you drop a gun, it will not fire? Why, you ask? Because your fucking finger is not on the trigger. Guns don't have accidental discharges. Only nasty women working the red light district do. Ok. That was icky. Poke my eyes out with a stick, getting a visual, worked police work too long...saw too many hooker hoohahs. Stop!!! Get out of my head!!
Anygetyourfingeroffthetrigger, stop condemning the guns!!! It's the operator!!
Ok. Rant over. I know, Bob. Not what you thought.
I'm still pissed about the gun thing. Now we look stupid out here. In public. On national news. Thank you, Jesus, it wasn't a campus cop. 


7th Voice said...

I didn't knooooooow the gun was loaded..and I'll never ever do it again!

still one of my favorite all time songs.

Coffeypot said...

Your... 'Only nasty women working the red light district do.' still has me laughing. Brilliant!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Must give you a, yeah, but. Model 1994 Winchester lever action will slam fire if dropped on the butt with a round in the chamber and the hammer down. That is why the hammer has a safety position which few people bother to use. Happened to a very experience hunter who borrowed mine. Put a hole in the roof of the pickup he was riding in.

Mad Jack said...

So the question is: Will a loaded gun go off if dropped? Answer:Sure will.

The obvious follow up question is: Will an unloaded gun go off if dropped? Answer: You bet it will. I've never seen an unloaded gun yet that wouldn't go off, even with the safety on.

GunDiva said...

We used to demonstrate the drop test repeatedly at the gun shop. Never had a single one fail. (We used snap caps, mostly for the customer's comfort.)

I think the point here, is not whether or not guns will go off if dropped (and I've yet to see one fail a drop test), but whether or not they just "go off". And the answer is no. It's a mechanical device. It can't do anything unless it's "told" to.

However, IF someone did drop a gun and it did go off, it still boils down to OPERATOR ERROR, not mechanical error.

I do agree with the shop owner when he said he wished there was a holster for the gun in the purse, and the reason I agree with him is that if the purse has a designated "gun holding" area (such as a holster) then it's less likely that something stupid will get jammed in the trigger guard or the barrel, not because I'm afraid guns will "go off" all by themselves.

Momma Fargo said...

Sorry I am so late to the party. I had to watch The Walking Dead. Priorities. I know, sad, right? Pitiful, actually. Okie dokie. I agree with all of you! However, if you drop a gun and it goes off by itself, it is a faulty device or broken mechanism. I have fallen from a dump truck with my Smith and Wesson and the only thing that went bang was my back. I broke the night sites off of it, but it did not fire. No safety on that one. No safety on my Glock either and I have dropped it, kicked it, fallen down, slammed things against it. None of my rifles or shotguns that I have stumbled with or dropped have fired without me pulling the trigger. I have the 1st automatic shotgun made by Winchester and I would not test it as it will probably blow someone's head off. Bad gun. Once, myself and another officer were transporting a violent prisoner and retrieved him from juvenile jail to be housed with the adults as he just turned 18. My partner dropped his gun out of the lock box in front of my prisoner. I kicked the gun away hard and it landed up against a cement wall after falling on the cement floor. It did not go bang. It did not have a safety either. Firing pins and triggers. That's what we have to worry about. If guns go off when dropped, get rid of them or get them fixed. If they are dropped such that the trigger gets depressed by a rock or object on the landing, well, again, that is how they are supposed to work. Just my humble opinions. I love guns. The more the merrier. However, if they suck, I sell them. If they are broken, I get them fixed, then I hesitate to sell them...depends on the kind of fix. Sites...no problems. Major mechanical faults...no. It goes in the closet, gets melted, or parted out. I won't sell an unsafe gun, but I will sell one I don't like because it doesn't fit me.

Momma Fargo said...

Alright...bring on the discussions. I know you have something to say out there about the latest comments and this post. Bring it! I love to hear from you whether it is something I agree with or not.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Gee, and here we are AGAIN...with so many SIMILAR takes on the whole "gun" issue.
(wonder why THAT is...lol)

I always say it's never a GUN problem...just a PEOPLE problem.

Different words - same result, eh?
Great post, Kiddo.

Stay safe (and well-heeled) down there.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
PS - WTH is up with killing off HERSHEL on TWD????
Geezus, he';d be my first go-to guy in the group!
(?-just wondering-?)
But at least the Governor's "officialy" D-E-A-D!

Stay safe (and walker-free) down there

Momma Fargo said...

I know, Bob, right? If they didn't kill off both the good and bad, it wouldn't be as popular or well-liked. However, if they kill off Daryl, I am so rioting.