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Friday, January 31, 2014

Fishnet Stalkings

Welcome to my interview with a brilliant, famous-to-be author, C.S. Wilson. She also has a fantastic blog with Mrs. Mom and other gun enthusiasts called The GunDivas. Must I say, I won her Shot Show giveaway and I am stoked to the gills! I'm not even a fish. Ok. Settling down now. I want to introduce you to her newest endeavor, a great drama. She claims there is no mystery, but I beg to differ. Maybe the word is mysterious. Not as in disappearance.

Anygoodreads, Wilson's new novel, Hunted Lyon is available on Amazon in both Kindle and book format.

I highly suggest you read it. It is a great storyline, different and unique, with drama, details, guns, and a girl. The reviews are also online to give you insight to the reader experience already encountered. How do I describe the book's contents? Awesome sauce. The storyline reels you in and gives more than just a good mystery, but great life experience from a protagonist, Stacy Lyon. I even called her a Mary Sue and I got the f-bomb. Stacy's gun sense, courage, and strength reminds me of Wilson herself. Wilson and I sat down at a charming lodge bar with a roaring fire and a couple beers or 4 (each) to discuss her up and coming success with Hunted Lyon.  Alma, my assistant was present in the background and dictated the conversation. Thanks, Alma, for paying such attention to detail, some we could have done without. So...without further ado, let me introduce you to the author:

ME: Ms. Wilson, you know I am very honored to interview you and I would like to share this on my blog if you don't mind. Give us a little bio and why you started writing. Also give us a fun fact about you that most may not know.

WILSON: I don't recall ever NOT writing. Even if I wasn't putting words to paper, I was composing stories in my head all the time. As for a fun fact - I don't know. I'm a pretty open book. Anyone who has read my blog(s) has a pretty good idea of "me". Let's see ... (drumming fingers ... thinking hard )... when I started teaching, way back in '91, I was the youngest person in the classroom.

ME: So writing has been a passion of yours for a long time. Interesting. Somehow that does not surprise me because I know you personally. You started teaching in 1991 and you were teaching older people, older than you?  Fascinating. Obviously you didn't teach Kindergarten because that would make you a genius teacher. Let's go back in time, I was in my first year of marriage. Never mind, let's not not go back in time. Beel! Could I get another beer, please?

WILSON: [giggle]

[Beel hands me a beer, Fat Tire, to be exact]

ME: Thanks, Beel. Might as well hit us with another round. This is going down too easy

BEEL: That's what happens when you are around good company. The beer goes round. The fun comes out. The clothes come...

ME: Yeah. Beel. No. Close. Close, as in close-shut-no space, not close as in near and no clothes. I mean, yes to clothes. Clothes on. I am going to stop while I am ahead. I mean I am a whole person. It's not just talking heads, here or a head talking to Ms. Wilson, like serial killer head in a jar. Shut up, Fargo! Ugh. I need another beer to help my memrance and to get my mind channels going. I need to think more clearly. Beer helps. I'm sorry I am digressing off topic. [looks at Wilson] Work with me, sister. What inspired you to do Hunted Lyon?
WILSON: [gaping mouth open in shock] No problem. I know how your mind works. True story - I wanted to write a good series about a female protection specialist, but as I started writing the first book in the series, I realized I needed to write out Stacy's backstory first and that's how HUNTED LYON came about. I wanted people to know where she came from.

ME: So where did she come from?

WILSON: *blink*blink* [chugs more beer, looks at Fargo with a certain blankness in her eyes]

ME: Oh, yeah. Sorry. They have to read the book to find out. Is your lead character a Mary Sue? If so, why?

WILSON: I don't know WTF a Mary Sue is, so I have no idea.

ME: [snorts beer, spits it out her nose] Sorry. [cough,cough-wipes beer off her face and clothes and Ms. Wilson's face] A Mary Sue is an idealized character representing the author.

WILSON: {still wiping her face]She's a combination of all of the strong women I've been lucky enough to meet in my lifetime.

ME: I can see those women must be important to you and what an honor for you to build a character with that in mind. How did you develop your passion for firearms, firearm safety, self defense?
WILSON: After I got divorced, I had a rebound relationship (doesn't everyone?) and that guy introduced me to shooting. I'd learned to shoot in junior high, during Outdoor Ed (remember when they taught classes like that?), and enjoyed it, but never really go into "the gun culture". Turns out rebound relationship turned into creepy, stalker relationship and in the end, I told him that if he didn't cease and desist, I would kill him with the gun he bought me. Haven't had any trouble since. For all I know, and hope, he's dead by now.

ME: Rebound relationship. Shit, girl. I married a serial killer the second time. Talk about rebound. Maybe I should have stuck to basketball.

WILSON: Yeah. That made no sense.

ME: Hey. Roll with it. Fat Tire makes an ass out of me. What can I say? What is your proudest moment of becoming an author. What's next for you?

WILSON:My proudest moment as an author? Opening my shipment of books and actually holding one in my hands. It was surreal.

ME: Did you fondle your books?

WILSON: *blink*blink*

ME: It was just a question. Some people do. Well, at least I have heard that.

WILSON: *blink*blink*

ME: Ok.  Do you hate your villains or do they entertain you?

WILSON: Facelessbadguy was a ton of fun to write. I couldn't possibly hate him. In real-life, I'm such a goodie-two-shoes that it was fun to write about someone who isn't.

ME: How could you like or hate someone without a face? I mean, they really aren't even real without a face. No blood could flow. They would be like dead unless you peeled off the face part and they could still breathe and talk and stuff or they didn't die because of loss of blood. Yeah. No. They would be dead. You can only do that in surgery, not real life for a long time.

WILSON: *blink*blink*

ME: What?

WILSON: You are some kind of fucked up in that head of yours. Cop life must have really done a number.

ME: [belch]Yep. Some say that. Tell us about your favorite character in Hunted Lyon. Why is it your favorite?
WILSON: Stacy. I want to be her when I grow up. She's so calm in the face of adversity. She's not easily scared. Pissed maybe, but not scared. I think part of it is that she wants to do it on her own and not be dependent on anyone, though she does know when to ask for help.

ME: So you want to be a pretend person? A person in a book? They did a cool movie about that called Inkheart. Well, it was a book first, then a cool movie. Branden Fraser is in it.

WILSON: [roll eyes] How many more questions?

ME: Oh. I have as many questions as there are beers.

BEEL: Well, you better wrap it up. There aren't many left.

ME: Ok. Without giving away parts of your Hunted Lyon storyline, what inspires you to put shock and awe or an unsuspecting character or twist in this book series? What makes Hunted Lyon different from just any ol' mystery?

WILSON: Well, I don't know that I'd call it a mystery. *We* know the bad guy is facelessbadguy and she's not trying to sleuth him out - she's trying to survive and keep her family safe. To be completely honest, several of the events of the book were a complete surprise to me.

ME: But it's a mystery, too. It has suspense, and a puzzling crime intertwangled amongst everything else. A mystery is a novel dealing with a puzzling crime or something that is hard to solve, but we are talking about a book and there is a crime in there, so it is a legit question. Why do you have to analyze me? Why are you smarter than me? Fine. Then, I will ask another question. What's next for Stacy?

WILSON: She's busy keeping me awake at night and not shutting up about her next adventure. She'll move on with her career as a protection specialist, though her passion will always be helping women learn to take responsibility for their own safety.

ME: So she is the voices in your head? How many are in there?

WILSON: You are so weird. Let's finish these beers and go give the horses some apples.

ME: Great idea. Maybe you can put me on that bucking bronco like last time.

WILSON: Exaggerator!

ME: Is that a power ranger or other kind of action toy?

BEEL: (heavy sigh)


Thank you, C.S. Wilson for a great time and putting up with my nonsense! I am looking forward to your next Stacy Lyon book. I highly recommend this one and I give it a thumbs up!

Thursday, January 30, 2014


This is not about gnus, although the title says so. It's about sounds like gnus. What have I been up to? This is a gnu, a fat one, like Jonah Hill fat, not John Goodman fat:
Photo credit: Wikipedia gnu
This is a fat gnu, not a phat gnu, although both actors are also phat. Here is a Kate Moss gnu:

Photo credit: traciemcbridewriter.wordpress.com
You can find Kate Moss, the gnu, at this wonderful and entertaining blog site which I enjoy: http://traciemcbridewriter.wordpress.com/2012/03/04/she-killed-herself-with-a-gnu/

Anynewsgnus, I have been reviewing, correcting, fixing, deleting passages to The Boogie Man Is My Friend. 
 It contains new artwork inside and out and flows somewhat better, but you know what? It is what it is and until someone says your book sucks ballz or if you fix this you can make millions...it is going to be left alone as a first book. Think of it as Kindergarten. Now I am grad-ee-ated to 2nd grade.

I revamped The Last Song of the Meadowlark's cover art and made it flow a little better inside:
So, I apologize to those that got the first editions, especially the BALLER edition of The Boogie Man Is My Friend. I'm learning. I am getting better. I have good help...and therapy.

I have been writing two more books to be released this year, the next in the Boogie Man series:
Much to your pleasure, I am contemplating ending the series with 4 books. Why? Because I am getting bored with myself. I am sure you are also. If you disagree, let me hear you roar, because I have endless fodder for books.

Later, I will release the sequel to The Last Song of the Meadowlark, Falling Prey to the Magpie:
So, it's pretty uneventful here at The Harry Potter house. Work is going swell. The house is not liking winter and we have had a couple issues like the wash machine line exploding in my house. I used my best impersonation of Elaine from Seinfeld attacking the water with class and sass to shut it off. My hairdo and wardrobe were destroyed along with some drywall and possibly the floor. I can fix it. Bug-o-rama is in full force. Teenagers. Details later.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Wheels Go Round and Upside Down

Let me tell you why I loved FTO meetings. This is from a journal entry during the days of Wheels, not in the book...

I was asked questions sometimes and that is when I could answer freely. For instance, when Wheels was in training we were having a horrid time with rookies not being able to multi-task with driving, radio traffic, computer work, etc. The FTO sergeant said we should do one thing with them such as let them drive and the FTO takes over the radio then slowly introduce them into doing both, while having the music shut off. I looked at her and kept my mouth shut.

In the middle of the discussion, one of the FTOs that had Wheels for a short time while I was on another mission of madness piped up and said,

" I didn't notice that problem with Fargo's rookie, Wheels. I was impressed with how far he is in the program at this point. I mean, he is annoying at times when he thinks everything is a homicide, but the little booger gets the shit that goes on in the car."

I beamed.

Proud mother bird.

[Hungry, hungry hippos. Gah. Intermission. Dogs think they need to be fed or something....]

Ok. I'm back.

So, the FTO sergeant at that time asked me in a condescending way what I was doing differently. So...I answered back in a condescending way...(sorry, I have an issue with female sergeants-why are they so bitchy? Probably why I never became one, I didn't want to be a bitch. Bwahhahaha! I slay me.)

FARGO: Have you ever written down what you do on patrol at a given moment inside the patrol car?

They thought about that for a moment. I rattled off...

FARGO: Yeah. You are driving, looking left, right, behind you, forward, diagonal. You dig the underwear out of your crotch.  You answer your radio traffic, you listen to the radio traffic, you see your screen, you know where all your guys are and the status of their calls, you know where the SO is, Mills, Evansville, Highway Patrol. You wiggle your nose because it itches. You see the people on the sidewalk to your left and right, you are watching for business burgs, neighbor variances like open garage doors, weirdos out and about, you have a hair out of place and fix, put on Chapstick, text your boyfriend, check the web for weather reports. You check your speed look at all the signs on the street to make sure they are upright and proper. You take a drink of your coffee or water or protein shake. You watch all the cars on the roadway for infractions, read all their plates, recognize any as dopers, follow them around, slow down in residential areas, watch for kids crossing or playing in the street. Your wife calls and bitches at you, your kids want you to wish them good night, your favorite song is on the radio and you jam out while reaching for your sandwich to take a bite right before you observe the dude in front of you make a traffic infraction and you pull them over, while checking your equipment, making sure it's right, you don't have peanut butter sammich between your teeth and that is just 4 minutes of your day.

And so I add in to the poor Mr. Wheels...my rap music when he hates it, I talk to him all the time, I ask him questions what he is seeing, what he misses, what kind of trees were in that yard, change the radio channel, ask him what is on the screen. I tell him to call his wife and tell her goodnight and he loves her, although sometimes he beats me to it and asks if it is OK to do so. Duh. I tell him. Yes, of course. Then we go on to more of the same. And he does it? Why? Because I want him to learn how fun it is to be a cop. I don't want him to hate his learning environment. I want to challenge him. I want him to be successful. I don't produce weenies that can't fucking talk on the radio and drive a car at the same time. You might call it overload. If they can fucking play x-Box, they can do these things too. Challenge their minds, encourage them. Don't dumb them down.

Yeah. They all sat there and nodded, but didn't say much. Then they went back to discussing how they should pull back the rookies that weren't getting it and let them do traffic or driving and shut off the tunes, have the FTO run the computer.

Improvements in training methods? Maybe they should add a little unconventional Fargo. Sometimes we had to take baby steps. Most often, my rookies fumbled but got it to the end zone.

Does the brass want to have the bottom brainstorm for them or try something new or different? Read this story above. I rest my case.

Someday, they too, will be cops. (((Evil grin)))

Rewind and Review

Turning the dial to bitch on HIGH. I am going to be sort of a bitch for a moment. That's right. You heard it correctly. Why? Because I am a girl and people call me that name and often. Especially when I was a cop. So there. And it's my blog. Its random schmandom. Look away if you don't like f-bombs, because there are some strong ones in here. And it is all over the place like I am mentally ill. That's why they call it random thoughts. I think SNL did a series on that?

Moving on. There are four parts to this post that really don't relate to each other much and are below in no particular order:
(1) Rewinding and reviewing some things in my life story
(2) Talking about some reviews and issues with those
(3) Posting a short training story from my FTO days
(4) Life changes (not sex changes or menopause) and goals

Today, I have been melancholy. I don't know why. It's silly, I know. My daughter is at a sleepover birthday party and the house is empty without her tantrums and diva moments, I guess. I have to bitch.

I have to bitch at myself and wonder if leaving a high paying good job with benefits is worth living UNDER The poverty level and struggling every day, week, month to pay bills, juggle things around and put off creditors. My budget is so tight, the milk can't fart into a gallon unless it's on sale. My days of pedi-manis are over because I can only afford those with gift money or saving for months. I know, they are $25-30.00 for a pedi and $12 for a mani here. I still can't spare it. So, I do them myself. I got a gift certificate to go the local beauty supply store. I bought some beautiful OPI nail polish. I am so going to tell you that OPI nail polish sucks. It rubbed off in a day. NOT CHIPPED OFF, but rubbed off. Fucking sucks.

So, I went to the Dollar General and found Sally Hansen's nail polish for $2.00. I bought it. It has lasted a week so far and is flawless. So there. Don't buy that expensive crap because it SUCKS and doesn't work. And chainsawing and dremel tooling my feet myself really sucks monkey ballz. I loved my Chinese Nanci. I miss her. Sometimes I weep just longing to hear her tell me I need a whore.

Speaking of whores and bitches, I definitely bitch at myself for the 2nd marriage, but that is over. The first one financially bankrupted me. The second one emotionally bankrupted me. I still have issues. I really need therapy but it's not gardening season, so I guess writing books in the winter is my therapy. Then writer's block. That is not good therapy. However, you have to power through it or wait for that moment. Just like therapy. That AHA moment.

Even if the book sucks, it helps me to write and keeps my head more level. I think. It's my theory. So... thank you for buying my books, even when they had errors or needed some "splainin' Lucy. I thank you for posting your honest reviews.

To all those that I review...I promote your book on Facebook in a good way if I like it. If I don't like it, I still post about it. Sometimes that might help marketing as well. Do all authors or reviewers do this? Do we all think the same? Have you ever been too kind or too destructive on a review?

I'm just venting author stuff. Why? Because I like the word AUTHOR. It is kind of fun to be one even in self-publishing because it gave me a sense of accomplishment. I'm still way in infancy stages, but I enjoy it.

BTW. That is the perfect gift for me. Amazon gift cards. Not that I want gifts. I'm just sayin'. Love them! Thanks to all my family and friends that have given those to me. Kudos. Doesn't everyone love Amazon? Why didn't we think of that? We could have been millionaires. Does anyone know what the next great thing will be? I often ponder that notion.

Speaking of the next great thing...the marriages and the high "flaw"-luting life of a diva cop dressed in PINK are over. I miss the cop part. I can live without the diva, but it is fun sometimes to treat yourself or feel special.

I'm glad the marriages are over. You know what I am sad about? I supposedly married to grow old with my best friend. My "best friends" sharted on me and they turned out not to be my best friend.

This is what bums me- I had such bad judgment and wasted the best years of my life thinking that I had my best friend through thick and thin. Story of my life. I really want to share with someone and make them feel special, like my best friend should feel. I now realize it will happen if it is meant to be and can't be a sadness in my heart if it doesn't.

Anyhoozle, that's the sad part. The good part is I no longer have those ankle weights. I also have the best daughter in the whole world.

Do all divorced people think like this? Do you or did you find your best friend? Do you get crazy after divorce? Empowered? Confused? Stronger?

I guess sometimes I think why wasn't I good enough? Aren't I special? Why did I pick such WRONG men? WTF. Children aside. Why do people pick the wrong people? Why don't people pick the right people all the time? Why do the right people not find each other the first time or ever? Why does it come late? If you do find the right person, why does it end too soon? Or why does it last decades? Why do some people get it right and some people get it wrong?

Any crazy thought processes, marriage over. I never thought I would even have more than one. Nor did I think I would marry a serial killer. I really think sometimes I was abducted by aliens in 2012. Because I was not good enough stock for them, and their alien replacement was suffering intense mental anguish, they must have sent me back in time to realize the error of their ways to save their alien. Lucky for humans, sometimes we wake up before it is too late.

Do you ever take a look and wonder what or who you want to be when you grow up? I do. Only my time clock is ticking and recently I realized I was 46 and not 29. Do you stop in your busy life and do a check check on what is going on? Are you too busy to notice your child is growing up? Are you too busy to find you let too much time go by and you wanted to do so much more? Is it too late? Is it ever too late? Do you have a bucket list? Why? Do you live in the moment?

Manicures and pedicures are over. So is the high paying job. I guess I better suck it up AGAIN in my life and make things work. Funny thing is, I can't stop looking forward and keep making new goals. There are a lot of positives in my life amongst the struggles. And so goes those.

So, I applied for grad school so I can get my Master's Degree in Public Administration starting next fall. That is, if I get accepted. And then...lucky me, I get discounts working at a university. It might mean doing one class at a time with payroll deduction. It might mean applying for loans I can't pay back. I don't know. I just took the first step. I'm a fly by the seat of my pants type of gal.

If I was to get my Bachelor's degree, tuition would be free. However, if you are getting your Master's or Doctorate you have discounts, but don't get tuition waved. But if I get a Master's Degree, I could teach higher education as an associate professor and make enough money to not struggle so much. Plus, I would love to teach. Second, I could be an administrator if that is what I chose. In the long run, it has several advantages.

Reviewing right along, I was pondering why some companies or agents approach me to review for them when they don't follow through. Several agents have asked if I could read a book for their client and offered a Q & A with the author. I dig those things, even if I didn't like the book, I love to talk to authors and just because I didn't like it, doesn't mean someone else won't.

But here is the deal. Don't NOT send me your client's book. WTF? Next time you contact me and ask me how it is going, I won't be so nice. Don't waste my time. I will understand if a busy schedule lost me in the shuffle and you send it out...in BOOK form. Don't send me a digital copy where I have to print 400 pages. Why? Because it costs me 80 fucking dollars in ink cartridges and paper. If I cheap out and don't print the book, it will take me FOREVER to get through it, but I will do it because I can only read those things on my desktop and I don't want to sit there and stare at it for hours because it kills my back and I can't afford a good desk chair and my laptop is broke shit. Poop shit.

However, three authors got me to print their books. Why? Because I like them and I don't regret it.  And I don't regret it. I know they are going to worry about this part. I am not offended or mad or angry or upset that I was given THEIR digital copies. They are special like that. That would be Wilson, Emery, and someone by the initials ONFO and he is soon to be out with a new book. That review will come later with a Q & A. You know what else? These are great authors. They are fabulous...so much talent out there.

A book costs an agent peanuts to send. I don't mind reading digital copies for my friends or bloggy buddies. Why? Because I really care and I like to help and I admire anyone who can write anything. I also know it is faster and easier to send digital because we all wait with ants in our pants for someone's review or edits. We really do. The books are our babies. I have really gotten tougher skin and appreciate all the input on my books. I know about the other end as well. I like to help and feel privileged if someone asks me to look at their book or review it or both.

So why don't I prefer digital? Because I don't have a Kindle. I have a Kindle app on my computer. My tablet all of a sudden blinked off my Kindle library and I can't get it back. Pisses me off. I talked to Amazon and they can't figure it out either. At least I could sit in a comfy chair and read that. Well, now I must do it at my desktop.

Reason number 2. Roll out the creepy. Digital copies or e-books are not my favorite because frankly, Kindle version are sucky sometimes (including mine which are not getting converted properly) and it is not as endearing as holding the pages in my hands. Call me creepy. I love to fondle a good book because then it is REAL and the story seems better. Yes, it's true. Ask BEEL. He agrees. Only he might deny it on the internet in front of God and everyone because his creepy friend talked about it and posted it with glory.

On another note, thank you so much to my editors for accepting digital copies to review and edit of MY books because I am too poor to do otherwise. It's a contradiction I am trying to deal with. I guess it is a headcase moment where I need to suck it up and get into the digital age and embrace it.

One reason why digital books are great? Because it's instant gratification like going to a bookstore and picking up a new book and taking it home. Another reason? They are cheap and affordable on a budget and I can read several for under $10.00. Third reason? Free books on Amazon, Nook, Kindle, Barnes & Noble. Ok. Fine. There are some great pluses.

Speaking of my love for great pluses, especially when I wear them. NOT. I am working off winter fat. Fuck me in the ass. The fattest I have been in my life. I am fit fat. I can haul, push, pull, drag your ass and more because I am farm girl fresh and tough. I just need to shave off some booty. Back to reviewing...

I love reviewing. I especially loved reviewing MREs for a great unnamed company once. Only they DID NOT SEND THEM. Again, pissed me off. Then they contacted me and asked me why I had not put up a review. Blah. Because you are a fucktard. That's why. Virtual MREs sucked and so that I wrote. Your product sucked because if I was on a virtual island or wilderness, I would have virtually starved to death. Fuckers.


You know what was one of the greatest moments not related to books but sorta related to reviews? I was featured on a cool blog from a tactical gear company  Click here. It was an honor and fun. I became a reader, fan, and I paid attention to their gear reviews and product lines. Once, I entered a contest on their site by writing a short comment on TacticalGearNews.com  (one of my favorite sites of practical tactical and gear glory). I entered their contest and won! I receive a pair of patrol boots and they were real and good. Then, my department bought me three pairs of those boots before they changed design. See how that works? I make you money and my feet were happy, healthy, and fast like Lightning McQueen. Actually, I was fast like lightning only slower. You know if someone uses the word "actually" they are lying.

Ok. Back to the real meat and potatoes.  It really comes down to thanking JK for finding me and in turn, I became a fan of her company and their site. Plus, their reviews are really informational. They sell great equipment. Why? Because they review it honestly. When companies pay attention to customers needs and wants and reviews...they produce awesome tactical gear. Reviews mean something.

I love all the whistles and bells, but if it isn't practical tactical, you fail for me. So you can be pretty and hawt and new...but if your shit don't work (redneck talk 101), I don't want it.

Ok. Finally. A story about copping skills. It's on the next post. This one is getting so long that only maybe one or two are really going to read it. Bastards. There is no faith nor loyalty anymore. No one wants to read Fargo... the has been or the used to did. Nah. I'm just messing with you. I am slowly getting around to reading everyone and catching up. Been a busy week. Holy Ballz. And Russia. The Olympics. Please God, let everyone be safe.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Preparation H

Are you a prepper?

They even have a club now for that. It's cute. They even have a catchy name: Doomsday Preppers. Next thing you know, they will have a reality TV show. Wait. They do. It is called The Walking Dead. Not really.

I have been asked through emails and Facebook messaging from many people what I think about our country's current state, the sites popping up on "prepping", and prepping in general. I was asked if I do it, and if I thought the country was headed into peril to a police state or a martial law situation.

Well...lots of things to answer. Do I answer them or not? LOL

FBI-look away. Kidding.

I do NOT prep in the TRUE sense which means hoarding food, water, survival supplies, guns, ammo, other weapons, and necessities of life. I do, however, want-NEED-want one of these...real bad...like my dream vehicle...besides a Range Rover...

I do have supplies. Many of them were collected because I lived in the country, alone, in a very isolated place and in a harsh winter environment. So, the concept of preparation was key to surviving the land called WYOMING. To reveal hidden secrets, many cops are preppers in the sense they hoard guns and ammo, water, food (MREs) and other supplies. They are crazy about it, however, they do not belong to any extreme groups except the brotherhood called POLICE.

Would I ever join a prepper group or website, Facebook page...UH NO. Duh. Who wants to be marked by the FBI and tracked. Kidding. The answer is NO. I do not join any group of extreme on any side of the coin. I like the conservative middle.

I think we should all be prepared in a perfect world: in moderation: savings account, guns, ammo, food, supplies. Going crazy over it may be your forte, but I choose to sit on the fence, ready to jump to whatever side is best at the time of decision making. So...there you go.

Now...do I think are country is in peril? Yes, economically. Do I think we are headed for a revolution, defined "police state", or martial law. I would tell you, likely not. However, in the last two years, this concerns me more and more as extremist groups arise. I don't know. People are pissed. They are really talking out. People seem to be way left or way right anymore and I don't know how many middle ground people are left. Logic seemed to have left Congress regardless of what party they belong to many years ago. For the first time, I can say I am scared about the decisions coming out of Washington and I feel our leader is dangerous. You know, they say the pen is mightier than the sword and that is sure shining through recently. What do you think?

Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Stealing Nature

One of the most frustrating donkey kicks you get from working in law enforcement is the impact of all the hard work you do solving a case involving a retailer AND the effort and result meaning nothing to the victim nor does it make a positive change in future risk management or stop loss policies and procedures.

Sure, you are already saying cops don't need gratification, otherwise they are in the wrong profession. This statement if taken wholly in context is true. And additionally, you are saying, if cops want to be appreciated, they should have been firefighters. My opinion is-"Yes" to the first, "whatever" to the second.  These statements are not what I am referring to here. Let me paint a more clear picture and get us out of the mud.

A crime often overlooked is larceny (stealing)-all classes-petit larceny such as small ticket items to grand larceny-bigger thefts. Common names are shop lifting, embezzlement, etc.

A shock to my system occurred when I was a rookie detective. My first big case which turned into many cases opened my eyes to consumer injustice. I had solved several criminal cases which were committed by a RICO (Redneck Influenced Corrupt Organization) not to be confused with the federal flash and bling- catchy- name tag- thingy.

Two suspects died in a crash. The rest were involved in counterfeit checks, burglary, drugs, credit card fraud, ID theft, and more. The biggest loser (financially) was Wal-Mart with over a $600,000 total loss spanning 3 states. When it was all said and done, I curiously asked the loss prevention dude from Wal-Mart about proposing different regulations and procedures in the store to prevent such catastrophes. He agreed. However, management informed him it was not their decision and corporate decided to leave things as is. After all, they wrote off hundreds of thousands in just the Casper stores annually, so it was something already accounted for, but not usually done by a handful of suspects. So...I was kind of put off by their response.

Over time, when Home Depot came in to town, their first rule of thumb was to leave anyone alone who was exiting the store with less than $500 of goods not paid for and a theft in progress. They were told to get camera footage and call the police. That meant sprees of carts and flatbed trolleys running out the door with big appliances, tools, and patio furniture. I mean seriously. We had a chat with them and they changed the policy...a little. So...what does this mean?

This means as a consumer, YOU and ME are paying for all this, ultimately, and I'm a little disappointed I didn't get a free toaster oven or flat screen for all that.