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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Unusual Suspects

If you have been following along with my post with The Russian Bear, you will be ready for our solutions. We have now dubbed ourselves as the US front political advisors. I'm sure no one is listening, but we amuse ourselves with our brainstorming. Brace yourselves. We might not be politically correct nor publicly favorable. We also might throw in a little unorthodox with a little common sense.

Here we go...


RB) Ebola and enterovirus d68: Close the borders.  Quarantine all new arrivalsThink Ellis Island...maybe use Guantanamo.. Fix the family/trafficking loophole in the immigration laws, and enforce them.  I'd steal an idea from one of Tom Clancy's books, and have our immigration and trade laws be reciprocal to other nations. 

MF) [gasping] Yuri, you didn't say CLOSE THE BORDERS, did you? [frantically running around in disbelief] 

I like the thought of the island. Is the island us or the infected?  I would go one step further. Close the borders to incoming traffic from those who have had travels to infected countries and close it tighter when the epidemic becomes more world wide and spreads. I would not even quarantine any new arrivals, because they aren't getting to our soil. Other countries would have to screen their passengers coming to our soil and then abide by our rules or no go. It sounds harsh. It has nothing to do with what color or nationality someone is, but where they've been or what they have been exposed to. Then I would dump a ton of money into developing treatment and cures. Ship it out to where it needs to go and keep a good supply on hand. 

I will have to say BRAVO to the good survivor who is donating his blood for transfusions in hopes his antibodies will fight off ebola for the infected persons. They are doing this in West Africa as well. It is sometimes working and only if there is a blood match. Bring on the O + and - peeps. 

Causing a world panic and uproar? You bet it would. Do I care? Nope. It's about containment and helping the world combat this problem before it is out of control.

Here we go...http://www.foxnews.com/health/2014/10/15/texas-health-officials-say-second-healthcare-worker-at-dallas-hospital-tests/.

This brings up many questions I had before this article came about. ER waiting rooms? Exposure prior to positive results? Hazardous waste? Are the homes able to be decontaminated?

I feel like I'm in The Walking Dead as a reluctant cast member.


RB) ISIS:  Employ the Phil Robertson doctrine: Convert or die.  Let's have an honest Crusade funded by the Vatican with a privateer armed force.

MF) Brilliant, Yuri. I don't think I can even top that or add to it, except add in a little Fargoism: Let's go! Let's get active. Let's do it! [picture me on the sidelines with pom poms-wait maybe don't do that]

I think Obama is sitting on his hands and the world is rocking in their chairs looking at the screen saying, come on, man! How much is enough before you bring down the strong arm of the US? In Coffeypot's view: let's throw a little Dick Cheney out there and scare 'em. How about bringing out some of these generals out of retirement and make the most brilliant war committee. 

It's time to bring down the hammer. 

RB) Elections: Voter ID mandatory...If you have to prove identity to receive state issued benefits, fly on a plane, buy liquor and Newports, it is no burden to show that same ID to Vote.

MF) Exactly. Duh to those who don't think this is important. Even the homeless have IDs. What's the big deal? Why are we so soft on the most important voice America has-VOTING? I know why. It's not as easy to cheat if you have to be accountable. Can't skew the numbers so much if you have a name and ID to every vote. ID necessary for voting.Talk about common sense. Next you will tell us it has to be a legitimate ID. Peshaw.

RB) Domestic spending: End federal entitlements.  Just end 'em.  Close all non-essential government departments/positions. (I.e. if your office was closed during the last shutdown as being deemed non-essential, then your department is just that non-essential and may be closed permanently.)  End baseline budgeting.  Start from zero each year and justify your budget.

MF) Yuri, I like your points. I will take a different BUT similar twist on this. The welfare system is our biggest sucking chest wound. Reform it. It sucks money, it sucks life, it sucks productivity and growth in America. Give benefits where absolutely needed and force people to work their way off the system in a time frame like it is supposed to work. You have to have penalties. You have to have accountability. You have to cut off the baby from his mother's ta-tas. Ok that was a little graphic. Sorry. 

Another gaping injury? SSI. It's there for a very good reason and it is too easy to get. IT ISN'T WORKING!  I know hundreds of people who have abused the system to get it and many who really need it and get denied. Whisky-tango-foxtrot. The easiest way to get SSI? Chronic back problem or substance abuse. Pitiful. 

Gut the system, make it right.

RB) Monetary policy: End qualitative easing, fix fed rate to 2% permanently.  No more free money.  End the crony capitalism being practiced by the Feds. (Solyndra anyone?)

MF) I agree. Wasteful spending: It. Does. Not. Belong. In. The. Government. PERIOD. Run it like a private business. OH...no way...everyone screams! Oh, yes, yes I am a think tank, currently think that way and have for years. Reality check. It's time to get one.

I'm going to add in some legislative REFORM. OH, I am sure by far this is the most difficult thing to reform. They need to throw out useless bills and "FEEL GOOD" projects. Get down to brass tacks. I don't like how the legislature can piggy back a little paragraph of crap onto a law change just to kill a good bill or even amend a bill talking about substance with a fluff paragraph of cronyism spending. It is BULLSHIT.  

Problem is? Who is in charge of creating new bills, laws? Congress. They can't police themselves. Who's going to do it? You have the President and the judicial system. ALL BROKEN. My final answer: Save yourselves! Ok. That was a little dramatic. 

I think it is time to buckle down and simplify. If not...maybe the collapse of America is the only thing to right a wrong. Scary. 

Now...time to recruit Daryl Dixon on my team. I think I need to look like Carol fancy pants.



Commchick said...

I whole heartedly agree with everything that the two of you have said!!! Maybe you guys should run for office!!! I would vote for you!!!

RussianBear said...

Well, MommaFargo, you gonna run? Start out local. Maybe go for State Representative? You can get the Law and Order crowd; be an advocate for working women. You know the issues from first hand experience. Is it your calling?

Absent running yourself, what will you do this election cycle to advance your ideas?

For that matter, what will any of you readers do to help steer the country in the direction you think it should go?

Post a sign in your lawn?

Write letters to your current representatives?

Please do something other than comment on the internet. Take the frustration you feel and direct it towards making a difference.

What are you willing to do to have your voice heard?

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I could NOT agree more with ALL those ideas...

Do 'em ALL, dammit!
(and do 'em ASAP)

Good call.
Stay safe down there.