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Friday, October 10, 2014


I found this little ditty and after I giggled, I thought I would share it. I think I could have marked them all off in one day on occasion in Gotham City (Casper, Wyoming).Yes, Bruce Wayne lives there.

                                                        Photo credit: flickr.com, Pinterest

Week 6 Marathon Week: Down 1.5 lbs so far. Last night I did so many squats that my booty is on fire at the same time it is all bulbous. JLo booty progress anyone? I didn't need that kind of well rounding in my workouts. I begin boxing workouts in the garage this weekend since I found all my old goodies hidden in tubs after cleaning the barn. I can't believe I hadn't unpacked or even looked in several tubs for almost two years. Good thing I didn't use that "throw out if not used in a year rule" those organized divas suggest we all live by and do.

In exercise class, when I did the breast stroke, I had the loudest-most obnoxious-odd feeling crepitus in all of The Land. I think my rotator cuffs are shot from all the street wrestling as a cop.

Crepitus. Isn't that a great creepy Halloween word that has nothing to do with the holiday? It's sounds like a monster.

Getting over the sickies was not fun and I still have some frogs in my throat. I think they are the green kind. Ew. Gross. My theory is once it reaches winter, they might disappear into frozen pond water or something. Why? Because it is not the season for frogs anymore. It's my logic. What can I say?

Do frogs hibernate? Or do they just sprout from tadpole seeds?

Speaking of that species or toads or whatever they fall into, when I was mowing the other day, I came across a BIG fat black toad. Never have seen one of those before. He looked a lot like my 2nd husband only cuter. And we have tree frogs. They make neat noises. And there are baby jumping ones who are really, really green. They are near my strawberry GROVE (yes, it is a grove now because I say so).I had one strawberry plant I got on super sale last year for 50 cents. Now I have 50 plants. Crazy. You should never buy or plant strawberry plants anywhere near your house or even on your land. They attract squirrels, possums, dogs, and frogs.  It's better to get them from the store or the Amish. Ok. I am easily amused. Sorry. Talk about random chaos going on in my head right now. STOP THE VOICES!

Week 7 Marathon Week begins Monday. I am getting my serious face on. I have added miles and I am a little apprehensive. AND...it's getting cold. I've become a near south whiner. I used to love the cold. Ok. I am going to try to embrace it again. However, the Heartland is supposed to warm back up in a week to 70's. YES!

This weekend is busy. I have a list. I am checking it twice. No, I am not Santa Claus.

It is still not too late to enter the trio book free giveaway contest. Scroll back a few posts. Enter. I am picking a winner in a week. It will be a prize of most awesomeness! And it's free! It could be a box of rocks for all you care. Right?


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
--ROFL...yeah, I could fill that card up around HERE in no time.
nice find.
--I can relate to the rotator cuff issues, too.
Next life I promise to use my OFF-HAND arm when I have to toss myself against any of those doors to "persuade" them open...
--If the box of rocks is small enough to use as slingshot ammo, that could work for me.
((evil grin))

Have a great weekend, Kiddo.

Stay safe (and fit) down there.

Rawknrobyn.blogspot.com said...

You're too funny. No matter what you say, you are a superwoman. Me? I have J.Lo's butt plus Kim K's. Nah, nobody's that big butted. I do have firm buns, though, for all my time on the treadmill. Yeah, what good are firm, fat buns in combo with ever-dropping boobs and ever-shrinking jeans in a town of gorgeous svelte college gals? It's endless, isn't it?! xo