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Thursday, March 19, 2015

D'oh! Big Butts!

"Let's go upstairs and look at butts."

"Yeah. Butts."


It stopped me in my tracks. They were two college boys who looked like they didn't have a clue. I giggled to myself. I don't know why I even pay attention because usually I try to blend into the wall. I'm sure I thought that way when I was that age, too. But then there was that opportunity...

"Listen, you little shits. No one goes to the gym to look at butts. They are trying to work out in peace and don't need anyone google eyeing them. You want to look at butts? Pull up JLo on your computer. Otherwise...go downstairs and lift weights with the heathens. Leave the girls alone upstairs. Stop making them just an object. They have brains. Didn't you see that piece they did on the news? That poor girl. "

I couldn't resist being an asshole. I just felt like I had to. 

"Uh, uh, ma'am. We're gay."

"Oh. Oh. Carry on then. There are some nice butts up there."


Coffeypot said...

"Okay! Sooo... if you see any real good butts let me know. Men don't have brains, so to speak."

Old NFO said...

LOL, only you would end up in 'that' situation...