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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Societal Sidewinding

Societal Sidewinding.

My new coin phrase.

What do I mean? Think about the movement of a snake. Sometimes I think society emulates this in their actions or lack of actions.

For instance, it seems to be more fitting of the news that we have a moral decline or change in moral policies rather than focusing on the meat and potatoes of our nation and globally in world politics. However, these moral issues are still large and seem to fuel rage and passion.

Back in my Homeland, for example, the town is at polar opposites about a skit performed in front of teachers and 6 student council members. Of course, just as a layperson nobody, I have my two cents on the matter. You can read it here...LINK.

Here are my questions?

1) Do you think the skit is appropriate for school, disapprove, or don't have an opinion? Why or why not?

2) With the explosion on the news and the resignation of the principal, what message, if any was sent?

Now the Air Force...they have allowed airmen to omit "so help me God" from its enlistment oath.  You can read it here...LINK

Here are my questions?

1) What are the hazing repercussions to those who omit it? Will it be smooth as butter? Will you have those who welcome or despise the changing of the original script?

2) Why has this become such a big deal? And don't tell me the Constitution says, " separation of church and state." Why? Because it is not in there. That was in a letter from Thomas Jefferson and it has been taken to different levels. Not saying anything is right or wrong...just saying.

Overall, why are words and doctrines becoming such a passionate topic in America?

What has changed or is changing?

Is it important to be a checks and balances on all these issues?

What do you think-good, bad, indifferent?

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Old NFO said...

Social Engineering at it's best in BOTH cases... The PC police are alive, well and obviously in charge...