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Thursday, February 6, 2014

What In The World?

Sometimes I am offensive to others who do not share my off the mark humor. Cops are sickos. Ex-cops are still sickos. On the other end of the spectrum, I am not easily offended.

I am opinionated and outspoken at times.  This would mark one of those.

What is up with America?


Let me outline it. In fact, I will outline it just like my good English teachers taught me. They are all dead, but hey-I sure don't want any of them to haunt me...

I. Protesting the Super Bowl Coke Ad
            A. America Changed the National Anthem
                   1) America The Beautiful is now our national anthem?
                   2) Is it Obama's fault?
                   3) Did George Bush do it?
                   4) It was caused by a firearm?

            B. English Is Not The Only Language In The World
                   1) Other languages besides English exist in the world?
                   2) Other cultures cannot appreciate America?
                   3) Everyone is not the same color?

II. New Bullets

             A. They Look Cool
                  1) Are they going to be priced out of this world?
                  2) Will they come out in pink?
                  3) If they don't get used right away, do ammo owners have to brush their teeth?
             B. They Are Vicious
                  1) Are there concerns if they get in the wrong hands, they are going to be the next greatest cop killers?
                  2) Will they kill someone all by themselves and go on the gun control hot list?
                  3) Do we need new kinds of bullets? Are the old ones bad?

             C. Green Is The New Black
                  1) Copper? Did they use recycled?
                  2) Are they green manufacturers?
                  3) Are they an Eco-friendly company?

III. Cold Weather
            A. Al Gore Is A Sumbitch
                1) Did he smoke one too many doobies?
                2) Can he clarify global warming goes into a polar melt goes into an ice age?
                3) Is climate fucking one of his tricks?
                4) We can't wait for his next movie?
                5) Can he put Snowmageddon in a nice flow chart or graph?
            B. Summer Has Vacated America
                1) Can we get a rebate on this?
                2) Can we claim a deduction on our taxes?

IV. Fort Collins High School Bans Spirit Day
           A. Principal/Faculty Have Party Pooper Status
               1) Is it against American school policy to be a patriot?
               2) Can we wear red, white, and blue? All together?
               3) Do we have to wear our America shirts inside out?
               4) Can we still raise the American flag every day?
           B. 'Merica
               1) Is the multilingual or multicultural? Can it be a derogatory slang and a good slang word at the same time?
               2) What about those that have a speech impediment and drop the letter A? Are we excluding them?
               3)Can we communicate how to spell a word? Can we communicate our feelings to students?
                    a) Did you text them?
                    b) Did you Tweet it?
                    c) Did you send out an email?
                    d) How did that Facebook rating system work out for you?

V. Justin Smith for President
          A. Colorado Sheriff Has Balls
               1) 2016 campaign for President of the United States?
               2) Can we clone him?
               3) Is his Patriotic Servitude and Gumption contagious?
                    a) Where did he get trained?
                    b) Is it a class?
                    c) Was he anointed in some type of Patriot Oil?
                    d) Is it in the water?




MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

Before I go through the list with my very(well kinda) opinion on what you posted. Yes I DID clean my car;).
The loonie left never likes the Star Spangled Banner...Too Warlike, remember it was written during a seige. They like "America the Beautiful" it sounds more peaceful.
The Superduperbowl coke commercial, I think it is an overreaction to the rampant multi-culturalism that is being pushed on us by "our betters".
The New Bullets....In my honest opinion....all hype with the price to go with it. The old round nosed ones will kill you just as well and cheaper.
It is a racket, to strip the wealth of the west to the rest o the world. We do all this green stuff to "save the planet" and China, India and Pakistan get a pass. The envio-nazi's are anti capitalist, when the soviet union collapsed, they went to the environment movement. I call them "watermelons" Green on the outside and red inside.
The Fort Collins school thing was the multiculturalism thing on display. We praise all others and denigrate ours.
You are correct, Justin Smith standing up and telling the school that they are wacked for trying to zap "Merica day" in the name of sensitivity was the honorable thing to do.

Sorry for the long comment.

GunDiva said...

Ballistic tests on the new RIP round are not that impressive. I'll just stick with good round placement and my standard defensive rounds :)

Coke - didn't offend me as much as the idiots who were protesting the "National Anthem" being sung in different languages. I'm sorry, but if you're too fucking stupid to know which song is our National Anthem, you're too stupid to have a valid opinion.

God Bless Sheriff Smith.

gowestferalwoman said...

You forgot lightbulbs!!!!

and how do we use the new ones????

Swirly lightbulbs - how the H*ll do you dust them?

Lighty lightbulbs - My gawd, why are they so DIM?

Poisonous lightbulbs -why does it take an Hazmat team to take out my freakin' lightbulb now??????



Coffeypot said...

I agree with everything except Gore. He should be doing time for extortion.

RussianBear said...

I. Coke ad. I liked it. Was shocked that there was a reference to God on national TV. You might think this was a religious nation or something.

II. New Bullets. Meh..I think these are an attempt to address the regulation of lead out of existence. The fancy configuration smacks of gimmicky marketing to me.

III. Cold Weather. No..rebates, no deductions. You will get to pay more for your energy once the "Carbon Tax" is passed. Yay!

IV. Fort Collins High School. This is another reason why we homeschool. Go ahead taxman, take my money, but my children's minds are mine to mould. (evil cackle)

V. Justin Smith. Goldwater referred to a silent majority. Sheriff Smith may be an example of a member of that majority finding his "voice" even if that voice is non-verbal action.

Old NFO said...

I didn't see anything wrong with your posts, or comments... Joke em if they can't take a ...

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
That is a beautiful outline...and ';ve got my share of "answers" to go with each topic...lol.

I - didn;t watch teh game
II - gotta get some!
III - getting bored with it.
IV - Tell the to get with AMERICA'S program
V - Yasureyoubetcha!

Roll safe out there, Dear.