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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Rally Up The Masses

Ferguson is like watching water boil in a pot. A watched pot never boils.

Me thinks this one is going to boil and stick to the stove and I am anticipating a mess. It's like cooking class at the Harry Potter House or Bug making rice. That was not a racial cooking comment but me making fun of my daughter's cooking. I CAN'T SAY ANYTHING in America without people pointing the race card at me now. It's even down to the color of our food!!! I happen to like greens, does that exclude me?

I hope I have overestimated crazy behavior and it is a peaceful resolution to this lingering wart we call The Ferguson Uprising. Where is the Compound W?

You can read the updates online and here is one I found this morning.

I am not really happy about national civil leaders like Al Sharpton and the like making this something it is not. It is not about color. It is not about oppression. It is about what then, you ask? Why can't America get past the race card and move on to getting things done in our community which benefits all? Careful where you tread, Fargo. You said "race card" and that makes people mad or shudder. Shhh. Don't talk about it. You are white.

Is it about a war on cops? Authority? What is going on here, Batman?

I'd like to think it was about fairness and justice, but no one let the system work before they passed judgement. They jumped to conclusions it was about the cops being racist and injustice to a black kid. It was all about color and how they feel the cops are racist.

What about from Officer Wilson's standpoint? Wasn't it about survival? We shall soon know the outcome of the grand jury.

But I don't think it is about an injustice. I think it is about cops and race, for sure, from the community standpoint but I don't think Officer Wilson did anything based upon someone's color. But is not about injustice? Did the cop do wrong? Did the cop do right?

Why? Why do I think this is not about an injustice? How do we even know yet? They didn't wait for justice. Again...I repeat myself.

                                                               Photo credit: Pinterest

Officer Wilson and his family will never have a normal life in that area and I have doubts he will ever be able to go back into his position as an officer in the Ferguson community with success because he will be labeled, blackballed, and slighted by the community no matter what happens. And is it safe for him to be a cop there?  Is he going to be forced to seek life in a community which accepts him or an all white neighborhood? Have we sized it down to that? Think about it. The masses are rallied across the US now.

Was the Brown an angel? Did he do wrong? Aren't we going to find out? It's interesting how this might end up being the most transparent case in history thus far. Talk about micromanaging every move someone makes and then sticking it under a microscope.

The media is in an uproar and raking Wilson's name through the mud because he has missed court appearances, which leads to dismissal of traffic tickets and misdemeanor charges. Whoopteedo.

Do you want to know what happens on the back side? Yes, Fargo, you say with enthusiasm. Many of you probably have the common sense notion going on in your head what is happening to each LEO process Officer Wilson touched as part of his police duties.

Do you really think he is shirking his duties? I do not.

My guess is the administrators, attorneys, and judges convened and decided it was best to let the little fish go in order to forego jeopardizing the safety of the masses, a public riot, or media frenzy in a court room. First of all, it might lead to another physical violence issue. Secondly, would any suspect get a fair hearing or trial? Thirdly, would anyone be able to testify or concentrate with that mess going on?


I bet he can't even shop at Walmart without chaos. Whodathunk?

I'm exhausted just thinking about it. I think I might go fill my coffee cup and do some mindless filing. Two workouts today and boxing at home. It's my heavy day. I have to think of myself as a Biggest Loser contestant. Where's Bob? Where's Jillian? Dolvett? The new dudes...I can't remember their names, just that I have friends who refer to them as the "hot ones".


Coffeypot said...

I think people like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson should be jailed for inciting riots and endangering the public. Second, I don't think Officer Wilson should be put back on the streets of Fergurson. That ship has sailed and nothing good would come from him being back on patrol. But he should not have to give up his career either. And nothing will ever happen that will make the lowlifes of Fergurson look good. It is a pile of shit place with lowlifes for inhabitants. Color is used to get special treatment, excuses for crimes that other people would be sent so far back in the jail that their food would have to be delivered by UPS. I am sick of it.

Old NFO said...

It's in Sharpton et al's interest to foment the riots. That drives $$ to them... So they WILL riot, and it will get put down, and probably a few will be shot...

A. Nona Moose said...

I hate that Mr Brown lost his life. I hate that Officer Wilson has lost his also.

I hate that Mr Browns actions led to this.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo,

Sorry about not replying sooner, this was a good blog post but I was on the way to work and I had to wait until I could come home and answer your blog question honestly....Well i am going to do a response t your question on my blog and attach a link to your blog so people will know what it is referring to. It is too long to tie up a comment section on it.