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Wednesday, September 10, 2014


College students can amaze us at unexpected moments. Except for me. I did nothing amazing in college except park my roommates car on Prexy's pasture and the lawn near the dorms several times being the most sober driver. I could really kick my own ass back then. I was such a "reckloose" (not recluse) and had no regard for what I was doing or could have done. Neither did my friends. It was the early 80s. We had no wisdom at the time. Things were different.

reckloose=someone who is reckless, endangers others, and has no regards to safety, no fear and runs loose all over living carefree with no sense in their head. It's my word.

I remember back when I was in college. It seemed to move in the fast lane. I didn't study. I ran a lot, worked out, played intramural basketball and volleyball. Partied.

I just showed up for tests. I was more into the field study and practical application of college, the social atmosphere. Not that I didn't like knowledge. I did. I just had no interest in statistics, biology lab, or accounting at that time. I actually showed  up to classes like Calculus 3, Trigonometry, American History, and Philosophy and got A's in the hardcore courses. I sloughed off the basic general classes.

In other words, most of my core classes I didn't take to, but I dove into the meat and potatoes or special interest classes. I majored in Marketing and Art. Who knew I should have dove into Criminal Justice? I have no regrets. I loved running a successful business. Someday, I may try it again...somewhere else. Word up. Music back in that time was pure 80s...

I fully expect I may retire in the mountains somewhere, perhaps Buffalo, Dubois, or Cody, Wyoming where it is more affordable than Jackson...or Kelly...or Astoria where my heart longs. I could see myself in Ten Sleep, Wyoming in the canyon or even next to Golden, Colorado. I will be remote wherever I am. I don't care about convenience. Its the way I was meant to live.

Jasper, one of our student employees,  surprised me today as I walked back from my workout, he handed me a slick piece of paper which I instantly recognized as a Starbucks free coffee coupon.

ME: What's this?

JASPER: It's for you, Miss Loving.

ME: Oh, I can't take this. You need that. You are a college student. Have to save where you can, you know?

JASPER: Nope. I insist. 

ME: Are you sure? That is awful nice. Thank you.

JASPER: Yep. I wanted to bless someone today and I chose you.

ME: You are a blessing. Thank you.

He looked at me with his big pearly white smile and I patted his shoulder. The nice young man, my little criminal justice major, almost made me tear up. Bless his heart. I turned around and gave him a hug. He has a good heart and a good mind. He just needs some guidance, but he has a strong religious faith. There are moments when you see a young person grow and it just amazes you...

Tomorrow is the big day-09-11. Remember those lost that day and keep their families and those left behind in your hearts.  Let us never forget. Our country changed forever that day...


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

Yep the music from the 80's was like no other....My favorite decade by the way:) I will always remember 9-11, it was and is the Pearl harbor for our generation, but I fear that the people we have elected have forgotten what that day means or sub consciously want to see it happen again to knock us down a few pegs to justify their belief in the their perceived flaws of the country.

P.S. Nice seeing you on linked;)

VandyJ said...

I was a bit reckloose when I was in college, but We tended to stay put in our reckloose behavior--not travel around so much. I do have memories of a midnihgt, barefoot run to Prexy's and a bit of time spent sitting on heads of the nuclear family...

Momma Fargo said...

Mr. G: I do enjoy me some 80's tunes once in a while. Some of it is on my ipod for running inspiration. LOL. As for 9-11, I think decades later it will be remembered like Veteran's Day and not so "fresh."

VandyJ: The nuclear family. You know in my day, we called that statue The Family Orgy. :)

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Not that much to do in Laramie.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
There are always the POCONOS in Pennsy (away from the touristy stuff, though)...nice mountains there, too.
(sorry, a bit biased - I'd love to be able to afford to move there...lol)

Stay safe down there, Kiddo.