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Thursday, October 16, 2014

DONUT you know?

Y'all always speed...is that just because or just policy? Mr. G

Usually I did drive about 5 over the speed limit when I was going to a non-emergency call. When I had to pee at the last minute, I would drive very fast or drop trow out in the outskirts of town behind sagebrush.

Any call which came out as one that was not an emergency (Code 3) call but could possibly escalate (such as a domestic verbally escalating with threats) as such I went about 10 over. There were times I went code across town and when I was within ear shot of a business burglary or armed robbery in progress, you shut down the lights and sirens, go fast and stealth. Many citizens did not understand the process of being effective. They often would complain we should go the speed limit unless it was a life threatening emergency. Or they said if they don't have lights and sirens, they should not go fast. How effective and safe are you if you pull up on scene announcing your whereabouts and presence?

Now...I won't say there are not those who abuse their power, because there are. I will say sometimes we got called off a hot call and shut it down and looked like we were going fast to get donuts or to get through a red light. It is just not the case. Much more goes on behind the wheel and the radio than the public realizes at times.

If an officer is patrolling an area, they should go the speed limit or slower. There are also times they should get out of the car and walk the beat.

Here is my question for you to ponder...if you called us and need the police do you want me to get there or take my time? Yes, I am partially being a smart ass here.

Here's the other end of the stick...officers should be cautious and use due diligence for safety. They should also not be asshats and not abuse this power.

But DAYUM it's fun to slide to a stop in the middle of a good bar fight!

Does level of irritation impact citations? Vandy J

Well, the general answer is sometimes. Across the board, I have seen officers have a real problem with this and wear their asshole on their heads. I never trained any of my rookies that way. Now we used to joke around that people should be nice to the PoPo so we don't target them or be extra mean. I despise officers who target people out of spite or personal issues. Well, except if it is a "chimo" (child molester) or serial killer -target away.

Most often (not perfect, mind you), I tried to distance myself from my irritation and the irritation of the future ticket winner and/or warning recipient and not let it influence my decision. Because as an officer, you must be fair and also uphold the law. You must also give discretion in your decisions and I have warned criminals just as much as the good guys.

Officers have to automatically learn how to compartmentalize their own emotions or irritations and be fair. There became a point in my career in which I was no longer sensitive to being irritated by a person's behavior, only amused.

How much of a difference (if any) are you making on the streets "chasing the radio" (as per command staff politics) instead of doing more active patrols as a preventive measure? Bob G.

Not much. You have your shiny moments of glory like saving a baby with CPR or shoveling a person's sidewalk or preventing someone from getting killed. Police are mostly reactive and not proactive. As much as any department would like to think they are all cool and that they "tote ma goats", claiming they are proactive. Reality is they are not. There were and are times cops can be proactive, but on days you are chasing calls...there just is no way for that unless you happen to deter a robber while grabbing a coffee at the convenience store on your break.

There are programs which try to parade as proactive such as DARE, Youth Diversion, and some community interactions such as Box With A Cop, Shop With A Cop, Bicycle Safety Weeks, and other events. Does that make them proactive or just involved and active with the community? This is more toward improving image and favorable standing with the community. Perhaps if we can reach even 1 kid, that is proactive, I guess. Sometimes presence is proactive, sometimes it is a program like Neighborhood watch, cameras, or some type of community action program. I think proactive street work is on every cops' wish list.

Hmm...is that a hidden gun or are you just happy to see me? A Non A Moose

I believe in secrecy. You will never know if I am packing or not. You should just think I always am.

In this day and age, where it seems like so many people don't care for the police, what do you think motivates people to want to go into this line of work? Officer Tex

For me it was problem solving and the dynamic component to law enforcement. Every day is new and different and I love a mystery. I wanted to do something great and whatever assignment I was in, I wanted to lead by example. All of it fascinated me.

The standard answer today from a new officer might be the excitement, adrenaline highs, and the "I want to protect and serve" BS the young ones will tell you. I honestly think there are so many who are delusional about cop work because of television and once they get into the uniform they get a rude awakening. I also think some like the power and control and "chick magnet" factor they think they have with a uniform. It being a total superficial ego booster.  Sick to say, but there are many who have that in the back of their mind. "Oh being a cop is cool."

What do I have to say about that? Being a cop is only cool if you are the right kind of cop and take pride in your duty. It takes a certain type of person to be able to carry it out for a career stint and not just make "tryouts" only to fail the team later.

And some new officers learn the hard way the difference between "duty" and "doody."

I wish I could say they like to help people or feel they are able to make a difference by doing some community problem solving. I just didn't get that from the new generation.

Yet, despite that negative branch, there are many great officers out there and some will make it a career of helping and protecting people and fighting crime. Reducing crime on a proactive basis is the key. You can't be concerned with what the public thinks of you unless you have thin skin. In that case, seek life elsewhere and be in a safe office.

Donuts or muffins? Old NFO

Donuts. Donuts. Donuts.

Duh. I know that was a set up.

And not just any donuts from any store. Why? Because I am a connoisseur and a princess! They have to made fresh from a mom and pop bakery. Concannon's here is the most divine donuts made by a family bakery I have ever tasted in my LIFE! My daughter agrees. I mean "to die for" goodness. They are amazing! [slobbering right now and sad they are not on my food plan]

On a traffic stop, does the driver's attitude toward an officer make a big difference as to whether or not they get a ticket or just a warning? Commchick

Bluntly speaking, Fargo will tell you she never gave a shit about the driver's attitude. I could knock down the 'tude with some swift words of wisdom or let anything roll off my back. I have seen others get their turkey feathers ruffled. I liked the challenge. Challenge me with your attitudes! I dare you!

So, answer for me is NO. Answer for some others is YES.

So it's been two weeks. Who is the lucky winner? Anonymous.

Anonymous asked the question yesterday and drum roll.....

....the lucky winner picked out of a hat by the Bug is COMMCHICK! 
 Please email me, Commchick, mailing information. I will tell you all the books are not here until next week, so you can choose a split shipment or one shipment with an extra surprise which I will post tomorrow. You have to decide today. If you decide split shipment (mail what is here now and the others next week) then the extra surprise will go to another reader. Basically, it is a bribe to save me on shipping. LMAO.


Old NFO said...

You've obviously never had a Southern Pride donut... :-)

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
You have got to make a donut run...and then drive up here to "The Fortress": for some good (free) coffee that "we" can wash them down with...then hit the pistol range...LOL.
I'll pay 'ya for 'em.

If you say they're THAT good, works for me (make mine powdered, jelly filled)

Hagerle's (German bakery) in Philly had donuts that were also to DIE for (or at least go into a sugar-induced coma for)...lol.

Good answers to those questions, too.
The whole PRIDE thing should be job-one for anyone wanting to do their best at ANY occupation (even if it's not politically-correct.

Excellent post.

Roll safe down there, dear.