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Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Well, this week of renewal has panned out well. I  am sitting at my desk right now in much more pain than past days. Is there enough ginger root and Ibuprofen in this world? Maybe I should try medicinal marijuana. Wait. Scratch that. Just kidding, Mom. I really don't want to be living life in a fog anyway.

The pain is in my neck, middle spine, and right shoulder, but most apparent right in the middle of my spine between the shoulder blades. Odd. I thought all of this stemmed from my rotator cuff, but I am not sure now. I still have almost full range of motion with a lot of crepetus. BTW, Blogger spellcheck suggests "crepes" for crepetus and does not recognize it as a word. Believe me, it's a word. And believe me, I think crepes sounds a lot more appealing.

Why aren't you going to the doctor, Fargo, you might ask?

Answer: Because it costs too much and this is how poor people handle it. So when you look around at crippled old people...they were poor.

Forget that. On to the positive.

Week 1 of DO-OVERS, I have lost 3 pounds. I can tell you this meal plan is so bland I feel like I should be in an old folk's home or on the geriatric ward of a hospital. Thank the good Lord above it does not have canned peas on the menu.

Actually, everything is fresh. It does not recommend anything canned.

The upside of that is I am not hungry so far.

I thought the bathroom would frequent me with this new lifestyle change, but it hasn't. I know every one and their dog needed to know that information. I like to share.

Now for some cops and politics. They go together like root beer and dragon fruit. Yeah. It's my analogy. Don't hate.

Some interesting subjects came up yesterday at work:

1. Fargo, you know whom I really hate who a lot of people like for a Presidential candidate? Elizabeth Warren. Her book The Two Income Trap is stupid and for a feminist she really degraded women by telling them to stay at home and because they wanted to work, they ruined the middle class. I really hope the Democrats choose Hillary as their nominee.
My face kind of looked like this. Credit: Pinterest

First...Yes, I needed an eject button for this person.

Second, I have not read the book. So, I pondered Amazon for a look-see. I told her..."it seems to have gotten mostly good reviews and some negative. It says she thought a lot of the middle class demise is because the generation after hers got very materialistic. I would agree with that assessment. It says they want bigger houses, bigger cars, and don't know how to live on a one person income. I think that makes sense." I also told her I didn't think Elizabeth Warren was a feminist (in the negative sense) but was forward thinking for women. Elizabeth Warren is a Democrat and I gave myself kudos for saying nice things about her. I also said I like her. That's a big step for me. Not really, I often like or dislike politicians because of what they stand for and decide in Congress. I just like to poke at Democrats. It's fun. And easy. Too far left or right is terrible anyway, in my opinion.

Yeah. It turned into a femi-Nazi war. I couldn't reason. Now I have to read the book so I can poke some acid in the wounds and dig it up again.

2. Fargo, what do you think of the race war against cops? Do you think it is as bad as they say it is? Or do you think the media and small groups are exaggerating that cops are racist?

Photo credit: Pinterest

I think he awakened the great sleeping bear in me. Well, first, I think the departments which have mostly white cops but patrol mostly black neighborhoods are going to have to do some affirmative action hiring to alleviate the appearance of disparity. Then, I would say...NO. I think a lot of it is HYPE and RHETORIC. Yes, there are some problem cops who need to be fired or departments which need reformation...however, most cops are NOT racists. Media and race baiter idiots. When I was a cop, I saw the reverse. It took years to build a rapport where race was not a factor for the black neighborhoods. It took years for me to gain trust and not on my end. Cops never trust. We just appear to. Still there was a division. Perhaps because they perceived us as the enemy and it had nothing to do with our color but only our uniform. I don't know. I can't read their minds. But I did state I thought the issue was being magnetized into something that was not really there as a national problem. It is departmental and neighborhood specific. I get tired of blanket parties.

Oh...we both agreed on this issue. It was a male colleague who asked the questions. He thought the same. 

The bear went back to sleep.

Monday, December 29, 2014

The Drawing Board

Did you have a wonderful Christmas? I did. It was nice to see Bug's face light up at the church service and at home. She loves Christmas. I would like to think it's the whole spiritual meaning of the season, but I know she too, likes the gifts. We don't overdo. She received some very nice things.

I did as well. Very spoiled I was.

Thanks to all!
Photo credit: Pinterest

Now that my hip has healed..Hallelujah! Bionic Cowgirl told me it would be at least a year. I want to prove her wrong, but I am sure she is right. I don't like to be laid up. Well, that went the wrong direction. You know what I mean. Can't keep a good woman down. Again, why is my mind going to the gutter on these cliches?

To rephrase...I am about to try out my healed self on CrossFit and running again. In the last few weeks, I have been doing walking and strength exercises to try to get it to heal up. Major discomfort and pain until the last month. This was an injury from early October...the Haunted House rag doll slide episode. Duh.

I feel like a slug starting all over again.

Drawing Board. I go there a lot it seems.

So...2015...starting my marathon training all over again. Going to do some CrossFit in there. Get myself back to fabulous fit. I feel yucky when I am not healthy. I hope you join me in the journey on here. I am on a very "eat clean" food restriction. Exercise plan. Check. Check.
Photo credit: Pinterest

I'm kind of a Ding Dong, Hostess Ho Ho type of gal. My sweet tooth takes over the best of me. This is quite the challenge. I am cutting out breads and pastas for 6 weeks. Included in the meal plans: meat, fresh veggies-green, fruit-most all except pineapple, oatmeal-steel cut, Wasa crackers, some low fat dairy. No starchy veggies. Beat me. I can incorporate them later when my workout load goes up.

I'm ready for a week of headaches while my body detoxifies. Time to suck it up. The long lasting effects are well worth it and to feel better and breathe better will be amazing. Also, I have a health coach and personal training plan all free courtesy of the university. I can win prizes. I am all about that.

Dangle the carrot.

In other news...I have a new blog called My Wedding Dress Is Snow Camo...follow along if you like. If not...stay right here. They are both very different blogs...from each other. I am very different as you know.

WEIRD, they might say.

I like weird. I AM weird. Weird is good.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Jingle Balls

My office was buzzing with goodies and gifts for each other. Oy. The goodies. Apparently, I have new found love for some Indiana specialties...French Lick wine, candles, candy, jalapeno cheese dip, popcorn flavors of craziness, and homemade wonderments. Bug and I were not so creative this year. We were simple folk. I made a few things and put them in bags. We went to the Dollah Gentral and looked around.

Of course glitter caught her eye. If it isn't glitter and bedazzled to death, it's not gaudy enough for her. This time I liked her choice.

BUG: Look, Mom, jingle balls! 

ME: Yep. Those are cool.

BUG: Let's get them for people at work.

ME: Ok. Everyone needs jingle balls.


                                                               Photo credit: Pinterest

Ours were very red and very glittery on a string. And cheap but good.

Kind of makes you wonder if an angry housewife came up with the idea.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Tap! Rack! Bang!

I am really enjoying these moments of winter reading books. I get lost in them. It's my winter crack. Just recently, I finished Robert Black Whitehill's Tap Rack Bang.  (Although this is the third in the series, I did not have any problem following most of the story line, but I would recommend reading them in order. There were some things missed I would have liked to read, so I will be getting 1 and 2. Yes, that is a segue into my favorable rating of the book. )

Right now, you can get it at a good price on Amazon! 

Check out the links above. Mr. Whitehill is no stranger to writing (refer to his author page link for his biography) and his attention to details show in the book. I found myself conflicted when former Navy Seal Ben Blackshaw risked his undercover operation for a stowaway and a woman to boot. But that is a plus to his characters...they are flawed...flawed like any human being. Additionally, he is full of human compassion, not your impermeable hero type.  Ben Blackshaw is a complicated person and you can't help but want to continue to get to know him with each plot twist. He is...former military...tough guy...family man...investigator...non-glory hound.

Tap Rack Bang is a detailed, page turner, and full of intrigue. It will keep you involved and engaged. It was hard to put the book down in the middle and I found myself staying up late. I get wrapped up in these kind of stories which reminds me of the current short series-television shows-which take your mind in all different paths-- you thought it was going to happen a certain way-- it doesn't, and the investigation goes a  new direction. Tap Rack Bang is a unique look into a sinister world...one we maybe wish to ignore. It is unfathomable. Ben just happened across a surprise victim...an Internet website of torture...murder...missing children, etc. I mean this is really sinister stuff. It's deep. No shallow waters here.

The only thing I would change? Bigger print. I found the paperback version was a little hard on my eyes at my age. It didn't stop me from enjoying the read, however. I would highly recommend this book for anyone who likes mystery, intrigue, danger, and plot twists.

Now, I am off to ask Robert Blake Whitehill some questions...

Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Judging Queen

It's time for another episode of The Judging Queen.

Al "Not So" Sharpton is crying about death threats. Well, I am sure I can top his and many more out there as well. PLUS...how about all the cops out there getting them. Welcome to the club. I got three numbers for ya, Al, 9-1-1. Why don't you call the police?

Would you like him
here or there?
I would not like him
here or there.
I would not like him
I do not like
Al Sharpton and his race baiter kind.
I do not like him,
he has lost his mind.
Would you like him
in a house?
Would you like him
with a mouse?
I do not like him
in a house.
I do not like him
with a mouse.
I do not like him
here or there.
I do not like him

My Wedding Dress Is Snow Camo

That's it! I had a revelation. I have The Judging Queen series here on The Boogie Man. Now I am adding "My Wedding Dress is Snow Camo"...where fun will be had. It's my personal journey. Don't worry...it's still the same blog around here. I just needed a space for a single mom with a teenaged mutant and two dogs to go. We need to smile around here...the world is going to shit. Facebook link:  My Wedding Dress Is Snow Camo-Facebook Page.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Spunk The Halls

My mouth has run off with me yet again. So...I posted this Facebook status update the other day on The Boogie Man Is My Friend Facebook page...

Ok. I am going to get on a soapbox. And I am sure I am going to be pelted into the dirt. Here is my OPINION. Remember, you can throw egg at me I don't care. They are just words. 

Just because cops are getting the brunt of harassment and blanket parties of hate, does not mean they (the police) need to video tape all their good deeds and display them on the internet (although some are priceless quips of candid camera and not planned) in hopes to show the world the nice side (it looks fake, although I know it is not) nor make up signs, shirts, banners, carry on bad attitudes, and "what not" which includes twisting the "hands up" crap or the "breathe" crap onto advertising materials. Sometimes our sick humor is not appreciated by all.

All of the above things make law enforcement look sensitive and insensitive at the same time. I'm not making it up. I see it. I hear it. Even my good friends who support law enforcement are crumbling and falling into despair over it.

I would wager most of America is slipping down a slope of division. Pitting two sides against each other is not going to help even if we feel one way or another. We have to come up with some solutions. One of those might be taking the high road.

I understand the anger and disgust because common sense is not prevailing in society and some of the attention is misdirected, BUT, joining the ranks of bottom feeders and throwing tantrums is no better than the looting fools. Be positive change.

Rise above it. Hold your heads high. Do your job with pride and honor. You have a shield. Let the crap bounce off of it. I know the men and women I worked next to back in the day had the utmost integrity. I was proud to serve my community and with my blue brothers and sisters.

I can't tell you how many snarly cops I have run into lately and the nice ONE I met yesterday...I enjoyed his conversation. I still smiled at the snarly ones, too. I am a huge supporter of law enforcement, duh.

All during the duration of our careers we are told to take it and we do. It is a crap philosophy because cops are people, not robots. I know the breaking point has been met...but don't go down that dark road. You don't have to agree with the opposing masses. You can tackle opposition with the right tools.

What I am most angry about is the amount of fallen officers. I don't want it to be a trending news story every day. I don't want evil to prevail over good.

You can lead by example.

Ok. I am done. Citizen Fargo out.

Whew. I need a drink.

This was in response to seeing this all over Facebook....

Photo credit: Policeone.com and South Bend Uniform Company Facebook page

And shortly after that the news hit with this breaking story from Indiana. This is now national news.

1. Absolutely the t-shirt should be allowed as free speech and the officer should be allowed to sell it at his store.

2. I don't like the "I Can't Breathe" and "Hands Up Don't Shoot" slogans either.  They are stupid and don't tell the truth of any matter, but are only geared to harass and slam cops. They could have come up with a different slogan to make their points...well, maybe...because their points are the issue. What I mean is the protesters could protest the issue, not the false truths. I know that would be asking too much. I know our humor is jaded and people are plastering the net with all kinds of comebacks to these words. They aren't good either. This is not positive to move forward and get beyond this chaos.

Let me tell you I am at odds with my fellow law enforcement buddies. Some agree with my viewpoint, but most who have contacted me via phone, IM, chat, email, etc. ...disagree with my opinion and support the sale of this t-shirt and chant the slogan or post it on their timeline. They have purchased shirts. Now...for souvenir value...they might have some historical value. Put them in your closet and support the dude's livelihood. 

3. I don't personally NOT support the sale of the shirt....first, I am poor even though the guy has to be losing money at the low price...second,because I think it puts law enforcement in a greater negative light.  I feel the guy can do whatever he wants. I support free speech and free enterprise.  I just don't support the cops wearing that nor would I wear it to support them. I just think it is an insensitive response to the mayhem.

4. Scream and jump up and down at the world because it isn't making sense but don't post vile things on your social media if you are a cop. It comes back to haunt you. Even my internet life will haunt me in new job possibilities right now. Don't post in anger, despair, frustration...any negativity. Let me do that for you. Let your family do it for you... unless you later want a job with the FBI.  Let your non-cop friends do it for you. Cops really don't have free speech even though your administrator says you do...you don't. Even if the book of cop's rights says you have the right to free association and free speech...you don't. It's something you gave away when you signed up. Look at it as a small sacrifice. At least no one can ever take away free thought. Get used to being Switzerland. For life. 

That's my take. I think cops have a shield for a reason and not just the image from the Crusades, but because you have to let things bounce off you even if it isn't fair. Life isn't fair. 

Night Sweats and Day Screams

It's funny how I still dream those dreaded cop dreams of running and running and falling down or chasing someone and only grabbing part of a shirt, losing grasp and continuing. Last night I had all those features plus the ones where I was dodging bullets, yet I forgot to wear my vest. Somehow I managed to come out of it unscathed. I think about my law enforcement days often. I am missing some things and not others. I don't like how our world has become hateful toward police and I think their world is very dangerous whereas when I worked, I felt comfortable, safe, but not complacent. I still always had my guard up...which by the way...has never left me.

I thought those days were done. Apparently not.

Many significant things have happened in the last two weeks. Here are my 12 observations of random schmandom, not related to Christmas...but just like the jingle...

12. I have been reading a lot more and I love it. I love to read. I'm very grateful my daughter loves to read as well. She is just like me when I was that age and can't get enough books. She loves real books, Kindle, internet ebooks, blah blah blah.

11.. I have gone through ups and downs with emotions debating on whether this move was the right thing. I have a good job, I have a house, I have a happy kid (for the most part). I guess I miss the wild west. I think my dad was right that he never would live anywhere else. Maybe someday I will retire back there in a nice mountain cabin and be "that lady" they always talk about.

10. I've come to grips with being alone and that is OK for now. What is will be and what is meant to be will happen. When I had this revelation...I was petting the new puppy...squuuueeeee...his furby self is like therapy crack...and thinking to myself that I was OK if things never worked out to be a "fairy tale ending." After all, Mary Poppins was a lonely old geezer who brought happiness into the world. At the same time, I realized I was contemplating my mistakes along the road and focusing too much on the past. I let them all go. Hopefully, it is not one of the fucking boomerang experiments.  I decided I need to look forward and move in a positive direction with less concentration on my mistakes and reliving history. It took a lot to get to that point. Yes, Jesus has had to hit me with a two by four. Shut it. I don't want to hear everyone's peanut gallery remarks until you walk in my shoes. Boom! How did you like that?

9. I am very grateful for my family and friends. I am blessed, very, very blessed.

8. My child is going through such hormonal changes I might not make it to my golden years. I'm telling ya...hell hath no fury like a teen-aged girl's raging hormones. Help me, Gladys. Yes, Gladys is my pseudo name I used on patrol. I might need to go undercover for a while.

7. I love being a home body right now. It's cold outside. It's warm inside. I love to read. It's great.

6. I want snow. I want to snow shoe. We have nothing. It's warm enough not to wear a coat outside most times. Ugh. I know I should keep my mouth shut because when we have unseasonably cold weather I will be bitching again.

5. I day dream a lot. Does this mean I don't know what I want to do when I grow up?

4. My office buddy and I are trying to figure out a way for me to pay for my grad school which is not covered by my discount. I have my first bachelor's here for free! Well, shit. I already have one of those. Great benefit, but it doesn't work. They offer a discount for masters or doctorates. I can't do an assistantship because I have to work. There are no scholarships here for grad school. I can't do a loan. I don't qualify for any poor man plan even though I am one. We think we have the Bursar willing to do different payment plan for me. Wish me luck!

3. I am getting old. Things do not heal like they used. I am refusing to accept it. I am 29. I am 29. Really...I got some weird skin things going on like dry rashes...bad moles developing (yes, I have an appointment with the skin cancer doctor dude)...bones creek...crepetis....(btw...spellcheck thinks crepetis should be crepes)...tooth issues...eyes going bad. I should just be put out to pasture.

2. I feel yuck. I really am unhealthy. I am sick all the time. I have got to get a move on. It's time to stop this nonsense. And asthma is kicking my ass. Time to kick it back.

1. Being a mother to a teenager is the most difficult job in the world. Period. End of story.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Inside The NYPD Bomb Squad Series With J.E. Fishman

Perhaps you have read my ramblings in book reviews or Facebook posts or heard me refer to the works of J.E. Fishman in person. But who is J.E. Fishman? What is this series based upon the NYPD Bomb Squad all about?

Well, maybe you should read further.

Let me introduce you to the worldly man himself, J.E. Fishman. He is no stranger to the pen...or in today's words...the keyboard. You can check him out on his website and Amazon if you wish to delve further into his background and certainly to explore his other writings. He is an interesting person and I found his website to be quite a window into his life.

I have never met Mr. Fishman, but I have found all of our communication to portray him as a gentleman, and an inquisitive and forthright writer. Additionally, I would call him a "thrill master" as well--that is not an insult, but points to a moniker I give him by his passion in thrill seeking, action-packed adventures-- which I surmise from his fictional books.

  Photo Credit: Amazon.com-Author's page

I found this interview not only insightful into J.E. Fishman's NYPD Bomb Squad series, but also poignant. Not in a sad or painful way by any means, but his words were moving and passionate to me. I can sense he has a keen interest in attention to details and an investigative sense about him. He has a backstory regarding how he came to write a series about the NYPD Bomb Squad. Not only did he dive right into researching and learning about the squad, he has a technical advisor. I believe he has a high regard for NYPD Bomb Squad Commander, Lt.  Mark Torre. I think I can say that with conviction and confidence.

Fargo: What inspired you to start a series around a bomb squad?

J.E. Fishman: Ah, there’s a story. We have a small apartment in New York’s West Village. Two and a half blocks from the apartment is the back of the local police precinct with a pair of garage doors that say Bomb Squad on them. We walk past there a lot and I figured, “Oh, this is one of the bomb squad stations.” Then, one summer night coming home from dinner, the doors stood open. There were a bunch of guys sitting by the response trucks smoking cigars. We got to talking, they showed us a robot and introduced us to one of the dogs, and I came to learn that this wasn’t “a” bomb squad, it was “the” Bomb Squad. Several dozen techs covering all of New York. I started to wonder whether anyone had delved into these guys dramatically, and I found out that the answer was no. They’ve sort of received cameos in fiction, but no full exploration. So I decided to write the series.

Fargo: Tell me more about The Concise History of the NYPD Bomb Squad:  Dynamite?

J.E. Fishman: The NYPD Bomb Squad is the oldest in the world, founded as the Italian Squad at the instigation of Theodore Roosevelt when he was a police commissioner. Since all the guys are so intense about the history of their squad, I decided to do some research on it--even though the books are contemporary. What I learned was pretty fascinating. There have been times when hundreds of bombs were going off in Manhattan per year. During World War I German saboteurs were attempting to--and sometimes succeeding at--using bombs to disrupt shipping coming out of New York Harbor. In the Teens, anarchists twice tried to blow up St. Patrick's Cathedral. In the Seventies, radicals were setting off bombs inside department stores and outside of office buildings. Crazy times.

The  precursor to the NYPD Bomb Squad began in response to bombings by organized crime extortionists of the so-called Black Hand around the turn of the last century. They would send notes to successful business owners demanding money under bomb threat. They blew up the most successful Italian-American bank (on Elizabeth Street) and drove it to ruin. They extorted the famous tenor Enrico Caruso for money. This stuff is touched upon in the third of the series, The Long Black Hand. But I thought it would be fun to give people the straight historical material, too, which is why I wrote the nonfiction book.

Fargo: Has your view of the inside workings of law enforcement changed since consulting with Lt. Torre? Any increased or different appreciation for the work? How so? How about for specialty assignments such as special tactics? Any differences from your expectations?

J.E. Fishman: I didn't start with a particularly well-informed view of the inner workings of law enforcement. Before I began working on this series, my entire personal contact with law enforcement amounted to a couple of tickets for moving violations! So any notions I had came from “public” sources: books, newspapers, television, movies. Out in the real world, if we law-abiding civilians interact with cops at all, ninety-nine percent of the time it’s beat cops in uniforms. The elite units like the NYPD Bomb Squad are like a foreign country. We sort of know what they do in the abstract, but we don’t know in detail how they do it. Fortunately for me—as an author and as a person—through Mark Torre I got a passport to that foreign country.

The biggest thing I’ve come to appreciate about the work of the Bomb Squad—and I’m sure this applies to all law enforcement, but especially to all elite squads—is to what degree cops like this have to hold opposing views in their heads at the same time. For example, they are well aware that what they’re doing has great importance for society, not to mention for the people whose lives they save. And yet, they also know not only that most of their work will go unacknowledged but that success is often defined by the very fact of having their work go unacknowledged by the public. After all, the media only tends to pay attention for any sustained length of time when the bomb goes off. No one wants to be famous for being the guy who got killed defusing the bomb.

Another of this psychological balancing act is how the bomb tech has to be calmest—literally have the clearest thinking and the steadiest hands—at the moment of greatest tension. You have to know in some part of your soul how dangerous the situation is while at the same time putting the danger completely out of your mind. The NYPD Bomb Squad is unique in many ways, both in relation to other specialty units and even compared to other bomb squads. (I should hasten to add, however, that being unique in many ways doesn’t mean being unique in all ways. Every bomb squad in the country, for example, undergoes similar training at the FBI’s Hazardous Devices School.) What makes their jobs unique is not just the fact that New York remains in some sense the No. 1 target for terrorists in the U.S., but also, the very reasons that’s so make for increased challenges: the density and the constant media attention.

The biggest surprise for me was learningand I say this with all due respecthow seriously these guys take their work. They’re not just trying to get through the day and punch the clock. There’s a total embrace. It’s a kind of fraternity and they really do have one another’s backs. The Bomb Squad is the only police unit I know of that suspends the notion of rank in the presence of a known threat. If you’re the guy closest to the bomb, you’re in charge of that scene, even if there's a guy who outranks you standing five hundred feet away.

Fargo: What have you learned about the NYPD Bomb Squad since consulting with a technical advisor? 

J. E. Fishman: Well, first off, since my technical consultant is the active commander of the unit, I’ve learned all that a person in that position has to juggle. One second he’s fighting the bureaucracy for more equipment and the next second he’s trying to keep New York from getting blown up. Then he’s advising a terrorism task force about precautionary procedures and an hour later he’s counseling one of his guys who’s in the midst of personal problems. He’s like an older brother and an advocate and a boss all at the same time. And meanwhile, of course, he has to maintain his own edge in the craft, so to speak…maintaining his own level of expertise in a highly technical field.

Besides that, well, in a sense it’s all there in the books: the specialized equipment, the procedures. The most impressive thing to me is how dedicated the detectives are (and they’re all detectives). When they’re not out on a case, they study the techniques of bomb makers around the world, trying to stay out ahead of them. They understand the science and mechanics of bomb making. They also generally have a great sense of the history of their unit. Not surprisingly, perhaps, there have been several instances in which multiple family members have served in the squad.
Fargo: What is next in the works after Bottle Rocket?

J.E. Fishman: The series will continue, although not at the torrid pace I set last year. I haven’t even worked out what Bottle Rocket is about exactly, although I have some ideas. Meanwhile, I just finished a horror novel under a pen name, which will be shopped by my agent early this year. Then, too, I want to write the long-overdue second book in the Phu Goldberg series, Ruby Red Dead. I have several concepts for standalone thrillers, too. And right now I’m working on a historical screenplay based upon a friend’s novel about a riot of fugitive slaves in 1851.

Fargo: You have great character development and details to draw the reader in. What do you want readers to capture most from your books?

J.E. Fishman: Wow. Thank you for noticing that. There are a ton of series where the main character never changes. And, although many series like that are quite commercially successful, for me that style eventually leads to cartoon characters. I wanted this series to be about flawed heroes. Not the kind whose supposed flaws are all about that one-in-a-million time when their whole family was murdered by a serial killer, but the kind who are flawed because all humans are flawed. And because we’re flawed, we may or may not improve ourselves, but there’s always something to learn about ourselves and how to get along in life. And, again, it doesn’t mean you have to change deep down, but that learning about life is the character arc. And doing your job well in spite of your flaws is what makes you a hero, in my opinion.

So that’s what I want people to take away most of all. Real heroes aren’t perfect people. They’re in many ways the opposite of perfect. But what makes them different from you and me is their willingness to set everything aside and overcome those imperfections at risk of their own lives.

Fargo: Anything you would like to add?

J. E. Fishman: Thank you for having me and for being a fan of my books. With the new year, I hope book readers will resolve to support their favorite authors by paying full price occasionally for their books and not only focus on the flash sales and the freebies. Even at full price, a great novel is a great value.

Fargo: And I, as well, agree. Thank you, Mr. Fishman, for opening the door to your books and for such an honest and revealing interview. I am anxious to read The Concise History of the NYPD Bomb Squad:  Dynamite?-- my purchase waiting for me! You can also get it in paperback as well which I prefer. Check out Amazon for J.E. Fishman's entire collection of works!    


Monday, December 15, 2014

Gasping Horrors of Exclamations and Periods

I was woke up out of a wonderful sleep, dreaming of Daryl Dixons and Dwayne Johnsons when Bug screeched so loud  I thought I would pop a cap in someone's ass coming into the hallway. I should have known it was drama.

Gasp! Horror! Tears flowing down my child's face.

Maybe I wasn't cut out to be a mother.

Maybe I should handle everything a little differently.

Maybe my mother advice should not come from Pinterest:


Well, the above statement really doesn't apply in this situation.

First day of "THE PERIOD." Someone beat me now.

Societal Disconnect

In my mind's eye...

In the mind's eye...

That is true serial killer speak. More so for the latter because it talks in third person which seems to make them feel a higher power of control. I don't make this shit up. It's what they tell us.

I have read several manifestos, writings, rantings, doodles, watched shows exploiting these words, been to the FBI schools.

It's all the same. They think alike. They write alike. Now that is a psychological study experiment to explore.

David Bush wrote the same way. Was he a serial killer?No. But he was serial in his criminal and personal actions. And I'm not talking about Captain Crunch.

They are all narcissists. It's a personality disorder where one is so self-involved, self-serving, self-absorbed, egotistical...the definitions go on.

What does that tell me? Not much. It's just a reflection. No matter where I read those words, they perk up my attention.

Perhaps because it's a cop trigger.

I've been doing another study on my own involving human behavior and trying to access inner thoughts. Scary, isn't it? I'm not even Freud. Good thing, everything would be phallic and based upon sexual needs.

I've been observing some posts, writings, media blips, and such on racism and the cops, the whole shebang.

I thought society was going to simmer down so we could get to a talking point of common sense and find a middle ground of true positive solutions for change.

I don't know if we will. It seems to be creating The Great Divide.

Every little nit picking of anyone's sentences are now going to be held against you. Even if there is racial neutrality in your words, don't think someone isn't going to find something. Even if you are trying to squish out hate, don't think you won't be attacked.

For example, the KKK flyers and recruitment going on in Indiana brought up some conversation. The cops were like, "It's free speech. Can't do nothing about it." Fargo was like..."I understand that, but how about some littering charges." They came under the cloak of darkness around 11:30 PM and left bags of rocks or glass to hold down their propaganda on people's private property, i.e....porches, driveways, doors, etc. I guess I have been a cop too long because we ran them out of town when they came to Wyoming. We did it legally and mostly left them alone to rant their hate, but they did so on public property and we did not allow flyers. They were and are against a city ordinance solely designed to combat litter as a green movement. There are also state statutes in Wyoming as in every state against littering. In Indiana...this is what I got told when I suggested these things...and mind you...I was just as capable as the next person to throw their stuff away..BUT...I don't like hate baiters...

"Why can't Americans accept that even fools have free speech?"

"No. Petty charges should not be used to pervert free speech."

Nicholas-2, Fargo-0.

He had valid points.

But if we don't push back against haters and lay down are we just as guilty as those who partake in the madness? Is it because people are afraid of them? Retaliation? Or if we ignore it, it will go away? Which is it?

Perhaps I have had the cop mindset of tackling every complaint from citizens with the letter of the law. Should we just walk away? Is it better to stop listening to race baiters? Should we just turn a deaf ear to them?

Or are we putting too much effort into change and creating positive solutions? Appeasing the angry masses? What is the best solution?

I don't know.

I just know maybe I need to put a lot of thought into it.

It still bothers me we have animosity and I am targeted as a racist just because of the color of my skin. Didn't we combat that issue in the 60's? Why are we again painting color lines?

I perused the Facebook feeds of some of my African-American friends to find their feeds will full of anger and animosity toward police and showing jaded advertisements from companies, education, and memes spewing "Put the White Man Down." Really? You can walk beside me as a friend, but you feel this way inside? What is going on here? Why do you feel that way? The Answer: Oh, not you, Fargo, but the rest of them.

That's helpful.

And there are many people of every color and ethnicity who are angry at the violence and outrage. Many have opinions on the way things are declining to be vocal but stay quiet on social media or in public. They are conflicted. However, many push back against it. They are conflicted. Yes, I said that twice.

My cop friends feeds are filled with the same type of memes in favor of cops, don't blanket law enforcement, favorable videos of cops doing nice things. Sometimes I share them on The Boogie Man Facebook page, sometimes I don't. It frustrates me. Why are cops lashing back? We took everything negative before and just let it roll off our backs. Have cops reached the breaking point?

We never had to show those things before although cops have been doing that for years. And now we cheapen it by taking videos of ourselves as law enforcement doing nice things for people? Well, maybe I think it is being cheapened but law enforcement want to show the world what they do behind the scenes. But---society believes they are doing it just to counter the riots, the hate baiters, and the negative light being placed upon them.


So what's the answer?

I don't know. But I like this candid shot here because it speaks to me and says a lot about the hurt and pain going on inside these two people at that emotional moment in time.

What do you think? Any good solutions or are you throwing your hands up and saying "fuck it?!?"

Yes, white cops get killed by black criminals. No riots.

Murders happen every day with people of different colors or no colors (because I've been told white is not a color).  No riots.

What is really going on here? Is there something deeper festering?

Have I gone too far by going on a limb and saying the President is feeding the fire and contributing to the problem rather than being a part of the solution? Do we want the federal government running our law enforcement? That's what people have bitched about for so long...militarization of police is bad...no good. Well, look at us now?

And what about Al Notso Sharpton? Isn't he just like the Travelocity Gnome?

My head hurts.

Can we have another topic please?

Santa's Bag O Goodies-Unique Finds

Ho ho ho!

Did I startle you?

How did I know your name?

Were you paying attention?

Guilty conscious?

I bet you heard me call out you by name and thought...OH HELL TO THE NO! she did not just call me that. Maybe I was just gardening happily while singing a song. How do you know I wasn't?


Ok, enough with the shenanigans. Pay attention. Here are some great Christmas gift ideas....

                                                        photo credit: Pinterest: simplystacie.net

                        Hunted Lyon--C-S Wilson

                        The Grey Man- JL Curtis
                        The Grey Man: Payback-JL Curtis

                        The Boogie Man Is My Friend
                        The Boogie Man Is My Friend: The Rookies
                        The Boogie Man Is My Friend: Behind The Shield

                        NYPD Bomb Squad Series by JE Fishman

SPA PRODUCTS: Angelic Skintimacy by Angel Shrout
                                                 Mount Sapos by Cheryl Lorance

POTTERY: Gary Rith Pottery

All of these creations were crafted, written, and made by some very talented people (minus myself, I'm just snarky). So get some new and unique gifts for your loved ones or just pamper yourself!

Friday, December 12, 2014


BUG: The other moms do not ruin their kids' lives.
ME: They aren't very good mothers.
BUG: GOLL!!!! ( stomp stomp)

Yep, this is my life right now. It's a Madea sort of season. I'm watching all her movies as training videos. 

                                                     Photo credit: Pinterest Grumpy Cat

In the near future...like this weekend... I will be posting great Christmas gifts and ideas. Not all are monetarily required to part with cash. Some are just good ideas. Some are purchasable gifts. If you have any products or books to tote, email me a link and a picture. If you would like to be on the blog link roll of good reads for the holidays, then email me the same. I am spreading Christmas blog love. Right now, several of you are on it. Let's do something special for Christmas! Pay it forward!

What is on your list? 

I am doing Christmas food baskets for those in need with my new Lutheran church, Toys for Tots with the local fire department, donated $5.00 to the fireman's boot, did a drive for a company food basket for a worker in hardship, and whatever other else other nice gestures we can drum up. I'm teaching the kid about kindness and giving of yourself to others. We are doing treat baskets for the neighbors...small but nice. Baking we go! Except our two diabetic ones...they get special baskets. 

If any of you are in the giving mood...I could use Daryl Dixon...bwahahaha! Just kidding. He's coming back in January. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Zero Tolerance Has A Fargo

You think you got problems? I am making up goodies for my new found neighborhood solicitors.

What is up with hate groups soliciting society like the fucking Avon lady-going door to door-"You wanna join my hate group? Oh, and here is my card. Call me if you have any questions." Freaking idiot KKK members. How about we add some color into their lives...Yep. I've got some flying poop bags coming off my porch at ya!

Apparently, we are now moving from local gossip to regional news to state news and I am pretty sure I will see our shining town on CNN and the BBC. Click on the link below the pic for the full article in today's paper.

                                                   Photo credit: Indianapolis Star

I do not like hate groups of any kind. They really get my goat. And I don't even have one. Goat fuckers. It might be a contradiction with my flying poop bags, but I think injustice deserves a little justice. What can I say? I was just cleaning the yard and making a pile for the garbage man. Oops.

Actually, I would take a charge of assault for that. Take one for the team of diversity.

I mean, who wants to wear a white hoodie anyways? Stupid. I use sheets for the bed. I have worn them as a toga in college, but never as a hoodie. I was a ghost as a kid because we were poor. I wonder if Mom took into consideration that would be mistaken as the Grand Poobah. Wait, isn't he a different COLOR than the rest? I don't know. It's all jacked up propaganda and they are just dumb. Stupid, uneducated, uninformed, biased, unattractive fat old white dudes. Did you notice every one of them are ugly? Why else would they cover their faces?

I've never had any tolerance for hate or violent extremist groups.

I do rally for peace, love, and harmony most often. Occasionally, I will stir the shit on Facebook news feeds or national media outlets. It gives me great pleasure to be the middle ground common senser amongst a bunch of half-cocked off cuckoo birds.

Here are some examples of my shit stirring ways...

Although this wildlife environmental "Hug a Wolf" mentality is endearing, they really have no idea what the real wilderness is like. Bless their hearts.

Maybe we should dress them in red and send them off into the woods.

And let's talk about wild horses. I love them. I really do. Some are feral and some are truly born wild from way back lineages. I don't care. They are all beautiful. I thought they were majestic ever since the first day they stampeded by our ranch. We had known it was coming and locked all the horses in the high corals. That did not stop the drama and squealing, kicking, snorting, and escapade.

I like them to roam free.

But yes, all animals reproduce and some in high numbers if natural selection does not work to maintain them. So then what? Adoption and slaughter. I don't like it either, but it is reality. It is really a sad dose of realism in wildlife management. Most species are managed by hunting. Well, you can't do that with horses here in the United States. So the roundups continue and most go into adoption programs. The rest, I wish I could say were relocated to a sanctuary island of bliss. It's just not the truth. You have their fan clubs like The Cloud Foundation and such. I think they are wonderful. They just are extreme in thought and process. I don't know if that has manifested and exacerbated from futile attempts to come to middle ground with the government or what. Extremists are a checks and balances. I just wish they would be a powerhouse of common sense. But...I guess if they aren't extreme, no one will listen to them, right? That's how they think...

Next post...a surprise...and a book review...and some more surprises...stand by for news! Did I sound a little Paul Harvey there?

Hope you have a joyous week! Think of me in my flying poop bag fiasco events trying to ward off evil. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Momster Fails Again

The kid.

How can I explain teenagers? Um.....stand by.

For instance, tonight I got this...

BUG: Mom, am I your bay, or nah, bra?

*blink*blink* whiskey tango foxtrot *blink blink*

BUG: Mom, answer me.

ME: Apparently there is a language barrier or you are speaking gibberish. 

BUG: Mom, I asked you a question.

ME: I have no idea.

So she explained:

bay=someone you place at the top of your list and put ahead of yourself

or nah=or not

brah=(brah not BRA as in over the shoulder boulder holder) it's like your bro

First of all, I can't speak this crap. I can't understand it and don't want to. I am like a mule with his hooves firmly planting while Farmer Brown yanks on the rope. Second, I am not a bra or a bro. I just checked to double check. Yep. And NOPE-I am not a man. I may have some masculine tendencies such as liking guns, fishing, camo, the outdoors, sports, beer, and maybe similar television shows, but I am all vajayjay oriented. I will stop there. Finally, I really thought she was saying ordnung, as in Amish.

I am just confused. This is only the beginning. Lord, help me.

My answer:

ME: I don't bay or neigh. I am not your brah nor your bro. I'm The MO. 

Yeah, that did not come out right either. I give up.

So, the confusion continued.

We were critiquing a man on television and his lack of wine sense. Bug said, "well, he is just drunk and stupid." I said, "well, that's not all bad. That's how you came about."

EPIC mother failure today. I think I will start over tomorrow. I'm just a momster. Oy. I need to stay mean and not try to be cool. Or funny. I was creepy funny today. And no intent there, either.

UGH!  I'm starting to sound like CNN...someone help me....!!!!

In other news...my brother sent me this keeper Aunt Rita and Aunt Diane found at grandpa's...

Yes, I was an asshole. But a good aim at a young age. Snork, snork!

Let's Get Serious! Serious!

Here is the latest from my serious side...follow us on Google+, Facebook, if you like or just go here:


Leave me some love or pointers below. I appreciate all input and it helps me improve.

                                                       Photo credit: Pinterest

Yes, I am being a nerd. I like it!

Off The Grid from the Divided States of America

I have been absent. I also must complete my list of things to do on here which includes in the near future:

1. Two more book reviews.
2. Christmas fun list
3. Random rantings
4. Days in the life of Fargo

This last week was joyous as I got to see my good buddies from Wyoming...yes, some featured in my books. My mother and brother came to visit and left a deposit:

Murphy is a double doodle (two mini Labradoodles bred together to make this cuteness) He looks like Chewbacca's offspring and someday will look like this:
                                                        Photo credit: Pinterest

Moose is now enjoying the puppy. The first day he was a dog on happy crack. Then, depressed and withdrawn. The third day, he rose again like Jesus and decided to embrace the little feller. He would bring Murphy the toys he did not want and hide the new ones upstairs under the bathroom sink.

                                                 Do you want to be my buddy? Maybe.

So, Bug and I have been busy with baby duty. It's been quite joyous around the house for a refreshing change. I still miss my Otis very much. I'm a sap like that, but this little guy brings us smiles. I mean, who can't love babies?

The United States of America is becoming the Divided States of America. I am about to my wit's end over media stupidity and politicians "bandstanding" (less effective than grandstanding and involves tooting their horns) against law enforcement. First, they don't know what they are talking about. Second, in my opinion, neither Brown nor Garner was a racial issue. But people can't take each individual situation and hammer out logic. They input untruths to a situation which never existed and media blitzes imprint these falsehoods into people's minds.

Even the pro athletes are looking like idiots because they don't even know what they are standing up for and their gestures and t-shirts make no sense with the facts. Go get a new slogan.

My two cents on Garner. Now brace yourself...this is all my opinion...so take it or leave it. An in-custody death. Many folks don't realize when you combine stress, agitation, obesity, asthma, and heart conditions with police fights and restraint, it may elevate you to cardiac arrest. The choke hold was not a choking death incident. I looked at the video. It appeared to be more of a headlock combined with a takedown in order to facilitate Garner's arrest on the ground. Why? Because he didn't cooperate standing up. What else do you do with a person resisting arrest? Take them down, against a wall, or against a car. Duh. They did call for an ambulance. Where did they go wrong? They should have immediately uncuffed him when he went into distress and got his airway open. Would it have made a difference? I don't know. I can imagine it would have looked better. How many ways can I say fuck? Now, De Basio and Obama waged a war against cops. Why? Because they are uneducated and flipplant about law enforcement. They have no clue about any of it. Why else? They are trying to get in the good graces of the people by getting on some idiotic grandstand fallacy. Let's make it a race issue. Let's make some history. In the meantime, I am watching the Titanic sink on television.

And am I the only one who thinks of Tennessee vs. Garner when this case comes up in the news? It's only name recognition pounded in my head from case law, but weird.

I can't watch any news outlet right now. Well, except The Kelly File because she has balls and asks the hard questions. And she is funny.


We are censoring Christmas. We are waging a war on cops. Immigration Reform has no good bones, but only broad concepts of free passes. Oh, and what are we doing with ISIS and ISIL or whatever they want to call themselves? I call them IGITS. That's my kid version of the word idiot. We were not allowed to say idiot.

In case you don't believe me, the Urban Dictionary has now added it to the list, but I used it in the 70s...

Very sad failed mission of rescue, btw, but that will happen.

Predecessors would have already bombed the shit out of them.

I dub Obama, President Sit and Spin. I have not come up for a code name for De Basio, but f-bombs come to mind following by igit. Mayor Igit? Nah. It's not catchy.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Land Of The Lost

I am beyond disgusted as I await the black helicopters to swoop down on my house after getting vocal on my Boogie Man Facebook feed and perhaps on some national news feeds. I was bored. I was home sick. I ranted about the President making public comments on every law enforcement action and court case in the country. It makes me furious and he doesn't know what he is talking about. Plus he is inciting an "Us versus Them" mentality. Could someone please cut his puppet strings or pull Al Sharpton from the behind the curtains and expose this puppeteer show?

Let's just screw all the law enforcement officers in all The Land as well as throw away the judicial system. Why do we need Congress? How about let's go with a dictatorship. Yes, that's the ticket.

And thank you for taking away all the free equipment and grant programs from law enforcement. Don't worry, those MREs sucked ballz. I hated them. They were good in a pinch if I needed to be constipated for days in the woods. I got to drive Russ (armored vehicle), thank you. That was cool. Now we have to give it back. Well, probably. You might ask for it back.

It's like when your big sister asks you what you want to do and she makes you play her game, do what she wants to do, and eats your candy bar. Then, your big sister tells you what to do anyway. Then she plays with your toys, lets you touch them, then takes them back. That might have all actually happened.

The President is a grumpy cat.  Not only that, he is not a cool cat. These statements will probably be taken as racist, too, because calling someone a cat is racist. Or something. He has some ego. The biggest ego in all The Land. He has some nerve. Who does he think he is? Kim Jung-un? Oh, wait, he thinks he is The President. Yet, he isn't acting like one. He's acting like Rush Limbaugh or Anderson Cooper with a liberal accent. If we needed a commentator for all of The Land and all police actions, we would have added that in the job description. So, where were you on my last traffic stop? Where were you when I was in fights for my life? And what about the time I bought lemonade from kids or sled down the hill with them or jousted with the boys in the park?

I am witnessing with my very own eyes and additionally, all of America's eyes, the craziest happenings in this country. I have to blink and wipe my eyes, then go back and rewind. And drink. It's causing me to drink a lot. I hope the government will pay for my rehab and other benefits when it comes time for my intervention. 

It's quite unbelievable actually. And no one is stopping him. No one is putting up their hands. Wait, that was a bad choice of words. 

This is fucking ridiculous. There. I feel better now. Sorry, Mom. 

CNN has pissed me off to no end with their racist remarks and untruthful scrutiny. They are banned. 

I really wish I could write a letter and ask Obama to do a ride along with me. If I was a cop, I would. However, any chief might frown on that because we are not to be regular citizens writing to Congress or The President. 

But if he ever were to take me up on a ride along, you can guarantee it would be interesting and fun. And he might get to see the real world of the streets. Oh, and I would be the real Fargo minus a couple f-bomb for clarity and politeness, but still the same me. 

Here's another tidbit. To the police administrators: you had better accept the body cams without discontent because if you don't play along, there you go. The world will persecute you like Jesus. Sure there are disadvantages as with everything. Absolutely love the car videos, not sure I would like the body cams, but your leader has spoken and by golly, he knows everything about law enforcement. I think in the long run, it will vindicate several cops even at the sacrifice of discomfort and awkwardness. If you want to come along and pee with me, then I would gladly wear one. I peed a lot on duty. Sorry about your rose bushes, Mr. Shenanigans.

Mr. President, you work for me. You are fired! I always wanted to play Donald Trump.  Maybe I am giving you a pink slip?....detention? 

Ok, could you please get your act together? It's just a simple request. 

This movie is the worst horror film I have watched in real time. 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Ferguson Burning: Making A Ruckus

I'm pretty disgusted with the way the nation is reacting to the Ferguson ordeal. It got me thinking...what is really going on?

Is it that they are in a race baiting bubble and can't get out? They are so far into a cause that is being fueled by untruths? Are people and media inputting something into the event and history that wasn't there? Or is everyone on the outside looking in full of crap and unable to see?

I just don't get it.

There is an economic disparity in the community. It is also mostly black with mostly white cops. So can it be fair with those ratios? And why had this risen to this level? There had to be something brewing before the shooting.

I wonder why the mayor jumped on the wagon to throw Wilson under the bus. I lost a lot of respect for him when the news hit of his lack of support and using Wilson as a scapegoat. It was almost as if "good riddance" was his message. Here is a man who could have played a leadership role in his city, yet he lies down like a dog. Maybe he is scared.

Then you have Obama who ignited a cops versus black nation persona and announced law enforcement needs to be reformed across America, by God! Bam. The gavel went down.

Do you believe that hate runs so deep our nation as a whole has a majority of lousy, bigoted cops? That seems to be the verdict handed down by many.

And what kind of leader gets up there and joins the mob? Is because he is scared? Wanted to calm the masses? Or because he believes that way? Or can't he part with the likes of Al Sharpton and is he running around like a puppet?

Then there is the opposition to this fiasco and chaos. Persons around the nation I would view as leaders. You saw them take a stand to make change the right ways, speaking out against thug behavior.

And what about justice? Do we just discard it?

I'd like to think Martin Luther King, Jr. would have been ashamed of the violent rioting.

Have we disintegrated to "your people" versus "my people"?

Does it feel worse than the 60's must have?  I thought that the other day.

Those were times of true turmoil and wrongs were done to many. I do agree America needed a change and I am glad it did. It took the sacrifices of many heroes and civil rights leaders making a stand against injustice.

But what happens now? Do we go backwards?

And damn the media clips bursting out with jaded headlines one way or the other. What happened to the truth? I can't even piece it together with 6 or 7 outlets.

It's a good thing I worked on the inside (from the cop side) because I have seen as a whole the good guys are more abundant than the bad. And I support them. I also fear for them right now. How uneasy of a feeling it is going to be for a while going into any situation and not knowing. Not knowing if you are going to be harassed, ambushed, attacked, killed, or persecuted like Jesus.

It falls the other way as well. Cops are not trusted even before they get out of their patrol car, but just because of the color of their uniform. Kind of ironic, isn't it? Colored lines.

Michael Brown is not a martyr. He is not a civil rights hero. He was a person who acted with thug behavior and made some choices that ultimately led to his death. His behavior should be condemned not elevated to sainthood.

Darrin Wilson is no hero. He is a cop who defended himself and did his job as he was trained. Now his life is upside down and his career ended abruptly, not on his terms, but by the only terms. How could he have continued to work? He couldn't have.

Look where we are today.

Businesses are burned to the ground. Football stars are protesting on the field on camera. Students are walking out of schools in protest.For what? For change? Or to protest cops?

Let's just put a blanket over America.

I am ashamed people have lost the ability to make a difference in the world by voice and by peaceful choices which would hail them heroes like Rosa Parks and Medgar Evers.

I also wonder what we look like to other nations. There is no need for them to declare us as an enemy and plot against us. We are burning ourselves at the stake.

Ok. I am done today with that soapbox. I keep waiting for this country to move on and do something positive about the problems of economic disparity, job markets, and industry failures. It seems my television is stuck.