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Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Did we not learn anything from Ferguson?

I am pretty sure the police know how to react to protesters and violent thugs. I am assuming they were given other directives to do nothing in Baltimore. And that they did or so it appeared. And for what price? Several officers were injured. Businesses and vehicles were burned. Places looted. Homes and neighborhoods lost to thugs.
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These are not peaceful protesters you are protecting, but thugs who use a moment for opportunity.

Shame on them.

Perhaps the city administrators had lost their way and laid down in the middle of the battle of what is right, letting the wrong have its way. Were they waving a white flag?

Are we that afraid to have order that we allow disorder?

Way to throw in the towel instead of using it wipe your brow and go back in and fight the good fight, politicians...you pussies. How is all this anarchy and passive leadership going to make better changes? Do we join them? Is a chick supposed to go out there and throw around some gang signs?

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Gangs made open threats to law enforcement. Open season? NO. Government powers need to put a kabosh on that and pronto.

It doesn't mean you have to declare martial law, but get a grip on the thugs. Even citizens are standing up for what is right. They are lining up to stand in front of cops, businesses, and the weak. Bravo, brave citizens! You are what makes me proud of my country. Govm't, I am appalled at your behavior and way of doing things. Be leaders! Take charge of your country for God's sake. I'm sure The Man is frowning down on some of this nonsense.

Is it only me who sees all this as WTF and throws up my hands?

And the media fuels racism and hate in these instances. Call it news reporting if you will, but their spin creates a mindset skewing what is actually news and which direction they steer people. It angers me so. Just report the fucking news. And while you are at it, do something good for humanity.

All news is sensational or spun one direction or another these days. ALL. I can say that will confidence. Prove me wrong. Does it make it UNtrue? Not necessarily. Just spun...tweaked...stretched. In a court of law...a stretch makes it false.

Is a grip only for good mastubation nowadays? I wonder.

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Leaders, get the grip off those pencils and grab onto something sturdy. Or bigger.


lotta joy said...

When police have their hands tied, they serve as nothing more than targets. As firefighters were trying to put out fires, thugs were allowed to knife the hoses causing a loss in pressure which could have led to the loss of an unarmed firefighter. Here we had "the brotherhood" of civil servants not even being allowed to protect each other.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

I loved the post, and you are correct, in this case the Mayor a liberal black female initially sided with the protestors....they are the ones that "voted" for them...remember racial politics are how the politicians get elected and reelected especially in the major cities. Baltimore is 40 years of liberal democrat policies....and I am afraid it will get worse.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I've told the Missus for YEARS that urban police were outnumbered.

When the stats come down to ONE officer for every 500 people (typical ratio), that's simply NOT enough law-enforcement to go around effectively.
Every TRY to calm down 500 people? By YOURSELF?
Not that easy a task (on a good day)

In Fort Wayne, that ratio goes up to around 600+ people per officer.
A city of 200K+ and only 440 officers with about 25% NOT on the streets, so do the math
Not enough to properly POLICE, nut plenty to chase the radio.

Good post.

Roll safe down there, Kiddo.