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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dead People

Let's talk about not going in there when your senses tell you not to go in there?

What am I talking about? Your hinky meter.

You have seen it in the movies while watching something of suspense or horror. The people never leave the haunted house and open that closet door. Whiskey-tango-foxtrot, people! Leave the house!

If the dude is chasing folks in the woods with a chainsaw...you don't run toward him!

How many times on The Walking Dead, do those lost peeps just meander down a road or into the forest where the walkers are? Let alone...listen to a sign that says, GO to Terminus. Hello! Terminate. Terminus. I knew they were cannibals before they even got to the community. I kept yelling at the television...NO DON'T GO! Now look at them. They are stuck in a boxcar waiting to get butchered.

Do you find yourself doing that during a horror or suspense flick?

How about cops doing building searches in the movies? Yep. Cut the pie. Cut the pie. Go low. It's always the complacent dumbass that gets shot or the one who sticks his head out just as the bad guy takes the shot.

Here's another observation that is sure to get me raked across the coals.

Do you ever notice it's always white folk that never leave the haunted houses in the movies? Or the sadist serial killer always traps them and they run in circles, not using their common sense? Why?

The serial killer used to tell me it "his people" were smarter than that. He used to make fun of "my people" being stupid and running toward Jason or staying in the haunted house.

Another watchful thing from television: The Walking Dead is the most diverse show displaying equal stupidity. At the same time, displaying equal toughness. I love it. It is fascinating. And such a brilliant plot that keeps evolving into something greater. Started out simple survival, build a community, then comes the power and greed...now what? This season we will see. Scary thing if the world were to go toward some sort of an apocalypse, shit like this just got real.  You don't think humans would act like this in a real crisis? Think again.

One thing is for sure. Norman Reedus is some nice tough eye candy. If he gets killed off the show, I

photo credit: The Walking Dead, AMC

Am I alone in these thoughts? Don't even call me a racist. I just get all this from television observations. The writers make it up, I just watch it.


A. Nona Moose said...

You know Reedus is gay right?

Coffeypot said...

I stopped watching the show after the first season. Same stuff. Walk awhile, kill some zombies, lose some to the zombies, repeat next week. My daughter will not answer the phone or Facebook when the show is on. She loves it. I'll stick to my porn. It's pretty much the same thing every time,too. Just with different people and weird, wonkie music.

Coffeypot said...

Don't know, Nona...

Ms. A said...

I've never watched Walking Dead.

Rawknrobyn.blogspot.com said...

You're hilarious, and you're always right - of course. It's always the complacent dumbass...sometimes the dumbass is a really cute adolescent babysitter who's cell phone gets no signal - because she forgot to charge it - when she needs it to.

Have a great week, MF.

Momma Fargo said...

A. Nona Moose...he is not gay. He has a kid with supermodel. The character...they are building it up. Will he be or not be on the show? Who knows. He is still hot. I will appreciate his sexiness gay or straight. I am not prejudiced.

Coffeypot...It's not the same! I admit, the first season was the best with the initial survival. But you can't look away...new things are evolving!

Robyn, thank you, thank you! (bows graciously). And those dang babysitters! Make me glad I didn't hire any of them for my child. LMAO. Neve Campbell.

Momma Fargo said...

Ms. A. The first season you might like. It was not as detailed and gory, but with some scary moments and people making choices you never think you would have to make, plus finding out about the virus and how to combat Zombies. Now, it is very gory and scarier. I still love it, but the first season was the best. Drat to Beel and Juanita for getting me hooked. LOL So, I am not sure you would like those types of shows. It is about survival and making unusual choices in a time of crisis. Plus...Norman Reedus is so nice to look at all hot and sweaty. ;)

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

Yes I watch the Walking Dead, it is filmed in my area of Georgia. As far as the "hinkey" feeling..I tell people that the "hinkey" feeling is a hold over from our primal days, when our instinct and sub conscious pays attention to our surrounding where our conscious mind ignores it due to various reasons.