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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Head Games

Have you ever stood within 20 feet of a train as it rushed by you going at least 40 mph?

It causes a rush of emotions, not an adrenaline rush, but the emotion of something massive and much bigger than life in front of you.

I watched from the time the engine came by with its lights glaring in my eyes, glancing up to see the numbers on top of the cab shine "2610." The train was hauling oil and as the tanks screamed by, I thought about what I would do if there was a derailment.

Could I run away fast enough?

Which direction?

It made me rethink my boldness as I stepped back a few notches waiting for it to pass so I could continue my run.

Week 5 has proven to be tough.

Much of this is due to all the mental garbage going on inside my head which is causing me to muscle (mentally fight) through each run. I am still amped up for my fit classes at the university, but I am really having to force myself to keep up my running schedule. Once I finish each run I have mental clarity. It's just getting to that point which is a struggle.

After speaking to my health coach (another free university benefit), I had to stand my ground on my diet plan. She was none too happy about my drastic calorie cut but I assured her I was not hungry and eating more fruits and vegetables, cutting most breads and white potatoes was the jump start I needed to cleanse my body of all the great international dishes I had indulged in over the last year. Who knew burritos made for bigger boobs and curry dishes gave me a big 'ol booty? And then there was America. America gave me a keg. I surpassed my 6 pack abs. Ok. Maybe I am exaggerating a little.

The university gives us some great health benefits such as metabolic screening, body composition analysis (bod pod), blood screening tests, fit tests, etc. If your community has a Health Fair, I would strongly recommend doing the screenings they offer.

Back to the health coach. She is really monitoring my intake. I told her to focus on the positives like my extremely low blood pressure and cholesterol. Every time she scribbles, I get nervous.

She is pleased with my body composition changing and my endurance improvements, but not thrilled with the calorie intake which varies from the extremely low (900-one day a week) to the average of 1100 daily. I really am not hungry with the foods I have chosen. It's about energy foods.

Yes, I miss a greasy burger once in a while, but that doesn't mean I can't have one on occasion.

You know what else is great?

Cadbury came out with Scream eggs which are Cadbury Crème Eggs only green. They taste the same. And they look like boogers with a chocolate shell. Divine heaven, I tell you. Is that a double negative or a double positive?

Anyaiggs, I am on a mission. I have goals to meet.

Running into the country tonight, my mind was assessing my surroundings. Escapes, concealment, cover, etc. Corn versus bean fields? Do I want to run through corn or crawl through beans should I get chased.

I switched to the other side of the road to run against traffic for safety reasons.

What if a car stopped while I was running on the quiet, dark country roads?

Would I hide? Ok, K, don't be a freak.

A semi came down the road which was a first.

It was a double trailer and it felt out of place. Two years and I had yet to see one on that particular road headed to town. Usually they used the highways.

What if the driver was a serial killer?

What if he had a gun and tried to force me into his truck?

I practiced my moves.

Ok, K, you are really being a freak now.

Run faster.

Look around you. The farms are about a half mile to a mile apart.

You are out here all alone.

A car came down the road toward me.

Do I stand my ground and be a strong runner, meeting them head on (not literally, but not moving out of the way-making them move)?

Do I go into the ditch to avoid getting clipped by the bumper?

Is the person drunk or sober?

Yeah, I still got it.


Cops think of weird shit like that.


Allenspark Lodge said...

Cops and women running alone that want to not be victims think like that.


Mad Jack said...

So pack your gat when you run. What, you need me to tell you this one?