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Monday, December 1, 2014

Endearing Books For The Holidays

Whew! I made it through Thanksgiving without adding a bazillion pounds. Glad I had the fixins' at a friend's house, I sure believe she cooked the feast of feasts! Wonderful lady.

I did have a chance to read some books. As promised, more reviews to come. This long weekend, I was able to finish two very different books by the same author. As you may recall, I read House Calls, by Dr. Gary Yarbrough which were stories of his house calls as a doctor in the Amish neighborhoods. He has now come out with Office Calls and Love Letters From A Marriage.

If you enjoyed House Calls, you may also enjoy Office Calls, which brings a variety of stories from Dr. Yarbrough's medical days and similarly, he has some of the unusual, funny, quirky, endearing, and well...your emotions go all different directions as you follow through the book. He again, is a great storyteller and you can tell he had a kind heart toward his patients. Pick it up on Cyber Monday, great sales going on at Amazon!

Love Letters From A Marriage is such a unique book and a treasure. It is brave, heartfelt, and full of marital ups and downs, the intimate moments, and a family history. His moral values, feelings,  and how he puts his wife on a pedestal is evident. I said feelings. There are some very raw, honest moments. I loved that part the most. To see a man pour his heart out is so endearing to me and romantic.

In this book, I felt Dr. Yarbrough's love for his wife was very endearing and something we have lost in our society. I could gather from his words his expectations of his children were high, and he was humble about his proud moments. I could sense the sad things or regrets, and even his worries. Perhaps sharing all this with his wife and now publishing it all came about from his heart health or maybe it was something he felt he needed to do. I found it interesting and he has led a colorful life. In the end...it did come from his heart, that is for sure.

The children's antics and accidents would have given me a heart attack. The Yarbroughs must have handled everything with grace. I laughed a little. Some of them were epic.

Dr. Yarbrough's marital moments were also comforting at times to know people still endure hardships and tough times and still last as a couple. Often, Dr. Yarbrough wrote he did not know what he would do if his wife passed before he did or what he would have done without her. I would highly recommend it for a refreshing change of pace. Cyber Monday deals are today! Go check it out on Amazon!

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Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I can only think of one thing to say...

"BOOK 'EM, Fargo!"...LOL.

A decent book can become a good friend on a bad day.

Stay safe down there.