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Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Miss. Kathryn, Miss Kathryn!


I just wanted you to know I got an internship with a great law firm here in town. I get to shadow them and go to trials, do research for them. I will be in the courtrooms and I get to see the justice system.

Awesome. Beats seeing the justice system through those other types of internships they provide out there. However, you get a broader education of all the pieces of criminal justice, not just lawyers and courts.

Uh. What other internships?

Well, it starts with an arrest with the police, then you go through the local jail system-check that out, then you enter the courts-see how the judge works, then prison, then probation, rehab, and somewhere in there you also find God. It's an all inclusive internship-really good experience.

Um. [giggle] Yes, I guess it is better than doing it that way. 

I should become a defense attorney...Your honor, my client was railroaded! He is a criminal justice major and he is just doing an internship. Now that he has conducted his research undercover, I demand his case should be dismissed! This is a terrible mistake! 


I'm just messing with you.


I'm just a little too weird, aren't I?

No, Miss Kathryn. I think you are funny. You make me smile. 

Thank you. That's cool. Extra gold sticky star for you today. What area of criminal justice are you going in after you graduate?

I want to be a probation officer or maybe go to law school.

That is super. 

Miss Kathryn, can I ask you a question?


Do people ever call you McLovin'? You know from Superbad?

You had promise, kid. 

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Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
That was a marvelous post...great interaction and a wonderful "splainin" of the OTHER internships (available)...lol.

You have to watch the young minds these days...they're SO "fertile" (as in filled with BS), right?
Good job reaching out.

Roll safe (and stay(dry) down there.