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Friday, January 31, 2014

Fishnet Stalkings

Welcome to my interview with a brilliant, famous-to-be author, C.S. Wilson. She also has a fantastic blog with Mrs. Mom and other gun enthusiasts called The GunDivas. Must I say, I won her Shot Show giveaway and I am stoked to the gills! I'm not even a fish. Ok. Settling down now. I want to introduce you to her newest endeavor, a great drama. She claims there is no mystery, but I beg to differ. Maybe the word is mysterious. Not as in disappearance.

Anygoodreads, Wilson's new novel, Hunted Lyon is available on Amazon in both Kindle and book format.

I highly suggest you read it. It is a great storyline, different and unique, with drama, details, guns, and a girl. The reviews are also online to give you insight to the reader experience already encountered. How do I describe the book's contents? Awesome sauce. The storyline reels you in and gives more than just a good mystery, but great life experience from a protagonist, Stacy Lyon. I even called her a Mary Sue and I got the f-bomb. Stacy's gun sense, courage, and strength reminds me of Wilson herself. Wilson and I sat down at a charming lodge bar with a roaring fire and a couple beers or 4 (each) to discuss her up and coming success with Hunted Lyon.  Alma, my assistant was present in the background and dictated the conversation. Thanks, Alma, for paying such attention to detail, some we could have done without. So...without further ado, let me introduce you to the author:

ME: Ms. Wilson, you know I am very honored to interview you and I would like to share this on my blog if you don't mind. Give us a little bio and why you started writing. Also give us a fun fact about you that most may not know.

WILSON: I don't recall ever NOT writing. Even if I wasn't putting words to paper, I was composing stories in my head all the time. As for a fun fact - I don't know. I'm a pretty open book. Anyone who has read my blog(s) has a pretty good idea of "me". Let's see ... (drumming fingers ... thinking hard )... when I started teaching, way back in '91, I was the youngest person in the classroom.

ME: So writing has been a passion of yours for a long time. Interesting. Somehow that does not surprise me because I know you personally. You started teaching in 1991 and you were teaching older people, older than you?  Fascinating. Obviously you didn't teach Kindergarten because that would make you a genius teacher. Let's go back in time, I was in my first year of marriage. Never mind, let's not not go back in time. Beel! Could I get another beer, please?

WILSON: [giggle]

[Beel hands me a beer, Fat Tire, to be exact]

ME: Thanks, Beel. Might as well hit us with another round. This is going down too easy

BEEL: That's what happens when you are around good company. The beer goes round. The fun comes out. The clothes come...

ME: Yeah. Beel. No. Close. Close, as in close-shut-no space, not close as in near and no clothes. I mean, yes to clothes. Clothes on. I am going to stop while I am ahead. I mean I am a whole person. It's not just talking heads, here or a head talking to Ms. Wilson, like serial killer head in a jar. Shut up, Fargo! Ugh. I need another beer to help my memrance and to get my mind channels going. I need to think more clearly. Beer helps. I'm sorry I am digressing off topic. [looks at Wilson] Work with me, sister. What inspired you to do Hunted Lyon?
WILSON: [gaping mouth open in shock] No problem. I know how your mind works. True story - I wanted to write a good series about a female protection specialist, but as I started writing the first book in the series, I realized I needed to write out Stacy's backstory first and that's how HUNTED LYON came about. I wanted people to know where she came from.

ME: So where did she come from?

WILSON: *blink*blink* [chugs more beer, looks at Fargo with a certain blankness in her eyes]

ME: Oh, yeah. Sorry. They have to read the book to find out. Is your lead character a Mary Sue? If so, why?

WILSON: I don't know WTF a Mary Sue is, so I have no idea.

ME: [snorts beer, spits it out her nose] Sorry. [cough,cough-wipes beer off her face and clothes and Ms. Wilson's face] A Mary Sue is an idealized character representing the author.

WILSON: {still wiping her face]She's a combination of all of the strong women I've been lucky enough to meet in my lifetime.

ME: I can see those women must be important to you and what an honor for you to build a character with that in mind. How did you develop your passion for firearms, firearm safety, self defense?
WILSON: After I got divorced, I had a rebound relationship (doesn't everyone?) and that guy introduced me to shooting. I'd learned to shoot in junior high, during Outdoor Ed (remember when they taught classes like that?), and enjoyed it, but never really go into "the gun culture". Turns out rebound relationship turned into creepy, stalker relationship and in the end, I told him that if he didn't cease and desist, I would kill him with the gun he bought me. Haven't had any trouble since. For all I know, and hope, he's dead by now.

ME: Rebound relationship. Shit, girl. I married a serial killer the second time. Talk about rebound. Maybe I should have stuck to basketball.

WILSON: Yeah. That made no sense.

ME: Hey. Roll with it. Fat Tire makes an ass out of me. What can I say? What is your proudest moment of becoming an author. What's next for you?

WILSON:My proudest moment as an author? Opening my shipment of books and actually holding one in my hands. It was surreal.

ME: Did you fondle your books?

WILSON: *blink*blink*

ME: It was just a question. Some people do. Well, at least I have heard that.

WILSON: *blink*blink*

ME: Ok.  Do you hate your villains or do they entertain you?

WILSON: Facelessbadguy was a ton of fun to write. I couldn't possibly hate him. In real-life, I'm such a goodie-two-shoes that it was fun to write about someone who isn't.

ME: How could you like or hate someone without a face? I mean, they really aren't even real without a face. No blood could flow. They would be like dead unless you peeled off the face part and they could still breathe and talk and stuff or they didn't die because of loss of blood. Yeah. No. They would be dead. You can only do that in surgery, not real life for a long time.

WILSON: *blink*blink*

ME: What?

WILSON: You are some kind of fucked up in that head of yours. Cop life must have really done a number.

ME: [belch]Yep. Some say that. Tell us about your favorite character in Hunted Lyon. Why is it your favorite?
WILSON: Stacy. I want to be her when I grow up. She's so calm in the face of adversity. She's not easily scared. Pissed maybe, but not scared. I think part of it is that she wants to do it on her own and not be dependent on anyone, though she does know when to ask for help.

ME: So you want to be a pretend person? A person in a book? They did a cool movie about that called Inkheart. Well, it was a book first, then a cool movie. Branden Fraser is in it.

WILSON: [roll eyes] How many more questions?

ME: Oh. I have as many questions as there are beers.

BEEL: Well, you better wrap it up. There aren't many left.

ME: Ok. Without giving away parts of your Hunted Lyon storyline, what inspires you to put shock and awe or an unsuspecting character or twist in this book series? What makes Hunted Lyon different from just any ol' mystery?

WILSON: Well, I don't know that I'd call it a mystery. *We* know the bad guy is facelessbadguy and she's not trying to sleuth him out - she's trying to survive and keep her family safe. To be completely honest, several of the events of the book were a complete surprise to me.

ME: But it's a mystery, too. It has suspense, and a puzzling crime intertwangled amongst everything else. A mystery is a novel dealing with a puzzling crime or something that is hard to solve, but we are talking about a book and there is a crime in there, so it is a legit question. Why do you have to analyze me? Why are you smarter than me? Fine. Then, I will ask another question. What's next for Stacy?

WILSON: She's busy keeping me awake at night and not shutting up about her next adventure. She'll move on with her career as a protection specialist, though her passion will always be helping women learn to take responsibility for their own safety.

ME: So she is the voices in your head? How many are in there?

WILSON: You are so weird. Let's finish these beers and go give the horses some apples.

ME: Great idea. Maybe you can put me on that bucking bronco like last time.

WILSON: Exaggerator!

ME: Is that a power ranger or other kind of action toy?

BEEL: (heavy sigh)


Thank you, C.S. Wilson for a great time and putting up with my nonsense! I am looking forward to your next Stacy Lyon book. I highly recommend this one and I give it a thumbs up!


GunDiva said...

The answer is yes. Yes I did fondle the books when I unpacked them. And I smelled them. And then I held them up at all different angles to admire them.

And I might have fondled them some more.

Allenspark Lodge said...

Y'all are SO WEIRD.

Beel er...Bill

Coffeypot said...

So, where is the link to her blog?

Coffeypot said...

Oh, Okay! I read her now.

Old NFO said...

ROTF, great 'interview'... :-)

GunDiva said...

Thanks, Coffey. Thought you were already following me, but it must have been my overactive imagination.

Old NFO - you know, the ole Fargo twist makes everything a little bit better :)

Momma - I totally love that you see glimpses of me in Stacy. I really do want to be her when I grow up - that confident and decisive.

Mrs Mom said...

Lord help us if all 3 of us gals ever get together. Someone best start saving up copious amounts of bail money now!

I agree- HUNTED LYON is awesome. I loved it. Still have to do my review on it (bad bad friend :( ) But read it. Its great!!

Coffeypot said...

Miss Diva, I have been following you and reading you post for some time now. I don't comment much, but I am there... lurking, lurking, lurk... wait, put down that gun.

Tennessee Grammie said...

Momma F, Mrs. Mom and GunDiva - I've got the Bail Money fund in the Wells Fargo Stage Cookie Jar - you girls kick up your heels and make me proud, I'll bail y'all out!