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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Off The Grid from the Divided States of America

I have been absent. I also must complete my list of things to do on here which includes in the near future:

1. Two more book reviews.
2. Christmas fun list
3. Random rantings
4. Days in the life of Fargo

This last week was joyous as I got to see my good buddies from Wyoming...yes, some featured in my books. My mother and brother came to visit and left a deposit:

Murphy is a double doodle (two mini Labradoodles bred together to make this cuteness) He looks like Chewbacca's offspring and someday will look like this:
                                                        Photo credit: Pinterest

Moose is now enjoying the puppy. The first day he was a dog on happy crack. Then, depressed and withdrawn. The third day, he rose again like Jesus and decided to embrace the little feller. He would bring Murphy the toys he did not want and hide the new ones upstairs under the bathroom sink.

                                                 Do you want to be my buddy? Maybe.

So, Bug and I have been busy with baby duty. It's been quite joyous around the house for a refreshing change. I still miss my Otis very much. I'm a sap like that, but this little guy brings us smiles. I mean, who can't love babies?

The United States of America is becoming the Divided States of America. I am about to my wit's end over media stupidity and politicians "bandstanding" (less effective than grandstanding and involves tooting their horns) against law enforcement. First, they don't know what they are talking about. Second, in my opinion, neither Brown nor Garner was a racial issue. But people can't take each individual situation and hammer out logic. They input untruths to a situation which never existed and media blitzes imprint these falsehoods into people's minds.

Even the pro athletes are looking like idiots because they don't even know what they are standing up for and their gestures and t-shirts make no sense with the facts. Go get a new slogan.

My two cents on Garner. Now brace yourself...this is all my opinion...so take it or leave it. An in-custody death. Many folks don't realize when you combine stress, agitation, obesity, asthma, and heart conditions with police fights and restraint, it may elevate you to cardiac arrest. The choke hold was not a choking death incident. I looked at the video. It appeared to be more of a headlock combined with a takedown in order to facilitate Garner's arrest on the ground. Why? Because he didn't cooperate standing up. What else do you do with a person resisting arrest? Take them down, against a wall, or against a car. Duh. They did call for an ambulance. Where did they go wrong? They should have immediately uncuffed him when he went into distress and got his airway open. Would it have made a difference? I don't know. I can imagine it would have looked better. How many ways can I say fuck? Now, De Basio and Obama waged a war against cops. Why? Because they are uneducated and flipplant about law enforcement. They have no clue about any of it. Why else? They are trying to get in the good graces of the people by getting on some idiotic grandstand fallacy. Let's make it a race issue. Let's make some history. In the meantime, I am watching the Titanic sink on television.

And am I the only one who thinks of Tennessee vs. Garner when this case comes up in the news? It's only name recognition pounded in my head from case law, but weird.

I can't watch any news outlet right now. Well, except The Kelly File because she has balls and asks the hard questions. And she is funny.


We are censoring Christmas. We are waging a war on cops. Immigration Reform has no good bones, but only broad concepts of free passes. Oh, and what are we doing with ISIS and ISIL or whatever they want to call themselves? I call them IGITS. That's my kid version of the word idiot. We were not allowed to say idiot.

In case you don't believe me, the Urban Dictionary has now added it to the list, but I used it in the 70s...

Very sad failed mission of rescue, btw, but that will happen.

Predecessors would have already bombed the shit out of them.

I dub Obama, President Sit and Spin. I have not come up for a code name for De Basio, but f-bombs come to mind following by igit. Mayor Igit? Nah. It's not catchy.


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Heh..."Murph" looks like a keeper...LOL.

---I agree with the USofA being MORE divided (and in more ways that just racially) than I remember - and that's a long time.
---Bravo for making the correct call on the NYC/Garner incident.
Maybe ones who understand law-enforcement and the LAWS behind it, see the truth of matters such as these.

And Kelly was SPOT-ON with her call on this (and she's got some serious knowledge of the law behind her to back it up).
She doesn't take any crap.
I like chutzpah.

---Oh, you spelled it with a "G"?
We on the east coast used a "J"...lol.

Very good post.

ROll safe down there, dear.

Momma Fargo said...

Bob G.

Oh, you east coasters. LOL. I speak the western lingo, you know. So crazy out there right now. Ugh.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo,

I was starting to wonder about you and send you one of my *Nudge,Nudge* "you OK?" emails.
"Murphy" is cute..no doubt about that, but what kind of personality will he develop?
Yes we are more divided than before, and we have people like our "Dear Leader" and others dumping gasoline on the flames. I have almost lost hope that we can come together as a nation again. We have had several generations of people raised with a distain for manners and laws. And those chickens are coming home to roost. This will end badly, I am overall a supporter of the PoPo but some of the heavyhandedness I do see on "YouTube" leaves a bad impression. I have had discussions with people that like more government and yet deride the police. I tell them, "This is a cause and effect You want more government, you will get more police.....who do you think enforces the edicts of the nanny states.. Librarians? " Lets throw an example out there...why was Gardner being detained....Selling unpackaged cigarettes....so the city/state was being deprived of tax revenue.... Sure Gardner had a rap sheet, he was hustling on the street. now we have these protest out there by the same ninny's that want more government because they don't like individual responsibility, then break things in a temper tantrum. The State adds to the chaos by not reeling in the violent protest, the state backs off while the protestors burn things, this reinforced the stereotype that the state is either impotent or it supports the demands of the mob.
I unfortunately see bad times coming..and no way to get off the train.

Momma Fargo said...

Mr. G

He is very docile and lovey dovey. He is wonderful. Very happy dog and not overly busy yet. I said yet. LOL1905

Commchick said...

Love the new puppy and so glad he is bringing you much needed joy.

Momma Fargo said...

Commchick...me too!

Momma Fargo said...

Another note...I am not saying the police in Garner did everything right. I believe they will be facing civil suits and federal charges. I'm just saying there was no intent to kill. Their actions topped with Garner's medical conditions contributed. Did they cause injury which led to death? Medical examiner says so. Is it homicide? yes. Is it murder? No. Do they face consquences? I believe so.

Momma Fargo said...

Oh and Mr. G....yep. train wreck a comin'