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Monday, February 9, 2015

The EYES have it.

Let me introduce you to some freaks.

It is the latest and greatest thing.

They are those who engage in corneal tattooing. CRAZAYASSED whackadoodle poodles. No way in hell would I ever embark upon this body art...like ever. Gross me out.

I might faint at the sight of posting a picture. You can see my favorite find here at the BBC News site. Barf.  Or gag me more and make me pass out...here:

Photo credit: Pinterest...WTF is wrong with people?

When Doc would have us attend autopsies which was all of them, LOL, I could not watch when they put the 70 foot needle in the eyes to withdraw fluid from the eyes. It was a sure fire way to get all the cops to run post haste out of the morgue.

Would it surprise you I could not even find any images on the internet. OK. I didn't look very hard. But the first 100 or so did not show what I wanted to show you. Everyone should join in the misery. I have to go now. This picture is really freaking me out and I am tapping both feet (that is a tapout) at my desk while typing this.

My eyes are on you! Bofe of 'em! And they don't look like this..^^^ No one is getting anything poke-y  not slow like turtle, but sharp like needle) near my eyes.


Might I suggest all you whackadoodles have your corneas tattooed white so as we can't see any bloodshot eyes on the highway roadside tests...er...field sobriety maneuvers.

No way.

Crazay assed people.


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

I cringed with that pic....Sheesh I despise needles on a good day.

Hope all is going good with you...Have been too busy to post. Still trying to find time for Monday music.

Tennessee Grammie said...

I can't imagine any reputable Doctor doing those types of injections! It doesn't bother me to see it, but to see a pair of eyes with bright colored backgrounds would be spacy. :(

Old NFO said...

Cringing over here too... OH HELL no...