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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Those Dabgum Bloomers

Let's talk about Bloomberg. He is funding a campaign, Everytown for Gun Safety,  to take the NRA down. Not only that, he is not the Mayor of New York anymore, so he has a lot of time to do so. The title of the group is deceiving because any unsuspecting fool would think-what a great cause! Blah. Is it?

KNOW WHAT YOU ARE JOINING BEFORE YOU JOIN. This is true for any organization.

According to The Huffington Post: "Bloomberg, a leading advocate for stricter gun laws, said earlier this month he would shift his tactics to bring down the NRA by combining field operations and campaign contributions. As part of that work, other anti-gun violence organizations, including Bloomberg's better-known advocacy group Mayors Against Illegal Guns, were consolidated under Everytown for Gun Safety. The group also released a report alongside the ad titled "Not Your Grandparents' NRA." The report highlights some of the more extreme pro-gun bills for which the NRA has lobbied, arguing that the association's leadership has put Americans at risk."

He says the NRA puts our nation at risk and has radicalized. First, you must ask what he means by this. Second, how so? And thirdly, if so, then why?

The report outlines the following: 

Hmmm. Notice page number 12. Caught my eye. But let's go to page number 5. Page number 4 is all opinion. Whew! So many things-shiny, shiny!
This report states the NRA has plans to arm felons and terrorists and have already lobbied for bills that ease gun restrictions and give felons back their access and rights to guns. In his report, he goes on that the majority of NRA members oppose firearm sales to terrorists, those particular dangerous persons on the terror watch list.  But then the report goes on to say the NRA leaders have blocked progress to ban such efforts. I'm just paraphrasing. You can read it yourself. What  makes me laugh is in the report, these words, "To this day, nothing prevents suspected terrorists from legally buying guns and explosives at federally licensed dealers or from unlicensed individuals." Well, duh. If the reports coming back to the FFL holder say nothing to ban a sale, then they can't legally do it, which means that is the fault of the GOVERNMENT, not the NRA. PLUS, do they really expect us to believe the NRA condones guns to terrorists. I mean, seriously. And we also cannot control world trade, black market deals, and street trades. But I guess the NRA is supposed to be in control of all the world's firearms, ammunition, trades, manufacturing, sales, training, blah blah blah. I think Bloomberg is actually upset at a bigger entity, but he wants to bring down the NRA because it is a problem for him getting his gun control law passed. Perhaps it is the holder of the largest purse who gets their bills passed through Congress? Who can be bought?

The report continues to say the NRA supports putting guns in bars. Now if you just took that statement at face value, you would think whiskey-tango-foxtrot.What is really going on here? Are we telling the facts, or blanketing a cause? NO> it is called skewing facts and putting the right to bear arms up for grabs. The NRA is trying to protect every one's right to bear arms, they are not advocating take your gun to the bar and get drunk. Duh. Duh is my choice of words today.

I just have to skip over the rest and move on to the one that piques my curiosity. "The NRA leadership undermines enforcement of our gun laws here at home, and promotes policies that puts police in danger." Hmmm. Where are we going here?

"In 2012, the NRA led a fight that drew national 
headlines for its audacity. Their objective was to pass 
an Indiana law that explicitly allowed Indiana residents 
to use lethal force against uniformed law enforcement 
officers.70 This statute expanded the state’s already 
controversial “Stand Your Ground” law to a 
once-unthinkable extreme.
Indiana law turns traditional self-defense doctrine on its 
head, and now allows a person to use a gun against a 
police officer if the person “reasonably believes” the 
officer is trying to enter his or her home unlawfully or 
otherwise unlawfully interfering with his or her property 
— even if the homeowner is mistaken and the officer 
was breaking no laws.71 
Law enforcement officers in Indiana were outraged. The 
president of Jeffersonville Fraternal Order of Police 
Lodge 100 warned, “Somebody is going get away with 
killing a cop because of this law.” Another Indiana 
police chief called it a “recipe for disaster” that put a 
“bounty on our heads.” In response to the group’s 
support for this dangerous law, the police chief 
terminated his NRA membership.72"

This above wall of text is directly out of the report. It also says, "The NRA’s leadership also opposes the use of technology that would help law enforcement track down gun criminals." The report references here to the technology of microstamping firearms and ammunition. Along with this, the report goes on. The conclusion of the report:

 "The leaders of today’s NRA 
put ideology and agenda over 
public safety and they take a 
no-holds barred approach to 
any dissenters, blacklisting 
any individual, organization or 
company that bucks the party 

Shiver me timbers. All this would scare any grandparent or Joe Blow Citizen into thinking the NRA is a terrorist organization. What is Bloomberg really up to? Is he really trying to save America and promote gun control for the greater good? 

Let's add in a random little "National Treasure"...the actor Jon Voight: 

Here's what I want to know: 

1) Why can't anyone come to a common sense solution? Don't we have to have the NRA fighting hard for the right to bear arms when so many want to pull them away? And the NRA is a big advocate of proper training and use. They don't want to arm every idiot in the world. I think you should only carry if you are trained in the use of firearms, comfortable with your gun, and want to carry. If you don't want to, then don't. The NRA isn't forcing anyone to carry, they just want to protect that right. Are some of the members over the top? Well there are those in every organization.
2) Why have organizations of all kinds gone to one extreme or another? Why are there so many radicals on one side or another? Are all people, politicians, organizations, groups-going radical and leaving common sense behind and why are they fighting so far to the left or right of the bridge?
3) What do you think about all this? 


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Until Obama necame President, I didn't belong to the NRA. Joined because they are effective.

The country is in two camps. One wants to disarm/confiscate everyone. They work by attrition. The other side says, "hell no". My side.

Persoanly, I think everyone should demonstrate firearm competancy before having a firearm in public. Something along the lines of Hunter Saftey courses. Can't happen because the blooming bloomies will grab anything and try to pervert it to their agenda.

Momma Fargo said...

I feel your sentiments. some crazy things are going in out there.

Old NFO said...

It IS getting to be nuts out there, no question... I will continue to carry, and to teach those who want to learn. The more folks that carry, the safer we are!

Anonymous said...

Holy. Crap. And lots of it.

Ok to shoot officers? - Are you freakin kidding me?! what moronic monkey came up with that idea?! So incredibly stupid I could slap a few heads together.

Indeed. People need to wake up.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Sad to say, it's got to get worse before it starts getting better...and I'm being OPTIMISTIC!

Way too much crazy sh*t happening everywhere these days...no escaping it.

If it's not shooting police officers, it's wanting to take guns away from the NON-criminal element.
If it's not militarizing current police departments, it's having the DHS come in to "take over" certain actions FROM local police.

(a NATIONAL police force-in-training with the TSA being a "vanguard"?)

COMMON SENSE is just that...and damn easy to come by IF people WANT to grab some.
(it's also cheaper than a pound of bologna at the deli)

The whole POLARIZATION (extremism) gig is part of a much larger plan to "divide and conquer"...mainly the middle (largest) class.
We're all easier to control that way.

Weird is only the tip of this spear.

Good post.
Roll safe out there.

Fire Pup said...

He should just stay trying to ban big gulps.

Slamdunk said...

Bloomberg's policies have been out of touch with common sense for years. The soda ban just left me laughing.

Sadly, I see lots of folks who believe government should exercise any and all power over citizens--because they no best.

It makes sense for them to target NRA leadership. There are several examples in the news recently about leaders of non-profits and businesses having to resign because of personal beliefs. I think they believe they can pick them off one at a time.

I see the political divisions of right and left splitting farther apart and law enforcement trying to hold the fort. Tough job getting tougher for sure.