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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Being Gump

Pictures of the President show him aging well with office as they all do. Today, I posted an article on Faceplant and went "BAM! He looks old." I'm pretty sure I said that out loud. Just a few short months left of this heinous administration. I wonder what moving and shaking will be going on or if we are just going to prepare for another terrible leader. I fear that. I also fear our country is in such peril that it will slowly spiral down the drain. Maybe I should be more optimistic. Alas, I can only do so when it comes to my own personal matters because I control that. The country...hmmm...not so sure.

Stupid is as stupid does.


How about that weather?

I also noticed over the last few months how liberals are moving into using "climate change" versus "global warming." Wasn't it scientists and conservatives who stated our earth was going through "climate change"? The only difference NOW in opinion is the percentage which is contributed to human contamination or just natural occurrences. So watch for future tug and pulls on that matter.

Stupid is as stupid does.

Who doesn't like a little House? Huh?

And now in media blitzes everywhere we have a WHITE cop who murders a BLACK man. I say let justice prevail and he should be paying his just dues for committing a very serious wrong. It just isn't that simple anymore is it? It is going to reopen the wounds of racial bias all over again with law enforcement because that is how the media is already spinning the story. Maybe that cop is racist. Maybe he was in the wrong job. He made a very grave decision which was absolutely criminal according to his local jurisdiction. Dumb. Maybe he was just stupid. What will come of it?

How about little Sam Holtz, an Illinois 6th grader, who tied for first on ESPN's contest? Brilliant, I say. Oops you have to be 18. Now he seems to be miffed about the rules. “I’m irritated, Holtz told the Daily Herald. “"Yes, I'm still proud of my accomplishment, but I'm not happy with the decision."

I say..."good job, chalk it up to bravo-ness and stop spouting off to the news about the rules not in your favor." Rules are rules. And I can see why most contests require you to be a consenting adult. Duh. And ESPN is putting together a special prize for him and he is irritated? Where are the parents? Tell him to get some public manners. He can pout at home.

We interrupt this special broadcast of randomness for a yawn.

A yawn is a simple scream for coffee. I must go. get. some.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

The media needs words to place around all the car and furniture ads.

Ms. A said...

I have no comment on the Pres., other than to say, "Ugh". Climate change has been going on since the Earth was born. Wonder what early humans blamed as the cause?

I miss my beloved coffee! Hope to be brave enough to try it again soon.

Ms. A said...
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Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
--Oh, we HAVE a president?
I thought we had a "whiner-in-chief" spoiled brat in the WH...lol.
--Yeah, climate change is the new global warming, and it's STILL a load of manure.
--LOVE the House meme
--AGREED on the media scene - you can see the circling vultures.
--yawn=coffee...works for me.

Roll safe out there, dear.

Old NFO said...

Climate change my ass... Sigh...