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Monday, April 27, 2015

Life Boosts

Life can be legendary. According to Nike's new slogan..BE LEGENDARY...we will if we wear and use their brand. Right? All I have to do is wear a t-shirt and maybe some socks on a cheapskate budget and I'm in like Superman. Right? Hmm.

Not so much.

It's a gimmick.

So what does it take to be legendary? I plagued some students with this question. Answers:

1) You have to do something famous in either a good or bad way.
2) You have to have a successful life and go down in history.
3) I am a legend in my own mind.
4) Who gives a shit?

I kind of like answers 3 and 4. Those would be my average students. Answers 1 and 2 come from my overachievers. Is there reality distorted? I don't know. Are they right or are they wrong? I think they might all be right.

But who gives a shit, right?

Most of us coast through life satisfied with whatever path we take or not and after some discomfort, we try to redirect ourselves. Most often. Sometimes the wagon gets stuck in the ruts, but eventually, there is a reprieve in the road.

I would have to reflect on some good advice I have received over the years which somehow escapes me at opportune moments in life. These are the moments where I should have banged my head afterward...and perhaps these voices of reason would have surfaced.

Here are some LIFE BOOSTS (that is my coin phrase, bitches) for you to absorb and pass on...

1) Nothing good every happens after 2 AM-words from the dad.
2)If you can't say anything nice, say nothing-words from Grandma Yost.
3)Things happen for a reason-words from many friends while drinking and pondering why I had such a shitty time of things. Warning: this was multiple times, multiple friends, and multiple glasses of wine. Not that this would not be spewed sober, but drinking became a toast to the terrible. I had to change to water for fear of becoming an alcoholic. And really-what fucking reason? Huh? Give it to me.
4)Some people have expiration dates-Lana Banana and The Bitch Goddess.
5)Don't postpone joy-Rainn Wilson.
6)Wait for it...my brother while pushing a fart.
7) Don't knock it until you try it...from the mom while snarling at yet another casserole she tried to get me to eat.
8)All guns are loaded...words from the dad, firearms instructors, your inner cop.
9)Don't be a cheapskate...when you give...and...nothing is worse than a cheap man. Lana Banana
10)Sharp tongues get the ax...Grandma Yost and adopted by me. This one needs some explaining. I could sometimes had a sharp tongue when I was a cop and most often used it according to the place and time I was presented with the need. Sharp tongues are hateful when it comes to children, friends, family, and loved ones. Prepare to die. Well, Ok.. not really. You might, however,  burn a bridge or get deleted.
11) Never stop dreaming or setting goals. Ever...words from the dad, my high school teachers, my inner child.
12)You must make the choice and take the chance for anything to change...Honors Program college professor. I couldn't stand him, btw. Ask Amanda. He impacted my life mostly negatively, but pushed me beyond my limits. For that, sir, I thank you.
13)If your moves don't win your freedom, fight through with other moves and counter moves. Keep fighting..Jujitsu instructor.
14) Stop being a pussy...Kirk Buchholz, CrossFit instructor and cop colleague.
15)Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory...Dr. Suess.
16) Do these things with your whole heart-love, shine, soar and never regret it...my inner romantic self.
17)The only person who can beat you is yourself...well, and Chuck Norris..Jujitsu instructor.
18)People cross our paths for a reason..sometimes we don't understand until later....Lutheran minister.
19)Difficult roads and failures line our highways to success...English teacher.
20) And drum roll....FUCK ME IN THE ASS! Fargo

Do you have any life boosts to share?


Well Seasoned Fool said...

No matter what, get up each morning and start putting one foot in front of the other.

Momma Fargo said...

Great one, WSF!

Old NFO said...

Don't sweat the petty things, and don't pet the sweaty things... :-) And some of us DO NOT want to be famous... we work better behind the scenes. :-D

GunDiva said...

"Life is hard. It's harder if you're stupid." - I've seen it attributed to John Wayne, but I don't know that it's accurate.

"Dumb should be painful." my hubby

Momma Fargo said...

OldNFO...exactly... nasty sweaty things. LOL I like behind the scenes myself.

GunDiva...good ones! LOL

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Well, I tend to give a shit (and been known to leave my share...lol), so I'm thinking along YOUR train of thought.

As for the LIFE BOOSTS?
Sounds a lot like MY Dad with MANY of those.

One that I always liked was:
"If you think you're beaten, you're doing about average" (Napoleon Hill).

But the UP side of that is the poem by Walter Wintle:


Success is too often measured by others (for us)...BUT it SHOULD be measured by OURSELVES...FOR ourselves FIRST.

Excellent post.

Roll safe down there, dear.