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Friday, April 24, 2015

Fargo Filosophy

Strange things happen in college. I think viewing the world in college glasses is very telling of the delusion we put our kids through about reality. Goals, dreams, and visions are very important and I don't think they should be stifled no matter how big or small we think they are. But I see a trend of alarming traits in our yoots-which I am told-is not generational, but age specific. I beg to differ on some of that. Anyone who differs from my opinion...I just give them a little Fargo...OK. Maybe only in my mind...

So here is my philosophical take on my bubble called college..

Black and White-Kids want black and white, instructions in stone, and unwavering rules. When did gray become a shade we don't think or work in?  Remembering back ( I know...it's so far...how could I possibly?) to the years of grade school, I believe black and white was the way of the times and still is at that level. However, junior and high school introduced critical thinking and visionary thoughts with encouraging yoots to...GASP...question everything. Right? Am I missing the boat? When I got to college, nothing was given to me, I had to apply myself and think outside the box, fend for myself. So, my conclusion is this is a generational issue, not an age factor. Right? No? Maybe?

Coping Skills-kids got none. Period. I have no idea what happened here except that mommy and daddy cloaked Little Johnny with a force field and didn't let him get dirty. Generational? Yes. No? Maybe? I never had these problems.

Yesterday, a needy child was in my office giving the softest and longest whine of the century. I wanted to so Fargo flick her on the forehead and send her tail rolling out the door. Gah. It was the most unattractive and annoying sound EVAH. Beat me. What was it over? Papers. Like the paper documents that require name, addresss, phone number and fill in the blanks. She couldn't do it. Is this unusual? Was it a rare kid problem? Individual? NO. It is not. It happens continually on a daily basis. EVERY. single. FLIPPING. day.

No Skill or Complete Thought Processes-If it ain't computer, it ain't happening. They can't write or type a complete sentence. It's all in text language or fractured senctences or pictures with one word statements. They think in blips. I'm not even exaggerating. 6 second blips or you have lost them. 

Entitlement-They deserve the sun, moon, and stars, bitches! And if you don't give it to them, they sick mommy and daddy on you. Whoo. Shiver me timbers. I'm terrified. I ate your mommy and daddy for lunch on the street, little girl! Yes, I'm the big bad wolf. Behind me...at my desk...is a large wooden sign painted with these words..CALL YOUR MOTHER.

This! Yeah. It's behind me. I point. They shat up.

No Sense Of Value of Money-It grows on trees! NO worries...we can just borrow it now and pay back hundreds of thousands later after we get that job right out of college working for Oprah. Get a job! No. That requires work. Apply for scholarships! No. I forgot. The deadline came too soon. Oh, hell no. That scholarship requires an essay! GAH! They want a letter of recommendation and my transcript? An application? In writing? It's not online?

Yeah. My head hurts already. 

You mean my card is empty...it's declined? No way! Just swipe it. There's something on there. You must have demagnetized it. Drat.

Yes, I created that myself. Isn't it the cutest bear butt?

Coddling-Is it even a word? It sounds so slimy and creepy. It must involve some sort of act by...like a serial killer or child molester. Yeah. Not happening at this desk. Take a number. Move on. Barney died years ago.

Ok. Barney is kind of cute...I like purple...

I could go on...but I'm told it's their age, not generational. Hmm. What do you think?


Coffeypot said...

That is not a job I could do well... at all... never... end up in jail.

Old NFO said...

It's generational... They don't know shit... They have never had to actually DO anything for themselves!

wyomingmom said...

Totally generational! I see it every time I try to hire someone - no experience; no dedication; no work ethic; no leg to stand on.....yet I OWE them something. YIKES!!!!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I think you need to include regions. During the time I lived In Seattle, I always strived to hire migrants from the Midwest. The West Coast natives lacked hustle.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

It is generational...more prevalent in the liberal bastions of the west coast and in the northeast. The kids are taught that they are precious little snowflakes and that they are *entitled*. I have strived to impart this on my son that the world don't owe you nothing... You will be who you will be by the work you put into yourself. Natural ability will help...but the rest is work, work, work. And the bad things is that these kids will vote...usually for your favorite democratic politician...

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
You nailed EVERY---SINGLE one of those points beautifully.
Too many kids today have such THIN skin, you'd THINK you could see right through them...
Trouble is, they grow up into ADULTS with the EXACT SAME "values"...or the LACK thereof.
We can already see how WELL that's working out,...(not).

very good post and comments.

Roll safe down there, dear.
(and keep that "Fargo-Flick" handy)