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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Zero Tolerance Has A Fargo

You think you got problems? I am making up goodies for my new found neighborhood solicitors.

What is up with hate groups soliciting society like the fucking Avon lady-going door to door-"You wanna join my hate group? Oh, and here is my card. Call me if you have any questions." Freaking idiot KKK members. How about we add some color into their lives...Yep. I've got some flying poop bags coming off my porch at ya!

Apparently, we are now moving from local gossip to regional news to state news and I am pretty sure I will see our shining town on CNN and the BBC. Click on the link below the pic for the full article in today's paper.

                                                   Photo credit: Indianapolis Star

I do not like hate groups of any kind. They really get my goat. And I don't even have one. Goat fuckers. It might be a contradiction with my flying poop bags, but I think injustice deserves a little justice. What can I say? I was just cleaning the yard and making a pile for the garbage man. Oops.

Actually, I would take a charge of assault for that. Take one for the team of diversity.

I mean, who wants to wear a white hoodie anyways? Stupid. I use sheets for the bed. I have worn them as a toga in college, but never as a hoodie. I was a ghost as a kid because we were poor. I wonder if Mom took into consideration that would be mistaken as the Grand Poobah. Wait, isn't he a different COLOR than the rest? I don't know. It's all jacked up propaganda and they are just dumb. Stupid, uneducated, uninformed, biased, unattractive fat old white dudes. Did you notice every one of them are ugly? Why else would they cover their faces?

I've never had any tolerance for hate or violent extremist groups.

I do rally for peace, love, and harmony most often. Occasionally, I will stir the shit on Facebook news feeds or national media outlets. It gives me great pleasure to be the middle ground common senser amongst a bunch of half-cocked off cuckoo birds.

Here are some examples of my shit stirring ways...

Although this wildlife environmental "Hug a Wolf" mentality is endearing, they really have no idea what the real wilderness is like. Bless their hearts.

Maybe we should dress them in red and send them off into the woods.

And let's talk about wild horses. I love them. I really do. Some are feral and some are truly born wild from way back lineages. I don't care. They are all beautiful. I thought they were majestic ever since the first day they stampeded by our ranch. We had known it was coming and locked all the horses in the high corals. That did not stop the drama and squealing, kicking, snorting, and escapade.

I like them to roam free.

But yes, all animals reproduce and some in high numbers if natural selection does not work to maintain them. So then what? Adoption and slaughter. I don't like it either, but it is reality. It is really a sad dose of realism in wildlife management. Most species are managed by hunting. Well, you can't do that with horses here in the United States. So the roundups continue and most go into adoption programs. The rest, I wish I could say were relocated to a sanctuary island of bliss. It's just not the truth. You have their fan clubs like The Cloud Foundation and such. I think they are wonderful. They just are extreme in thought and process. I don't know if that has manifested and exacerbated from futile attempts to come to middle ground with the government or what. Extremists are a checks and balances. I just wish they would be a powerhouse of common sense. But...I guess if they aren't extreme, no one will listen to them, right? That's how they think...

Next post...a surprise...and a book review...and some more surprises...stand by for news! Did I sound a little Paul Harvey there?

Hope you have a joyous week! Think of me in my flying poop bag fiasco events trying to ward off evil. 


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Back in the car biz days, I would occasionally have a customer give me a Klan handshake (three fingers pressed against your wrist). Yeah, I look like the redneck I am, but a racist I'm not. Always did my best to hurt financially those @^$#, and my best was very, very good.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I have done my best to keep my exposure to social media TO...A...MINIMUM.
That way I can just read and call the idiots out for what they are w/o having to "splain" their stupidity TO them.
Let someone else tackle that Herculean feat.

I too, cannot stand race-hatred groups of ANY color...but the ones that seem to get the MOST "press" are always the white ones.
(I got news for the media...we got 'em in ALL colors, folks...been that way for DECADES).

I'm sure you recall the t-shirt with BOYZ ON THE HOOD (arrest-mode), instead of Boyz in the hood (the KKK)...LOL.

I think we ALL have more pressing problems right here, right now...than to fret over the trolls under the social media bridges out there.
And as for the KKK?
Got no time for 'em.
Never did, never will.

Stay safe down there, Kiddo.

Old NFO said...

Good luck trying to 'splain it to them...

GunDiva said...