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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spirit Taco

Is the mind and the brain the same thing or mutually exclusive? It's just a question.

Last night sneakeded (yes, that is a word) into the auditorium trying to blend in like a student. Yeah. I know. You are laughing. I wanted to see Rainn Wilson. There were a few more older adults sprinkled amongst the yoot, so I didn't feel so out of place. His messages hit me loud and clear. His intellectual side was quite impressive. Sometimes we only relate to the actor, not the person. As I listened to him, about 120 feet away, and awestruck, his story was full of inspiring messages. For instance, stop pursuing happiness as if you will never reach it. Be happy in all the moments along the way, but instead of the dirty word "happy"...be joyful. He emphasized pursuing happiness sounds unattainable and depressing. Instead, put your heart into everything, pay it forward when you can, and pursue human flourishing.

He also talked about failures along the way in our personal journeys. He said, "chew on life's big questions." Death was something he talks about a lot and I am along the same lines where I am not afraid to talk about it. Anyway, I found him inspirational and now I am off to find SoulPancake and read it. In the meantime, his website is awesome and edgy!

One of the students asked him how they came up with the name, "SoulPancake", and he stated, "Well, we were looking for a domain name and Spirit Taco was taken." Laughter from the crowd ensued, and he said, "Seriously." Another student asked him what his life philosophy and journey has in store for him on the big screen. He said, "Well, it has told me I have been in a lot of shitty movies." In a serious note he told us he likes all different kinds of roles in theatre, television, and movies. He likes raunchy comedy and weird roles. Rainn Wilson was most proud of his 25 year marriage and the work he and his company do to change America and other world countries. He said America is cynical and jaded and we need to spread joy, feed the hungry we leave behind, and make things positive. Is it a big pipe dream? I don't know. He influenced thousands of young minds last night to think outside the box.


Coffeypot said...

He and his family are members of Baha'i Faith, which I lean toward. Mainly because on belief in One God, One Faith, Humanity, etc. I cannot go all the way into it because I do believe in the military strength (prepare for war to ensure peace). There are a few other small differences I believe in, so I can't commit.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
What I find interesting about people like the ones you describe, is that many many moons ago, a LOT more people DID JUST THAT as far as helping others, encouraging them through life, and being darn good people THEMSELVES.
Now...we need people to TELL us that much.
Good for those who pay attention and listen up.

Stay safe down there.