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Monday, March 23, 2015


So...I know everyone is dying to hear this story. I was called by Johnny The Preacher Man's daughter to attend a soup supper and bible study with the added plug that one of the elderly ladies really missed me and was having a hard time. Yes, guilt set in. So we went and had a nice time fixing soup for the church congregation. Then we went upstairs for bible study. There was the lovely Miss Ora who is General George Patton's first cousin. She is proud of that and I brag about it for her because it is cool. She is a delightful lady.

We hugged and caught up on things. It made her sparkle to see me and she cried when she saw me enter the sanctuary. I was glad to see her as well.

Anyhoozle, so begins the lessons in Romans. We are talking about the Ten Commandments when all of a sudden, Johnny the Preach Man says this, " Listen, folks, I know we have a police officer in the midst and bless her, but I need to tell you. The police are not our friends anymore. If you are questioned by the police, you should always refuse to speak to them and ask for your attorney. If they continue to ask you questions, you should still stand firm and ask for an attorney. Never. Not even if you witness something because getting involved and things...they twist the truth. I have seen it too much. It is happening all over America."

Yep. Beat me.

What the? went right through my mind.

So...I interjected into this ridiculous jab at me (or at least I took it as a personal jab-why? I think he is bitter I left the church) and I said, "Actually, if you have to say it more than once, they are violating your civil rights."


Not that I didn't agree with the fact I would advise people who are suspects to ask for their attorneys. Duh. It was more than that. He was talking about something AGAIN outside of the scope of bible study and the messages get lost in his political bandstanding. Drives me nuts. He also was negative toward police and by golly, that gets my goat. And I don't even have goats.

I suffered through the rest of the allotted hour which took two because he kept going on and on. I was sitting with gritted teeth and fake face listening to his beratement (that is a word) of law enforcement and his stance on how the Christian school teaches all the kids to never talk to police and ask for a lawyer. Really? Again, I would argue with anyone that they do not understand these things until they are older and I believe the tone and way he is teaching this is giving them the idea that police officers are not there to help them, but to put them in jail. So...if a kiddo is a witness to a crime...he is supposed to ask for a lawyer? Puhlease.

I took that as my cue to never return.

Unfortunately, I will miss Ora and I do enjoy the folks. And I must beat myself because a while ago I was asked to help out with an event this summer and I said, "yes" and now my mind wants to say, "no". But...I gave my word. Perhaps a bird can poop in my eye in time for me to bow out gracefully.

Funny thing is...no one gave any input to his rant. I wonder if they agree or just smile and nod to get him to shut up and move on. Or perhaps they were as uncomfortable as me because of his tone and pitch.

And another funny thing is...I went to my Lutheran church Sunday and heard the message of the divine story of Easter loud and clear. The sermon was phenomenal as was the choir. It was peaceful. All wrapped up within an hour. Because that is how Lutherans roll.


Is it just me? Am I the only one who gets in pickles?


Coffeypot said...

Because he belittled you and gave bad advice you have the right to change your mind and say NO. That is not breaking your word, it is keeping true to your faith. If you participate, you will be enabling him, too. In fact, you should have got in his shit at the bible study. The congregation needs to hear the real truth. His philosophy will get people hurt more than not.

GunDiva said...

Oy is right.

(I agree with Coffeypot, too)

lotta joy said...

He was willing to shit on cops and, there being a cop in his midst, you would have been perfectly "righteous dude" to shit in his tea. AT NO POINT does a person have the right he took just because he's a "loving christian".

Just on principals, if I showed up I would make a point after the meal of leaving. When anyone asks why you're walking out, tell them that as a police officer, you've had your share of listening to pompous, arrogant, assholes and life's too short to do it again.

Old NFO said...

+1 on all the rest. Done with them. Tell them why and move on.

Tennessee Grammie said...

I agree with them all. Personally I would have walked out and not let the door hit my fanny. Ignorant, bigoted people who extend their ignorant bigotry into my territory no longer get my time because they chose to remain ignorant and bigoted.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Yeah, the phrase JUST SAY NO does come to mind with that obnoxious (and ill-informed) person at that church.
You should see about contacting Miss Ora for some "one-on-one" (perhaps a wellness check kinda thing?) to show her you think she's cools and when she misses you.
That specific venue(a BIBLE study at that) should NOT become a place for POLITICS.
Maybe that person needs some proper schooling in THEOLOGY and not BS-ology.

Stay strong and stay safe down there, dear.