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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Presence...Presentz..and Gifts!

Good day, all fun folks, ninja warriors, my peeps, and ordinary people!

However, you classify yourself, I give you a big HOWdy!

Tomorrow you will know an inside piece to the Bush bodiless homicide case. Patience, grasshopper.

Today...it's giveaway time on The Boogie Man. What fun, right?

We are all about presents in your presence.

In two weeks, I will give away a set of The Boogie Man Is My Friend series (three) which will be autographed for the winner to read, giveaway to another recipient, or gift away. I will priority mail them to whomever the winner chooses-whether for himself/herself or another recipient. We can work out those details in an email. Your moniker or chosen onscreen name will be posted here. The winner is picked at random. This is open to anyone to any country.

Now: warning-the books contain deep content about law enforcement and some strong language. It is probably NOT something you want to send to your 90 year old Grandmother as a gift unless she was a truck driver. I was real. It happened out there. We saw, we said, they said, etc. Ta-da! Bam!

There are TWO parts to enter in one motion...

1) Comment here on this post why you would like the set of books. 
2) Ask a cop. In the same comment ask the question you always wanted to of a cop. 

That's it! You are entered.

Let the fun begin!


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

I figure anything autographed by you has the potential of being very valuble..or priceless when Hollywood discovers you and you are spirited away to the land of tinsel:)
Asked of a cop..." y'all always speed....is that just because or just policy." Never got a straight answer on that one.

VandyJ said...

I know I have copies, but I hear you edited and improved, so why not enjoy the new and improved versions--they're always better right?

As for ask a cop, Does level of irritation impact citations?

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
--I'd love to get the "set", and with your autograph...I don't have the time to hit the stores for the nooks.
Plus, I'm older and slower...can only do three things at a time these days (not FIVE)...LOL.
--Ask a cop:
(this is a tough one...really)
How much of a difference (if any) are you making on the streets "chasing the radio" (as per the command staff politics )instead of doing more active patrols as a preventive measure?

Guess that's one thing I would love to ask ALL the boys & girls in blue As well as the "brass"...

SO there 'ya go.
(here's hoping)

Roll safe down there, dear.

A Non A Moose said...

Hmmm.... Is that a hidden gun or are you just happy to see me....

Anonymous said...

1) I used to work for a part-time police department. I enjoy learning as much as I can about the field, and LOVE hearing/swapping stories.

2) In this day and age, where is seems like so many people don't care for the police, what do you think motivates people to want to go into this line of work?

Old NFO said...

Great books and well worth the read! :-)

My question- Donuts or muffins??? :-D

Commchick said...

I would love a set of your books so that I can get my significant other to read them, he won't pick up a Kindle and that's where mine are. I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this one, but on a traffic stop does the driver's attitude toward the officer make a big difference as to whether or not they get a ticket or just a warning?

Anonymous said...

Well, Fargo...it's been two weeks. Who is the lucky winner?

Momma Fargo said...

Anonymous...see today's post for the answer...or tune in tomorrow. :)