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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ah The Spies

It amazes me people think I don't know I am a public internet site. After all, I am the alpha and omega of The Boogie Man Is My Friend. It was created in 2009. By. Myself.

I have been as transparent on here as Americans require of the government. If Obama poops, America wants to know and not only know, but they want a description. For instance, most people would like to know government color and consistency, along with the disclosure of the secret location of the dump. Why? Well, if the President has diarrhea-is it because he is stressed or did he eat something that doesn't agree with him? We can predict and assume with poo descriptions. Was he in a public place or a private latrine? Inquiring minds want to know.

That's me.

We discuss poo. You can predict or assume my shit happenings. Or, I will just tell you about it.

My two husbands all know about my poo, their own poo,  and anything on here because they both know about the blog. As far as I know...they can read. They have the URL or they know how to Google. So, if you are in Denver or Wyoming or your slice of heaven anywhere on earth and you feel like you need to spy for him, go forth and do. Report away. Do you need his email? Phone number? Find him on Facebook? If my life is that interesting to you...share! If you do it to get me riled up because he will question me about "issues" on the blog or say he does not like me talking about "certain things", it won't work. Why?

Because I don't give a fuck.


1) Because it is my blog and it is no longer his or a part of him. Actually, it never was. It was always about me and my life. He was just a supporting actor once. He is only a part of my child's life. I tell him these same things and did so today.  He agrees it is my life. He agrees he can't control what I write. I don't care what he does in his life as long as he pays the marital bills (his half still unpaid) and is a good father. Thus, we have a problem, dig it? Because they are unresolved issues. Believe his side; it matters not to me.

2) Because he knows. He knows I don't lie. He might get embarrassed or blow it off or try to tell a different story to save face. That's Ok. Maybe I need to be nicer. Maybe I am just a neutral resting bitch face type of person who isn't going to be snapped at anymore or pull any punches. He knows that, too.

3)Because it is the truth. That is what really pisses someone off..."airing dirty laundry". Well, sugar, I go commando.

4)He was there when the blog was birthed. He was there when I gave birth to Bug. I believe this is where the jealousy lies because his new wife will never have that and there is always that history. Some people can't get over that. Again, those things matter to me not. Oh, except...who's first in line for his social security? Me. Yep. That right there was me being a smart assed bitch. 

5)He gets told of the problems and the triumphs with the kiddo offline. I know, it is a shock. We sometimes communicate. Sometimes well, sometimes not so. He is the father. I was with the first husband for over 22 years. We grew up together. There isn't much he doesn't know and I really don't give a shit about him or his life now except how it relates to Bug. AND when he pays off his half of the marital debit... and how it affects my credit... those things affect me. And then...someday when we die of old age or get hit by a bus...we will never have a reason to communicate. Why? Because we will be dead.

Bug knows her funnies and tantrums are sometimes revealed on the blog as well. Again, I am no mystery. I am transparent.

So...spies like us. Go fuck yourself. You may stay here and read all you like. If the fodder interests you, join us if you will, I don't mind.  If life's diarrhea makes you tag along, I am your toilet paper. If my life interests you that much or if you do it just to report to the husbands, so be it. But don't think anything you say to the first one will affect me. It amuses me anyone gives a fuck enough to tattle, especially anyone associated with him. Why are you here? What do you need? Would you like me to help you? I have multiple blogs. I write all over the place. I have a Twitter account, LinkedIn, and Facebook pages up the wazoo.

I believe blood is important and a parent's love should be unconditional and unwavering no matter who is the new spouse. Spouses should not interfere with a child's love or a parent-child relationship. Some new spouses are just dicks of the earth like that and push the child aside to alter the child-parent relationship. I don't think you should abandon or even slight your chidren. Ever. For anyone. So that's what we deal with at the Harry Potter House...the single parent life. I am the mother. I am a part time father.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Bravo for you.

Other than the impact on my children and grandchildren, I don't give a flying fuck what my ex does.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

I find your blog entertaining, informative and I think highly and well of you as far as the internet will allow me. In my biased opinion, you have done extremely well despite the deck stacked against you. And I think your "ex" was a dumbass to let somebody like you escape out of his life. It is his loss.

Just keeping it real;)

Tennessee Grammie said...

Their lives, like themselves, are obviously without significant meaning or purpose and quite shallow. Consider the source and shake it off...

Old NFO said...

HOpe it gets sorted out... Just sayin...

Momma Fargo said...

Thanks for the support!

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I also echo the sentiments of your other readers who commented
Kudos for being WHO...YOU...ARE.
(and stay that way, damn it)

Roll safe down there.

Charmaine said...

It's sad to me that people think they don't have enough drama in their own lives, and so feel the need to play with the shit in someone else's yard (as it were), forgetting that there is a great stinking pile in their own yard that is in dire need of scooping...

Keep being yourself and if people want to stick their hands in your shit, they are the dirty, nasty ones, not you!

Baker63 said...

You go girl... haven't been here as much as I've wanted to... life is catching up to me, too... but I still think of you and hope you are well... don't let the haters get to you! Much love from Btown!!!...