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Thursday, November 6, 2014



I'm too close to the heat.

I have been browsing both right wing and left wing articles and Facebook feed from my friends who post that stuff. Opposing voices everywhere. The liberals are counting on the collapse of Republican party. The Republicans want to throw egg in the face of Democrats in revenge of the last 7 years. The Democrats want free love and taxes on grandma's last nickel. The right wingers are clinging onto guns and Bibles.

And defriending someone over disagreeing with their point of views one day sets you off? I mean it is different if you are finding bigotry or hate posts, because I sometimes have to clean house, too.

I also have to set aside someone's political views and religious views and just scroll on to something else. I can be friends with a diverse amount of people.

It is funny how it gets back to me through mutual friends who call on me and tell me that "so and so" got pissed at your news comment or "so and so" is not following you on Facebook anymore because of what you posted the other day. Or "so and so" blocked you because you spoke out against "so and so" publicly and that pissed 'em off.


That is their wish and my command. But really? You are going to stop talking to a person and walk around town avoiding any sort of greeting because of Facebook or my views? Walk on. Weirdo.

Oh, yeah. I called you weird.

I think to myself...what a wonderful world! There is a song about that, too.

All I can say is...Where Did All Our Common Sense Go?

I embrace all peoples and differences. Small mindedness might strike all of us at one time or another, but differences are what makes the thinking tank keep going in this world.

If we all thought the same...how dull.

however, a point noticed today...because people are posting rants on Facebook...in all my short history of life, I do not recall so many hating on the declaration of one's political party name versus talking about the issues. It's so easy nowadays to call your neighbor names or grumble online about their "stupidity" because you like yellow and they like purple.

I have had three long time friends- people whom I worked with in law enforcement- defriend me this week just because they didn't agree with some of my political views or my take on their local politics. You ask. I tell. Why? Because you asked. It's not the military on here. I'm an open book. I also have no filter and maybe say too much sometimes. Sometimes I go nationally internet crazy and I just post what I think of some official's or politician's decision or a civil issue put forth in the press. You don't have to agree.

Can't we still be friends?

I can tell political party association is angering people more so than talking about anything with substance like you wear ugly shoes or your makeup is funny. Maybe my next post will be about uniform fit and care. (snore)

There are so many in an uproar over the Republicans taking the majority of Congress. So what? It happened with GW was in office. It's going to happen when the people are upset. They are going to swing things one way or another to make their voices heard.

I like it.

The people still have their power which was underestimated by politicians.

Check. Check.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

My sister and I have 50+ first cousins. Most of the aunts and uncles have passed. We refuse to keep track of who isn't speaking to each other, or any sibling feuds. Other than the pedophile, we are open to them all, especially the pedophile's children. Works for us.

VandyJ said...

I get a kick out of checking Facebook and have found that if one person's posts get to be too much, there is a wonderful thing called the hide ability. Hide the posts I'm not interested in seeing and move on. But then I'm a live and let live sort of person.
And I come from the most liberal area of the most conservative state in the union. Makes things interesting.

Southern Angel said...

Ha there is a meme that says I wouldn't have known you weren't my friend on Facebook until you tried to add me back.. I think that would be appropriate here.. I hate that.. it is called free will and the ability to reason and think. Everyone uses theirs how they see fit. Disagreement should not make us bitter bed fellows but human being who understand that each person is entitled to their opinion..

Ms. A said...

Being a newbie to Facebook (mostly to join FQ support groups) I can already see how controversial politics can be. I just choose not to participate.

Allenspark Lodge said...

Many years ago, I realized I am politically a moderate. I thought this would be a good thing as I could see what both sides were saying. As it turns out, it actually means that both sides just piss me the hell off. Oh well.


A. Nona Moose said...

People get way too butthurt about politics. And haunted house slides.